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Mumbai to Hyderabad to Srisailam

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I am planning to drive from Mumbai to Srisailam with family. I would be the only driver and so will need night breaks in between. I am confused about the route to take post Solapur. Google map shows 2 routes one via Gulbarga and other via Zaheerabad. Which one is better and a 4 track road with dividers? One friend suggested instead it drive till hubali then to Bellary and then reach Srisailam as the road is good and the total distance might increase only by 150 kms. Please guide. Thanks 

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Follow this post. People traveled on this route very recently - 

They suggested this route --





I suggest Route from Hyderabad to Srisailam. The road is 2 lane but in good state. You can reach in 3 hrs. 

Follow the below route, will help you plan better. You can also visit few places before you reach Srisailam. 




If you have time and would like to visit more places, then you can do round trip.


Like Mumbai --> Pune --> Hyd --> Srisailam.

Srisailam --> Kurnool --> Mantralayam --> Hampi (Near Bellary) --> Hubbali


There are few places you can cover near Bellary like Hampi, Badami, Bijapur etc before heading back to Mumbai.

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22 hours ago, Manan said:

I am planning to drive from Mumbai to Srisailam with family.

Taking the following route
Mumbai --> Pune --> Solapur --> Kalaburgai --> Humnabad --> Zaheerabad --> Hyderabad


Mumbai to Solapur : 4/6-lane toll road
Solapur to Humnabad : 2-lane, road condition good
Humnabad to Hyderabad : 4-lane, toll road, road condition is excellent. 

Halt at Hyderabad 

Hyderabad --> Kalvakurthi --> Munnanur --> Mallapur --> Dhomalapenta --> Srisailam 


Food stopovers 

Avoid other routes shown in google they are not worth it.

Let me know,  If you have any queries. 


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I just got to know that Govt planning to close the Srisailam Ghat section from 9 PM to 6AM. That means you will be stopped at the forest check post if you reach during this time. 

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Hey guys thanks for your suggestions. I am just thinking to club Tirupati along with Srisailam. What do you suggest? Go to Srisailam first or Tirupati and then Srisailam. Any suggestions on the route? Thanks 

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On 2/3/2018 at 11:59 PM, Manan said:

I am just thinking to club Tirupati along with Srisailam.


Would suggest you to do 

Mumbai --> Hyderabad --> Srisailam --> Tirupati --> Bangalore --> Hubbali -- Mumbai

How may days you are planning for this drive?

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Hi. I have a week's time to cover entire stretch. Last week I was at Hyderabad and enquired from few colleagues here.. they said that they had gone to Mumbai from Hyderabad in a Volvo taking Patancheru Sangareddy Zaheerabad route.. is this the same route which you are talking about ? I saw signs of Mumbai Nagpur on Nehru outer ring road.. and the driver said that straight road goes to Mumbai. How far does this good road continue?

Thanks for your suggestions

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1 hour ago, Manan said:

How far does this good road continue?


Yes it is the same road that goes to Mumbai.

Hyderabad to Humnabad : Road condition is excellent
Humnabad to Solapur : Road is under construction, diversions. Would rate it bad. 
Solapur to Pune : Road condition is excellent

Pune to Mumbai : Expressway, super good. 

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    • By Jagan24
      Trip Details: From Hyderabad to Ethipothala Waterfalls via Nagarjuna Sagar
      Duration: 2 Days
      Vehicle: dZire
      Timelines: During October 2016
      Route: Hyderabad > Nagarjuna Sagar > Ethipothala falls
      This was one of our regular weekend getaways. We plan all of a sudden, start late and end up reaching the place very late as usual.  so we had to stay overnight and explore the remainder of the places next day.
      We started late at around 11 in the morning (4 Guys, 1 Car) and reached Ethipothala waterfalls by 7 PM exploring several places in between and taking lots of breaks for photography, food etc. To reach the destination, you need to take a left turn after approximately 14kms from Nagarjuna Sagar. After taking the left, again you need to drive for approximately 11 km. Dont remember the exact details though. 
      The waterfall is located inside the Haritha resort. We booked accommodation after reaching there. There were approximately 6 rooms (2 AC and 4 Non AC). The rooms were ill maintained (lot of ants, termites and monkeys in the surroundings). The overall look and feel of the location is acceptable but maintenance is on the poorer side because the number of people who prefer to stay there overnight is very low.
      There is a restaurant inside the resort as well but they close by 9 PM in the night. You will not get any food after that time. 
      After we reached the resort, we got fresh up, ordered food from the restaurant and started exploring the resort and the 11 km stretch. The waterfall is adjacent to the resort but we couldn't see anything in the night but could hear the sound of the water fall. 
      After the brief exploration session, we came back to our rooms, had food and went to sleep in those badly maintained rooms. 
      Woke up the next morning and there were a lot of monkeys making lot of noise in the premises. Explored the resort in the day light along with the water falls. The surroundings of the Waterfalls were scenic.
      There were few steps to go down the hill and explore but we cannot go near the waterfall as it was being used as a breeding center for crocodiles. We went down the steps after having breakfast in the restaurant and explored those places for some time. It was quite a task to come up those steps in those sunny days.
      Post the exploration sessions, had Lunch in the restaurant and returned back to Hyderabad by Night.
      Few Clicks:
      Random Click on the ORR

      Haritha Resort



      Monkey Having a Sip of Tea  




      The breathtaking view of the waterfalls




      A View Point

      Few pics taken after going down the steps 





      Parting Shot.. Guess who is giving a pose for the Camera 

    • By Jagan24
      We did a trip to Nagarjuna Sagar during the month of January. I wanted to share the experience here.

