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Sridhar Tandra

Hyderabad to Coorg - Kodagu Exploration Drive

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Few Clicks from me.































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On 7/14/2018 at 4:25 PM, Asher said:

Few Clicks from me


Fantastic shots!

We need some more¬†ūüėć

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2 hours ago, prabhum said:

Super clicks Ashwin

Thank you @prabhum¬†sir.Personally,¬† I like the pictures of your car in the Green Scape Background.¬†ūüėä

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2 hours ago, Ranger said:


Fantastic shots!

We need some more¬†ūüėć

Thank you @Ranger¬†& @sagar¬†. You guys gave¬†me and everyone in the trip so much to remember. More photos coming through.¬†ūüėé

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15 minutes ago, Sridhar Tandra said:

Jaldi hi milenge, weekend drive pe jaayenge, janda paatenge :P

Jai Ho India- Drive!¬†ūü§©

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I loved the picture clicked on the top of the Mandalpatti peak.. :D It reminds me of the video shown during the trip @Asher :P 

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A short picture log from my side


Regroup point at toll,

It is a ritual for India-Drive members to regroup at toll booths


Team work at Palli time¬†¬†ūüėĀ


Lunch stop at Bangalore outskirts


Our stay at City of Palaces (Mysuru)


Group picture in the morning and 


Nature walk in the night, don't miss those old school lights.

In nature walk there is elephant (foot or shit)? A haunted house? and  why did he ask us safety pin?

He want to scare the elephant¬†with it?¬†ūü§ź


It is raining? None cared!

Nature at its best


"The hardest thing to learn in life is which bridge to cross and which bridge to burn"--Quote (unknown)
But this bridge is perfect for a picture


To understand the scale of waterfalls, look at the size of India-Drive members near the view point


Looking at the view,
I overhead someone saying,

I will work on those fields and during evenings I will keep my legs in the water and have chilled beer!


Next day it was a land slide, I heard all our members ran faster¬†than P.T Usha¬†ūüėĚ
Though everyone is safe but we¬†missed the action..ūüėĀ
Anyone captured a moment while people are running? Please share it


A proper 4x4


Heart in mouth situation!

Flag says it all, there is no room for error.


After 5 kilometres of hardcore off-roading
We reached the hill top, this my first sight!

Any guess about the activity going on under those umbrellas, will get a cookie!


That is our lunch stop in the middle of a forest, a small local hut.

We cooked our own food!
How often we get a chance like that?

Few members were cooking, few helping, few eating , few admiring those jeeps, few roaming around in nature..


Money can't buy passion!
This jeep owner has loads of it.


Into the clouds


A group picture after experiencing the nature stay,
This place is not about luxury, it is all about fun and memories.


This is the first time i have used mobile camera to captures the images,
I think there wont be a huge difference in photography between a SLR and Mobile camera (except in low light conditions)


Parting picture!

Thank you all for making the drive successful.


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