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Hyderabad to Suryalanka beach, road trip

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Hi All,

This is my first travel story in India-Drive.
I have been working in Bangalore from the past few years.
Recently, I moved back to Hyderabad.
My last drive is from Hyderabad to Himalayas with India-Drive team.
It is my best and longest I have ever done in my Duster.


Surylanka drive


I have been to Suryalanka around 10 times, frankly speaking, I lost the count!
Last month me and my friend decided to go on a quick weekend getaway.
Plan is to start on Saturday morning and come back by Sunday evening. 


We all know that Suryalanka is overcrowded during weekends. 
So we constructed a strategy to beat the crowd. 


Route taken
Hyderabad --> Vijaywada --> Suryalanka

We took this route since we had accommodation(friend's place) at Vijayawada.

Best route from Hyderabad to Suryalanka
Hyderabad --> Nalgonda --> Miryalaguda --> Narasaraopet --> Suryalanka
I would suggest people to visit Chirala beach along with Suryalanka, we missed out due to time constraint. 

We started on Saturday around 11AM.
We took the famous the Hyderabad-Vijayawada section.
This is one of the best section after Hyderabad-Bangalore.(my personal favorite)

Maintained steady 110km/hr in my trusted Duster.
We reached Suryapet by 2PM and stopped over for lunch at Hotel 7.
Hotel 7 is one of the best in terms of Infrastructure/Food/Quality/Maintenance.


Suryapet to Vijayawada took us around 2 hours +.

Crossing Vijayawada is always pain. Multiple diversions and no proper signs leads to confusion.

One of our friend stays in Vijayawada outskirts, we reached his place by 5PM.
Decided to call the day off. 

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We woke up at 4AM, with high difficulty we dragged our self into the parking lot. 

Roads are almost empty, we floored the pedal and reached the beach before sunrise.
Overall road condition is good, there are few bad patches but for Duster these are cake walk.


We reached Suryalanka beach by 5:30AM.
Yes our plan worked up, crowd is very less. 

While we are enjoying the cool breeze, sun started to rise. That is me at the front row enjoying the one of the best sun rise view.  


After blowing 3k on fuel, 1k on tolls and 1k on food=total trip cost 5k
This is the view we got, Yes it is worth every single penny!

DSC_0160-01.jpeg Now the wringer arises? How do we show the gratitude(Sun)?


After multiple attempts, I'm able to achieve it. Please don't blame my G-factor 😅


One last picture of the Sunrise!

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As the crowd started to build up, we decided to explore the places around.


We took this trail, which is visible from the small bridge.


We drove few kilometers inside, due lack of company and recovery vehicle...Sadly my duster is not AWD.


We decided to turn back!


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We hit the road and found one more trail, Slat deposits!


With proper 4x4(low range box) this place is going to be fun.


Last picture of the day, signing off 


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Small, Crisp and fun to read. 
Those Sun rise pictures are too good. 

Adding few pictures of Chirala beach taken from my mobile. 




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Beautiful photos and crisp write-up. Any accommodation options apart from haritha resort in Suryalanka? It is always sold out these days even a month before.

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31 minutes ago, chaitanyap said:

Beautiful photos and crisp write-up.

Thank you Chaitanya.


31 minutes ago, chaitanyap said:

Any accommodation options apart from haritha resort in Suryalanka?


I have seen a small resort just before Suryalanka beach, but it doesn't look any good.

I would suggest you to stay at Chirala beach, SeaBreeze resort.

In my opinion AP Toursim resort surroundings have became very commercial
Book well in advance, weekends are mostly booked. 

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Wonderful little write up @karthik Sunrise pictures are too good, as mentioned one would forget all those things about expenses, tolls, traffic hustle bustle etc when you get indulged in peace with nature! 


20 hours ago, karthik said:

Chirala beach, SeaBreeze resort

This resort is no less than APTDC in Suryalanka, equally rather more than equally gets booked for a month in advance atleast! Need to make bookings as early as 2 months for this stay these days!

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Really nice write up. Short & crisp. Photos are great! 😊

One doubt: Can I drive my grand i10 on that trail?

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On 5/18/2018 at 12:57 PM, Sridhar Tandra said:

This resort is no less than APTDC in Suryalanka, equally rather more than equally gets booked for a month in advance atleast! Need to make bookings as early as 2 months for this stay these days!


