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    Hyderabad to Shirdi road condition 2019

    I do this trip at least once in a year and taken up most of the available routes in all these years. Now from past few years I am taking up following route: Hyderabad -> Zaheerabad -> Solapur (Take Bypass) -> Mohol->Tembhurni (from here take right turn towards Karmala) -> Karmala -> Ahmednagar -> Ghodeygaon -> Shani Singnapur -> Shirdi We start from Hyderabad (KPHB) around 4 AM and reach Shirdi by evening 6 PM. We stop at Shani Signapur for darshan while going and it takes around 1 hr in total, other than that almost 1.5 hours break for breakfast and lunch. Road Conditions: Hyderabad to Solapur: Out of ~290 KM's last 90 KM's towards Solapur is not in good shape Solapur Bypass to Tembhurni: Excellent 4/6 lane road Tembhurni to Karmala: Good roads Karmala to Ahmed Nagar: Good roads as advised even in previous thread, please start as early as you can. Another Important Point: If you reach Shirdi by 6 PM then check-in to a Hotel, fresh-up and then go for Darshan around 08:30pm/9pm, trust me you don't need any special passes for darshan during this time, we do this all the times and come out of the temple within 30 mins after Darshan. Most buses reaches there early morning and that when it becomes crowded and takes hours to get darshan. Hope this helps, update this thread once you are back from your trip.
  3. akhil_redd

    A trip from Hyderabad to Warangal in Summer!

    Well put together and beautifull pictures, hope you guys had fun. Pakhal seems to be interesting in addition to other places.
  4. Very informative thank you for sharing. This will guide be a guide to Warangal for road trip enthusiasts. I always wanted to visit Pakhal lake. Waiting for monsoon to complete this circuit. https://www.india-drive.com/index.php?/topic/351-waterfalls-in-telangana/
  5. Ranger

    Hyderabad to Shirdi road condition 2019

    There are multiple route to Shiridi. Would suggest you take following route Hyderabad > Zaheerabad > Naldurg > Tuljapur > Bhoom > Ahmednagar > Shiridi Hyderabad to Naldurg is excellent 4-lane section Naldurg to Ahmednagar is single lane Ahmednagar to Shiridi is 4-lane section Roads between Naldurg to Ahmednagar is not so great. Plan to start very early in the morning. So that you can reach your destination by evening. Since first section is 4-lane, you can cover good amount of distance early in the morning.
  6. In some papers it written till 20th. May be they have extended.
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  8. Hi, Want to know about road conditions from Hyderabad to Shirdi. Which route should I take? Please guide, Thank you.
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  10. hi, in news papers, it is written that its from 18th apr 2019 to 21st apr 2019.. please confirm quickly as we are planning to visit this temple tomorrow
  11. Ranger

