Hi Friends, This is my last drive in 2018.    First time I had visited Bidar Fort during first week of May, 2017 while returning from a Train Accident site near Kalgapur which is about 55 Kms further from Bidar from hyderabad. Me and my colleague went to the place to over see the recovery of a Locomotive (Railway Engine) and a coach which were drifted away from track due to derailment.    Though unrelated to this forum, thought it will be interesting as it is also a mode of transportation. Few Photos...        This restoration was planned after midnight of 04-05-2017 and we went by car instead of a train and actual work started at early hours of 05-05-2017 and completed by noon. Post lunch we started back and thought of visiting Bidar Fort on return.    We reached a couple minutes before closing time of the fort at 5.00 PM. Security guards started locking the buildings (Museum, Jail etc). Even on request and telling them that we came from Hyderabad they did not stopped locking. We made a round of the fort saw it from locked gates and returned.    At that I had decided to visit this fort during winter months but could not succeed.    Couple of mobile clicks on first visit.   Coming to the present trip,    It was not planned in advance, One of my travel partner from Betul MP with whom I traveled to Ladakh in 2016 invited me for his daughter's marriage being performed at Udgir MH on 29th Dec, 2018. I checked up train services and bus services to the place but none is convenient. Then decided to go by car. When my wife declined to travel, I asked two of my friends to joint with me. One among them is also traveled with us to Ladakh.    So plan was to start early and reach Bidar before 9AM and after visiting Bidar Fort, reach Udgir by lunch. (marriage was at 12.45). Total one way about 240 Kms. I read the log of ID member's visit to Bidar twice before starting.    As planned I started at 5.30 AM and picked up both partners from nallakunta and started our journey by sharp 6.00 AM. We took Mehidipatnam and entered ORR at Kokapet. Though it was early hours we did not tried Kukatpally road as it is time for long distance buses.    Reached Mahindra Paradise by 07.30 Hrs to have breakfast. It was too cool out side. We had Poori for breakfast and started again by 8.10 AM towards Bidar. NH to Bidar bypass road is in very bad shape at few places. Further road up to Karnataka border was not so good. Once entered Karnataka, road is newly laid and smooth. We reached the fort just before 9.00 AM. we saw the clock tower and Gawan madarsa on the drive and did not stopped and clicked any photo. We were the first in the parking lot near the entry. When we entered in to main gate, we saw the unlocking of buildings by security personnel. I just remembered my last visit. The weather is cool and the sun light is lovely for photos. Missing is greenery of monsoon.     Some views from my camera at entry The Main Entry Reverse view from Main Entry The unique two lane mote  We three together This is behind the walls of Rangeen Mahal. A beautiful garden used to be here for a view of Rangeen Mahal inmates from their balconies.   Back wall of Rangeen Mahal I tried to click the main entry dome from inside.    First we saw the Jail area.    Some more photos. View of Main entry from inside. Left side is the Museum and exactly opposite of it is Raneen Mahal. Behind the tree is Jail complex.  View from Jail complex entry. Left is entry for Solah Kambha Mosque     Wide angle view of the building   Next we went in to Mosque area.    We only found that the Solah Kambha Mosque is locked same way Turkish Mahal is also locked. We asked the security guard available there about it. He said they will not be opened and similarly Rangeen Mahal also locked. We pestered him to tell us how the locks can be opened. He said if we know some one in ASI, it may be possible and none of the ASI staff have come yet. We contacted our Railway official but they said they have no contacts with ASI. Disappointed, decided to see the museum and large canon and start to Udgir.    Some clicks at Solah Kambha Mosque.       The Solah Kambha Mosque full view Turkish Mahal Building in which ASI office is situated.    We decided to visit again with proper recommendation and started for visiting Museum and then the large Canon.    Then came the luck    A wood pecker near Museum.    I will take a break and explain our Luck.            
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