Is it possible to book online? Whats the site?

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On 5/18/2018 at 12:57 PM, Sridhar Tandra said:

Wonderful little write up @karthik Sunrise pictures are too good


Thank you sridhar.

On 5/18/2018 at 12:57 PM, Sridhar Tandra said:

This resort is no less than APTDC in Suryalanka, equally rather more than equally gets booked for a month in advance atleast! Need to make bookings as early as 2 months for this stay these days!


Yeah SeaBreeze is much better that AP tourism.

Pricing is close to 5k. I felt it is bit overpriced.
Resort is good but lack of competition helped them in increasing the price.



On 5/19/2018 at 7:43 PM, Pralay said:

One doubt: Can I drive my grand i10 on that trail?


Grand i10 can do it.
Trail is flat. Almost any car can do it.


On 5/19/2018 at 7:47 PM, Pralay said:

Is it possible to book online? Whats the site?


Check the below website.
You can call them and check about the payment.


During our booking they provided us a bank account, we transferred the money to their account. 


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Pictures are too good.
Loved the planning on how to beat the crowd.

I think govt. should give permissions to more resorts at different locations.
They should spread the crowd. 

Problem with Suryalanka is only one approach road.

Place became very commercial. 
Even Hamsaladeevi is in same state. It is getting crowded.

Source: article
Gollapalem Island. I am very interested in exploring this place.
Anyone has explored this place?






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Wonderful write-up accompanied by some beautiful pictures @karthik. Suryalanka is one of the best beaches to drive your car on the beach sand. Infact, I have done this a decade ago in my Chevrolet Beat.

But, make sure you don't grab the crowd's attention :D. Better to do it early during the sunrise on a weekday.

Hamsaladeevi is an other good beach where you can drive you car on to the shore.


Do check this link below for more information on that.



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37 minutes ago, driveking said:

Gollapalem Island. I am very interested in exploring this place.


Place looks beautiful, thank you for sharing.

I will try to visit this place during winter. 

Looks like this place is called as Chinna Gollapalem.
Place is located close to Bhimavaram.


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1 hour ago, Krish said:

Wonderful writeup


Thank you.


1 hour ago, Krish said:

really useful for me as I'm planning from Vijayawada this week. 


Please try to visit Hamasaladeevi beach. 

Also try to go only on weekday.
Early morning is the best time to visit. 


If you need any more details, comment here. 

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On ‎5‎/‎21‎/‎2018 at 11:34 AM, Ranger said:

Looks like this place is called as Chinna Gollapalem.



Looks like a place to explore more.. Let's do this @Ranger

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    • By rkamal
      This Dussehra holidays we planned a long road trip to Coimbatore in our EcoSport.
      Thanks to India-Drive members, especially @sagar @Ranger for suggesting trip route and staying food options along the route. 
      Day -1:
      We started around 4 AM from Miyapur, Hyderabad. Drive till Anantapur is quite familiar to me, as i have driven this route many times.
      Drive was excellent with good pleasant weather, around 9:30 AM We reached Anantapur for breakfast at Club RuRu.
      Food was good as well as the service and atmosphere. After some nice breakfast we started towards Bangalore, as we approach the outskirts of the city traffic made us slow down, and also the fear of over-speeding and getting fined made me cautious, kept at 60-80 speeds reached Devanahalli around 12:30 PM.
      Our EcoSport flyaudio gave us this route which bypassed the traffic areas of the city (silkboard, electronic city) and took us to the sarjapura main road and joined on the NH just after the electronic city. The route we took to bypass the city is quite scenic and some places were narrow roads. and in some parts very rough roads (2-4 KM) with construction work is ongoing. I am attaching the route map for reference.
      Around 2:30 we reached Hosur outskirts, despite being a Sunday afternoon the road is filled with heavy vehicles occupying all the lanes and made us slow down, managed to reach a good restaurant which serves good tamil meals by 3:00 PM.
      The food was good and hot. after staying so long out of Tamilnadu we always look forward to eating in Tamilnadu hotels, glad we could make it for lunch.
      After lunch started the journey towards Salem, Roads were quite good and smooth but not as wide as Hyderabad-bangalore highway. Not a pleasant experience as the vehicles seems to be in hurry and not giving space occupying all lanes, had to be very patient to outmatch the city buses.
      Kept a average speed of 60-80 KM reached Salem, thought have a break at Salem, but due to some politicians visit (i am guessing its CM visiting his native Town) the roads were filled with cops asking us not to stop and keep left. At some places the cops were confusing us with their directions, over all a confused environment, but good thing is they reroute the heavy vehicles like lorries and trucks to some other route, so we had a clear road ahead of us.
      The only catch is we couldn't stop for the tea break. And it started drizzling once we past Salem, it's almost 7 PM, and those rerouted trucks joined us back while we are nearing Coimbatore making our last leg of journey more interesting  At Komarapalayam we stopped for some hot Badam Milk and much needed break.
      After that it was nice to drive to the coimbatore city with with lit wide roads, reached around 9:15 PM to Sungam cross roads, Coimbatore. After parked the vehicle and went inside the house all of us were feeling that still we are moving. From morning 4 to night 9 this makes my longest distance driven in a day. (960 KM says speedometer)
       We visited the famous GeDee Car museum, Coimbatore. the beauty of the museum is we can see so many vintage cars at one place which are maintained so good.
       Checkout few pics:










