Vikarabad,Ananthagiri Hills I drive to Anathagiri Hills at least 5 times a year, every time I visit, I discover something new.    List of places discovered:   1.Forest trail, which can be accessed via temple. (safe to visit with families) 2.Multiple View points. 3.Lake. 4.Telangana tourism for food and washrooms. 5.Kotepally reservoir. (Ananthagiri Hills to kotepally distance is around 20 kilometers) 6.Kayaking by Telangana tourism at Kotepally reservoir, you can book a slot online. 7.Waterfalls at Kotepally. (water will be visible only during monsoon, currently it is active.)   Google maps, location details : (Click on the name for maps)
1. Ananthagiri Hills temple 2. Ananthagiri Hills view point 3. Ananthagiri Hills lake  (Drive further till you find a left turn) 4. Kotepally reservoir  (Kotepally reservoir has two route, one will lead to dam, other will lead to Kayaking)   Map Ananthagiri Hills is magic during monsoon. Lush green Hills are soothing to the eyes.     Google maps:
Covered all the view points : URL   Road condition:   Road is 2-lane all the way from Hyderabad to Ananthagiri Hills.(except for few bits at the beginning)   Roads improved a lot, compared to previous years. Smooth roads with curves are fun to drive.   Distance : ~100 kilometers   Hotels: Telangana Tourism(Breakfast, lunch and Dinner) and Hills&valley (lunch)