    Trip from vijayawada to warangal

    Via Suryapet is the best option. Suryapet to Warangal is a single lane road. Road condition is not so great. My update is from 2017. Not sure about the recent road condition. I think more or less it should be the same. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  12. I am Starting now from Hi-tech City @ 2.00 AM
  13. Hi All, We are planning a roadtrip to Warangal next month and expect some guidance on the road condition to Warangal. There are two routes shown in google maps, one via Suryapet (my preference as I recently did till Suryapet) and another from Khammam. i though via suryapet is best option. i have some idea upto suryapet. Can anyone give the road condition from suryapet to warangal is this 4 line or 2 line. and road condition Wanted to know if anyone did this route recently so that they can update on the road conditions. Thanks in advance.
  14. Saleshwaram temple opening April 2019 Dates: April : 17th 2019 April : 20th 2019
  15. 100% NO I would suggest you to avoid taking the kids due to heat. People usually trek during the night time to beat the heat. It is not at all safe for kids.
  16. Its open now for the year 2019, my question is whether it is safe to take kids along, im planning to carry by two and half year old son while trekking (I have good prior trekking experience including high altitude ones) appreciate your input on this.
  17. Pakhal Lake: Pakhal Lake is a man-made lake in the Pakhal Wildlife Sanctuary in Warangal. The place gets more interesting as this amazing plateau region is surrounded by a mesmerizing range of low hills. The wildlife park’s natural scenic beauty and its breathtaking landscape are extremely captivating. A visit to this promising spot would never disappoint you. Initially, this was the only place I wanted to visit to capture its surrounding scenic beauty with my newly bought Canon M50 camera. To my utter shock and surprise, the ticket cost for photography was 500 and for videography 2000, but one can shoot and record using mobile phones. So I dropped the plan of carrying my camera. We enjoyed a 10-minute speed boat ride, experienced mesmerizing evening at the lake, took some snaps and refreshed our thirsty throats with soft drinks at Haritha canteen. As you walk into the sanctuary, trees act as a curtain-raiser for the beautiful lake: This man-made lake is enveloped by the scenic forested hills: The lake offers breathtaking picturesque site: It attracts many nature enthusiasts: Boating and speed boating services available: We took a speed boat ride: Though the blue waters of the lake does not have lush green surroundings to compliment, the charming ambiance around the lake provided picturesque settings to explore, even in summers. Evening boating experience was icing on the cake and provided much needed rejuvenation to a long trip. On that note, we bid adieu to the place. My mobile phone came out one last to capture the sunset, indicating it's time to go home.
  18. Laknavaram Lake: This lake is around 70 km from Warangal and 30 km from Ramappa temple. It is one of the must-visit places among many tourists. The lake was formed by closing down three narrow valleys, and it is surrounded by thick deciduous forest. An added attraction to this mystic beauty is the suspension bridge, which connects many small islands. Watching huge spread of serene water from this suspension bridge is the main reason why tourists prefer to visit it in rainy and winter seasons. Keeping in view the growing number of the tourists, the Telangana State Tourism Development Corporation (TSTDC) constructed a new suspension bridge. The length of the new bridge is 210 metres and the width is 1.5 metres. The carrying capacity of the bridge is 1,000 people. It was constructed with the rust-proof galvanized sheets. The new bridge connects the main land near parking area to an island. The existing bridge (old one) is with length of 160 metres. Initially, I did not include this place to the list, but wanted to check what kind of perspective and viewpoint it will bring in summer. The lake was dried up for the most part; but the good thing is, vehicles are allowed to drive down to the lake shore, which otherwise is not possible in peak season. So that's another experience in itself. After reaching here, we had our lunch in Haritha restaurant. Only veg meals were served. One can also book accommodation in Haritha lake view resorts or cottages in islands for overnight stay, also camping facility too available. We've spent almost an hour exploring the place by walking on the suspension bride, driving to the shore and enjoying in the lake. Then continued our journey towards the last place of the tour, Pakhal lake. No shade for parked vehicles: Information can be procured from reception: Way to Haritha lake view resort (restaurant can be seen on the left): Old suspension bridge: Old bridge connecting to the new one can be seen in the background: New suspension bridge: From the other side: End or rather start of the new bridge, where limited parking place available: Beautiful view of the new bridge: And here is the old one: Intersection of two bridges; dry lake will be full in monsoon and winter (pic taken while coming back from lake shore): Very less water, no wonder very little crowd: Look farther for small islands which are used for camping: No one believed when I told I've taken my car to Laknavaram lake shore (yeah! not possible unless it is summer): My Baleno almost stuck in the mud:
  19. Ramappa Temple: The Ramalingeswara temple, which is popularly known as the Ramappa temple, is one such amazing pieces of art that stands as a testimony of the royal Kakatiyas. The temple got its name Ramappa because of its chief sculptor Ramappa. It's probably the only temple in the country to be known by the name of its sculptor. The beautiful Ramappa Temple depicts the grandeur of those times through its exquisite architecture. Though some structures of the temple have been ruined due to natural calamities and lack of maintenance, majority of the structure remains intact. It now comes under Jayashankar Bhupalpally district (one of five districts Warangal was divided into by Telangana government). Ramappa temple is approximately 64 km from Thousand pillars temple, and by 12 noon we reached here. There is no dedicated parking place and no shade whatsoever. We went a few meters ahead and found an open place and parked our car under a tree. The sun was blazing down and we could feel the heat. We wore full face mask so that nose and ears are covered, and took out the umbrella to protect ourselves from direct sunlight. Need to walk quite a distance to reach the temple. Literally and truly, one cannot stop admiring the temple's architectural brilliance and the panoramic view of true scenic beauty, both inside and outside. Another striking feature of this temple is that it is built with bricks that are so light that they can easily float on water. I've read that these floating bricks were used to make it earthquake proof. We savored leisurely the architectural splendor for almost an hour. Cameras are allowed inside the temple and we did capture some snaps. After coming out, we hydrated ourselves with 'Nimbu paani', bought a chilled water bottle and started our journey towards Laknavaram lake. Lush green path dotted with trees to reach the temple: The main structure is called Rudrasheswara temple, named after King Rudra Deva: Temple shows historical richness and architectural excellence: Massive pillars leading way to Garbagriha and Maha Mandapa: Ceiling of Maha Mandapa: Maha Mandapa is supported by four enormous pillars carved with elaborate detailing: Intricately sculpted pillars: Jaw-dropping carvings: Depictions of dancing figurines: View from Sabha Mandapa or outer porch: Temple has three entrances, one of which leads to roofless Nandi mandapam: Nandi Mandapam: Majestic view from Nandi mandapam: Backside view: Architectural brilliance everywhere: A mini tower: Sub shrine adjacent to main structure: Ruined sculptures, both outside and inside: Once a royal garden, now reduced to a lawn with a path paved by trees:
  20. Thousand Pillars Temple: The Thousand Pillar Temple is a historic temple located in Hanamakonda. It was constructed in the 1163 AD by King Rudra Deva. Thousand Pillar Temple is one of the finest specimens of Chalukyan style of architecture and sculpture. The temple has three shrines, which are dedicated to Lord Shiva, Vishnu and Surya. This amazing temple is supported by the pillars that are richly carved. It has a star-shaped architecture, which stands as a testimony to the expertise of the wonderful craftsmen of the glorious period. As in the case of any Shiva temple, there is a huge Nandi situated at the entrance of the Shiva shrine. The colossal structure of Nandi is carved out of a single piece of black basalt stone. It is said that there were 1000 pillars in the structures, but no pillar obstructs a person in any point of the temple to see the God in the other temple manifests the quality of workmanship that existed during those days, when technology was not even born. Restoration work is still on the Kalyana mandapam, so visitors were not allowed inside. Photography was not allowed inside the main temple.
  21. Bhadrakali Temple: It is one of the oldest temples that is dedicated to Goddess Bhadrakali. Located atop a hill, between the city of Warangal and Hanamkonda, by the side of Bhadrakali Lake, it is an ancient temple which was originally built during the Chalukyan reign in 625 AD. Kakatiya kings later have adopted the temple and considered Goddess Bhadrakali as their "Kula Devatha". We started off our journey by 5:15 am from Habsiguda and reached Bhadrakali temple around 7:30 am. The temple is big, spacious and neat. Before worshippers could arrive in large numbers (as it was Sri Rama Navami), we completed our darshan and spent some time bird watching at the lake. The temple opens at 5:30 am and early morning is the perfect time to do bird photography and shoot magnificent sunrise over the lake. Though we couldn't capture sunrise moments, watching the lake was a spectacle in itself. Entrance: Grandeur entry to this view: On the banks of Bhadrakali lake is this famous Bhadrakali temple: Natural rock formations are said to carry immense spiritual powers: Due to some kind of a procession on the fort road, we could only go up to the entrance and returned back without seeing the famous Warangal fort. Southern entrance on Ford road:
  22. Intro Rant: Summers are always tricky. Most people don't prefer to venture out on a trip in summer, for obvious reasons. So, when I bounced an idea off a trip to Warangal this summer, everyone went nuts. They even ridiculed that I'm not in my senses. But I did not want to drop the idea just because someone feels it to be stupid. I needed a break from my monotonous work life, so I was adamant. I know my wife also wouldn't agree; even if she does, she doesn't come considering the weather, but I have to do the customary - inform. My son's response, quick as a wink, was "Let's do it". Wonderful kid. It took some collective effort by me and my son to get the go-ahead from the home minister. Phew! Plan and Preparation: Being a Kakatiya University graduate myself, I regret not exploring enough of Warangal (capital of Kakatiya Dynasty) for long, which is known for its rich history and heritage. Though it is well within 150 km distance from my hometown and also from Hyderabad, I did not specifically travel to see some of its historical places. So, it's that time again - One-day trip! There was this understanding with my wife and me that any impromptu trip needs to be done and dusted same day. If it's feasible and possible then she and our daughter would also join. Otherwise, my only soul companion is my son on any given day. He can only match and endure my crazy schedule. But being peak summer, my wife was skeptical and worried about excessively hot weather. Only after explaining and reassuring about all necessary precautions taken, we were given the nod. I feel there is nothing like "perfect" time to travel. There is only convenient time. The more the amount of convenience the better. That's it. Peak season travel can bring expensive price tags, overcrowded tours, accommodation, parking and food problems etc. So sometimes off-season travelling could bring in some benefits. One such benefit is leisurely exploring the place in its entirety without hassle. In the end, it proved to be a wise decision as we could spend some quality time exploring the places (especially Laknavaram which is crowded during peak season). Once the date (April 15th) was decided, it was only up to us on how many places we can cover in a day. We finalized 6 places. I've gone through Google maps for route and order of visit. The Route: Hyderabad -> Bhuvanagiri -> Yadadri -> Kazipet -> Warangal. This is the only route everyone takes from Hyderabad, but little did we know what was in store for us. The four-lane road is under construction from Yadadri (Yadagirigutta) to Warangal, and it is a 99-km section of National Highway–163 in Telangana. Lots of patches, diversions and traffic was allowed only on one side. It was a nightmare to drive with heavy oncoming truck traffic especially at night. It took nearly 4 hours to cover 145 odd KMs for return journey, excluding dinner time. The Journey: Below was the order of places we wanted to visit: Bhadrakali Temple Warangal Fort Thousand-Pillar Temple Ramappa Temple Laknavaram Lake Pakhal Lake Trip Details: Total distance covered: 539 KM Total duration of the trip: 17 hours Road Conditions: NH163 - Yadadri to Warangal: Quite a few diversions, patchy roads, potholes, and heavy truck traffic (at night). Other connecting roads are good to okay. If travelling to Pakhal lake from Laknavaram then do not blindly follow Google maps. It'll take you through some thandas. We drove almost 6 KM through a thanda and got lost. Just take left at Mallampalli and follow NH365 until Narsampet (Ambedkar statue), and then take left and follow Pakhal road till the lake. Food Options: Limited food options everywhere we visited except Warangal. At Laknavaram, food options available like lunch, but depends on the crowd. Better to carry home-made food to other places. Parking Facility: Limited or no proper parking facilities at all places I visited. It'll be chaos at Laknavaram in peak season unless there is an alternative.
  23. Welcome onboard @Sailaja .. Please share the exact details of the number of days you have, which place would you like to do exactly and which car would you be doing this in.. Will suggest the full plan accordingly
  24. sagar