    • By SK01
      It was February  2018, me and my father visited  Malik Tata Bowenpally to enquire about Tata Tiago and Tata Tigor in our handsome shiny golden brown Honda City after a good leather upholstery polishing at Stunnerz. We we’re impressed by the car, the build quality and interiors, we felt it’ll be a good upgrade to my WagonR CNG which was showing its age after 3 years 65000 kms. We asked for a test drive and they couldn’t arrange. We were irritated by the sales team response and reluctance to sell their product. We stepped out. 
      Fast it forward to August, my father who was driving my WagonR slightly brushed to the electricity pole in a  narrow lane. The impact was small, but the damage was really huge. A thought to upgrade to a safer vehicle struck my father’s mind. 
      Fast forward to November, we put our Wagon R on sale at OLX and sold it in 5 days for 3,25,000. Got to know the meaning of resale value. Booked Ford Freestyle after just one test drive. We were taken away by the car, it’s build quality, ruggedness, and not to forgot the punchy TDCi engine. Ford has  always been my  favourite brand, I always wanted to own it, drive it. And this time I got the opportunity, we wanted to book the car the very next day but being a Sunday it was delayed. 
      Monday, after attending a club meet at my college, at around 3:00 PM I booked my car at Mody Ford Begumpet. It was Ford Freestyle ambient 1.5 TDCi oxford white which was booked and later upgraded to top of the line model Titanium 1.5 TDCi charcoal black. 
      Dealership Experience: 
      The delivery was done as promised in 5 days. Initially the dealership experience was really good. they treated us well, the car was delivered as promised and everything was good until I noticed what they have done. The dealership has given me 4 months old vehicle, which was lying in the stock yard without informing me and without giving any old stock discounts. 
      Found it by decoding the VIN number. The old stock/first batch vehicle came with fixed rear headrests and the newer one which I was supposed to get according to Ford as I booked in November came with adjustable rear headrests. Multiple mails and calls to the dealership proved to be waste. After a week of follow up, a good member of the Ford Freestyle WhatsApp group forwarded me the mail IDs of Ford India top management. A mail to Mr. Anurag Mehrotra MD Ford India sorted out the issues and the dealer was ordered to replace the entire rear seat with the new ones.  

      Experience with Ford India:
      I must say, the experience so far with Ford has been really good. Right from solving my issues with the dealer to addressing each and every minor issues in the vehicle for which Ford is known for.
      To be honest, Ford is not a reliable brand like the Maruti Suzuki, Honda or Toyota. It is known for those small yet really irritating glitches. But the way the company addresses the issues is what matters. And I must say, Ford outshines every other manufacturer in this department. We as a valued customer have the freedom to even talk to the bosses of Ford India and get the issue solved. Be it the General Manager of a dealership or Managing Director of the company. The mangers and general mangers (service) are always available on phone for our queries. 
      Life With Ford

