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Sridhar Tandra

Hyderabad to Coorg - Kodagu Exploration Drive

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2 hours ago, ksa171983 said:

Hampi offlate as lost its glory of ruins.


Have to agree with your point.

But I feel Hampi has many hidden areas.


You can't visit all the places on foot or cars.

Would recommend taking a moped. I can assure you that will find some beautiful places. 


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How about we draw a plan to Hampi and hire mopeds for our trip there :D Luna ride is what I'm dreaming about

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Guest Sachin Shetty

Quick update

Started at 10PM from Hyderabad.

Took a short break at Nandi Hills

We took Nandi Hills to Devanahalli village road.

Connected to Kunigal and Madikeru higheay.

This route has less traffic compared to Bangalore-Mysuru-Coorg 

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