    Road Trip to Leh From Hyderabad

    I think, if you are doing by flight from Hyderabad to Srinagar, you can comfortably do this full trip in about 7 to 8 days .. You can still choose to do it this year. Before you attain the experience in driving through the mountains ridges and the offroad tracks, you will know the routes to handle and work on your confidence levels.. I would recommend you to go for it this year
  25. ninjadad

    Cancellation of NOC

    I already paid them, hope this gets closed quickly. Thanks for the advice.
  26. travel.rtc

    Trip from Hyderabad to Coorg or Ooty by road

    You can refer my Travelogue for Bangalore Mysore Ooty : Please be Noted that Bandipur is closed between 9:00 P:M and 6:00 A:M Gudalur route is bit safer than 36 hair pin road and also longer distance Expect fair amount of traffic on ghat sections and here G Maps helped us a lot where it was showing distance the on coming vehicle in opposite direction is Do try to Visit Himavad Gopala Swamy Betta on the Way to Ooty from Mysore - Around 10 km from Gundlupete , it falls towards right before Bandipur forest while heading to Ooty from Mysore . Wishing you a Happy Journey
  27. SK01

    Road Trip to Leh From Hyderabad

    Yes definitely a life time adventure but unfortunately we had to cancel the road trip during the last moment since my father can't afford to take 20 days leave. However, we are planning by flight till Srinagar and then by taxi referred by @sagar. Hopefully we do it next year, everything happens for our good... I'll also have the opportunity to see the roads before I myself drive there... However, canceling this at the last moment is really saddening to me😢 Main reason behind this plan is I wanted to take my car somewhere really far, wanted to do a really big road trip. Taking a flight will definitely not satisfy me, though the mesmerising beauty will make me happy. Confused between Leh and road trip to some far away wildlife sanctuary. Anyway I have a week's time, will see if I can take my car on another road trip (800kms approx one way) which wouldn't take these many days or else will plan for Leh.
  28. karthik

    Hyderabad to Vikarabad breakfast drive

    Wow Difference is huge. I missed the trip. @Ranger did not inform me.
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