      It’s been 10 months since I bought the car and I’ve been to many road trips, explored many places, and done some really crazy things with it. So far So good.
      Stability, Steering Feel and Feedback, Braking, Ride Comfort, and Performance:
      The next month after buying the car we did a road trip to Vijayawada. Couldn’t go beyond 100 kmph as the vehicle isn’t supposed to go beyond 100 kmph before 2000 km checkup. while returning I touched 170 kmph effortlessly after 2000 km checkup at Laxmi Ford Vijayawada. No where I felt loosing the control of the car. After driving WagonR for 65000 kms this felt like a really big upgrade in terms of drivability and stability. 
      The response from the steering was spot on. Though the brakes did not inspire confidence at last minute braking for the first 5000 kms of ownership because of over sensitive ABS now they are perfect. Crisp and spot on braking performance. Or dont know if I’m
      used to it.
      Ford Freestyle is built to tackle bad roads and those beautiful untouched, unexplored roads. This said, the ride quality will definitely be on the stiffer side making all those shocks on the bad roads creep in. We can feel the thud sound when the car goes over speed breaker, potholes even in very low speeds. The suspension is on the stiffer side making the car super stable during high speeds and super rough on the bad roads. Space is strictly adequate in the front row and strictly average at the rear and the boot. The driving position is commendable. We sit higher than many of the hatchbacks making us see the road clearly. The car sitting at a height of 190mm from the ground makes driving on worst roads a breeze. No worries of under body hits. 
      The performance from the engine on offer is something else. It effortlessly touches 80 kmph in the second gear itself and 0-100 kmph in under 10 seconds making it one of the fastest car in India. This car even outshines VW Polo in terms of performance. This is the most economical, fun to drive car in India giving good fuel efficiency numbers.  Even Ford EcoSport doesn’t offer the low end torque and that jump this car offers. Reason being same engine for a lighter car. 
      Ford calls the Freestyle a Compact Utility Vehivle and in my opinion its justified. It is not just a raised hatch/hatch with cladding or hatchback in SUV cloths as claimed by few online forums. Having used this for almost a year, clocking 20,000 kms, going for some unexplored areas, I can confidently say that this means some serious business, built for a purpose, a very practice vehicle. If not for serious off-roading, this is made for serious travelling and to glide on those beautiful untouched roads... 
      Ford is known for this. It’s always ahead of the other cars in the segment when it comes to giving safety features if not fancy features.
      2 airbags ABS with EBD Reverse parking sensors Driver and passenger seat belt alarm is standard across all the varient in all the models of Ford Central Locking  Speed sensing door locks  Child safety locks  Making it the most value for money varient. 
      The top of the line varient Titanium comes with added features like 
      TCS HLA ESP  
      And the even premium varient the Titanium Plus comes with added features like
      6 airbags SYNC3 system With all the above features. 
      Road Trips:

      I’ve done many road trips in this 10 months. Multiple trips to Hyderabad-Vijayawada but there are few trips that standout, that tested my skills, that took me to places I’ve never thought I would. 
      The first one being 
      Hyderabad to Maredumilli

      This remains my favourite trip of all. This tested my skills on the ghat during heavy rains and low visibility, took me to a beautiful place called Pamulery Vagu inside the forest.

      It was fun driving this car in those ghats. Steering feel and feedback was really good and was spot on. This trip will be forever remembered. The engine sound coupled with cool breeze and nature sounds made this a really wonderful and memorable trip with my Ford Freestyle.

      Hyderabad to Yanam via Ramachandrapuram 
      This place is really beautiful. I’ve been to Yanam in 2012 in our Swift Dzire. I was siting beside my father and was observing him cruising in that beautiful cool, rainy weather. I was 16 back then. Learning driving from my father in our colony roads. I was amazed by the way it cruised, clicked many pictures  in my father’s Galaxy S3. I couldn’t know more about the place. All I knew was the beach and the beautiful Jesus statue. Nothing beyond that.
      This is 2019 and I was on the wheel with my father sitting beside me and my Sony A6000 DSLR in the rear seat to click the beautiful places. It was 4:30 in the morning, I fired the loud TDCi engine waking up others in my house at Ramachandrapuram. We hit the roads and it was all nostalgic.
      The roads were bad, full of potholes and very bad curves. This gave me a new experience to drive on those village roads full of potholes and truck traffic from the opposite direction with high beam. Made me explore Yanam and the nearby mangroves and getting to know the place beyond beach and of course the beautiful Jesus statue, reminded my father of his childhood and the hotel where he used to sometimes eat and now we having  our breakfast which is still running with the same quality at Drakshramam. This also proved how beautiful my car is gliding  over those big potholes with very loud and uncomfortable sounds in the cabin and  zero underbody hits. making this another memorable road trip. 
      Vijayawada to Hyderabad

