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Hyderabad to Hampi drive meet - Report

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Excellent pictures @sagar

Very nicely composed.
Will add few pictures from my mobile as soon as i get some time.


It was a wonderful trip.
Had a great time.
Would like to thank each and every member of the team for your contribution in making this drive memorable and fun.

Coracle ride was a great experience.

People on the first Coracle - I guess that was the highest ever noise in the history of Hampi. (Cave)🙏

Tripathi has been a great inspiration.

Sticking on to the speed limits (80 kmph) and making steady progress.
He reached most of the regroup points with in ~5 minutes of timeline.


Compass team - 
Coordination was very helpful.(Roger, over and out)


Ameo team - 
You guys are an inspiration for the couples.


Innova team - 
You guys were super fun.
Zero language barrier. 😀


Ertiga team - 
Thank you for taking the lead and coordinating with guide.


EcoSport team
104 memories 🙏

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