      I’ve done multiple trips between Hyderabad-Vijayawada on our Honda City as well as Ford Freestyle as my father is posted there. But this will be remembered.
      This unexpected drive for few minutes under the railway bridge tested my knowledge on flood water driving, knowledge can be acquired by learning but not experience. And this kind of experience is very rare. This tests our skill, It’s a do or die situation. Drive well and come out of the pool or get stuck ruining your car permanently. 
      The experience was all together a very different one. This kept me in a situation where It was all on me. No one to help me, guide me or drive the car. This proved the capabilities of ford Freestyle and my driving skills. The punchy low end torque never worried me or gave a feel of stalling. It never lost the grunt. I successfully came out of it which doubled my confidence in driving and my love towards the car.
      Accidents & Incidents 
      It was 24th of April, 8:45 in the morning. I was driving towards Suchitra Junction to meet my father’s colleague and take my internship certificate which I forgot in her cabin the previous day. I tuned into 98.3 radio mirchi my favourite radio station and was just 5 minutes away from my home when the unexpected saddest thing happened.  



      A construction truck which was coming from the opposite direction taking a 90 degree banged into my car’s rear third quater leaving a really bad damage. It was a hit and run case. Many villagers ran behind him but he fled away leaving me in utter grief. The impact was huge but the damage was small considering the impact.
      Did anyone remember this? “the impact was small, but the damage was really huge” “A thought to upgrade to a safer vehicle struck my father’s mind” and this proved to be the right choice, the safer vehicle. 
      It was 31st of July, 3:30 in the evening, I was driving  from Tellapur towards Kompally on ORR. An incident which taught me the meaning of hydro planning, made me realise the power of water and yet again made me fall in love with my car.   
      It was raining, the road was good obviously because it’s the ORR a Hyderabadi drivers favourite, the road was empty and there’s a water pool that can be seen on the left most lane.
      A child in me touched triple digit speeds (100kmph) from 80kmph wanted to spill the water and went straight onto the waterlogged pool only to loose control over my car. The vehicle immediately lost traction, drifted towards the right, steering was out of my control for few seconds, I tried very hard to steer the car to the left keeping it in the lane and I succeeded.
      All thanks to the traction control that my car has. This taught me how much dangerous water can be and the force of water. Never after this incident I touched triple digit speeds during rains. 

      To sum it up, Freestyle is a car that definitely puts a smile the drivers face. Particularly the TDCi. It’s rightly called a pocket rocket. 

      Freestyle is not about luxury, its rugged, rough, not so comfortable when compared to the competition, the interiors are hard, the plastics are not placed well but as said before its lal about ruggedness and practicality. Once you are behind the wheel of a Ford you’ll forever be the fan of Ford.

      Srikrishna Bhavaraju
      A true Ford Lover

    • By Ranger
      Current status:

      Hyderabad to Tuni : Good
      Tuni to Chilka : under construction
      Chilka to Kolkata : Good
      Information shared by @ARAY
      ***NH 16 - Route update***
      Folks planning for a road trip via NH16 to WB next weekend for Durga Puja, please be aware of the latest road conditions. Post Tuni till South Chilka is getting a major road expansion for last 8+ months as we all know.
      Diversions and all are manageable, however with the recent torrential downpour in the region the soft soil has washed off exposing the cemented Culverts and small bridges that are constructed at the first phase of any NH build or expansion.
      Due to the absence of proper markings and boards this is more risky. Absence of soft soil or temporary soil in general will further make the cemented bridges even more harder to climb and slush and soft mud can make the situation tricky.
      People driving low slung sedans and hatchbacks please be careful, there is a high probability of underbelly hits while making the ascend to and decent from the bridges. People with FWD SUV be careful of lateral torque steer in the slush making the car go sideways and out of control.
      A close friend of mine while driving to Assam has severely damaged the front left lower arm, track rod for steering and partially the ball joints of Honda city. He took that ascent at roughly 32kmph as per his GPX data.
      Use caution drive slow post Tuni and have a very safe trip everyone !
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