      Started off on a Saturday morning at around 10AM. Took the usual route to Sagar. Visited a Balaji temple on a small hill enroute. The place was not in the limelight so less crowd and 2 min drive up the hill was exciting. No railing and very steep. The views from the top of the hill were superb.
      View of The Wonderla from the ORR. Took it from a moving car.

      The Balaji Temple enroute to Sagar

      Excellent Views from the Hilltop. The route which leads to the top of the hill is also clearly visible.


      A Light Moment

      Stopped for Lunch at Hotel Sidhartha near Boudha Sthupas. Spent some time exploring the place after Lunch. Resumed again for Sagar. The road was nice and very less traffic. Stopped again on the road side to take few pictures of the distant view of the reservoir. Took some photos and started again.
      Distant View of the reservoir



      Water Ponds formed by excavations and rains..



      Our Trusted Partner Resting on the roadside


      After reaching Sagar, we came to know that the boating time was over. So wanted to try our luck on the other side of the reservoir. Reached that place and it closed as well. So no boating. Had lunch at the Haritha hotel and started exploring the place near the reservoir. There were few dingy boats operated by some private agency. He charged us about 20rs per head and would take us into the reservoir and the ride will last for about 30 min. They were kind enough to provide us with the life jackets. As kids were there, we asked him not go too far from the shore. We had good time during those 10 min Dingy ride. There were good views during the Sun set in that area. 





    • By Jagan24
      We did a trip to Warangal and Laknavaram lake during the end of 2017(Dec 30th and 31st). I just want to share the overall experience in the forum. This is my first post so please forgive me for any mistakes.
      This was not a planned trip (We usually do not plan any trips ). We were a total of 9 ppl(7 adults and two kids). We started off with a car(dZire) and a bike(Bullet). We started on a saturday at around 11AM from Hyderabad. We took the ORR from Medchal, got down at the Ghatkesar exit, had Lunch at Vivera on the way. Food was good and Spicy. They had some play area as well for kids. Continued post Lunch to Warangal, Stayed in a hotel named Gayathri Grand near to Railway Station. The Hotel was very good but a bit on the expensive side. We went to Bhadrakali Temple in the evening through the busy and narrow streets of Warangal. As we have not planned any places to visit, we had very bad time in figuring out the places to visit and using google maps to find our way to the destinations. 
      The temple had very less number of people and we had our Darshan freely. After that, we retired back to our hotel rooms. Had dinner in the restaurant and dozed off in the cozy rooms.
      Got ready by 8AM the next morning, had breakfast and went to 1000 Pillar temple. We used google maps for the way to the temple but somehow google was directing us into a small lane behind the temple. Somehow we figured out the actual route and went inside. The temple was a bit busy being it a sunday. We could not actually visit the 1000 pillar mandapa because of some renovation work being carried out.
      After visiting the thousand pillar temple, we started off to Laknavarm lake. Here again, if we search for Laknavaram in google maps, it is taking us to a different place. We had to use Laknavaram lake and follow the maps. The route was very good and we cruised off on both the vehicles. There were no much food joints available on the way. Before we reach Mulugu village, google was directing us to a right lane. We took the lane and somehow suspected that it might not be the actual route. Spoke to few locals and got to know about the actual route which is near to Mulugu village. Once we neared the destination, there was a heavy rush and we were not allowed to go inside with our car and were asked to park in a nearby place. This was because of some traffic jam, the officials told. After waiting for about half an hour, we were allowed to start again. There was about 2,5KM of distance to be covered and that was a bit tricky drive because of the heavy traffic and we had to get off the road at regular intervals. The roads were also risky being them on the edge of a hill. Once we reached the destination, there was no proper parking available and people were parking wherever they find some empty area. It was a task for us to park our vehicle so that it will not block anybody else's path. It was already around 1PM in the afternoon. We went near the lake bridge and it was full of tourists. There is a lot of waiting time and we decided to go for a Jungle Safari in the meantime. They charged us Rs.50 per head and took us to the other end of the lake in typical forest kind of a road. The road was full of stoned and potholes. We enjoyed the safari ride. The driver dropped us at the location and went back. We were free to roam until he comes back with another batch. We started exploring the place. Basically the place had a Gate and locks mechanism for the lake. Any excess water in the lake will be allowed a free passage from the gates to the other side. They cleverly built few steps on the other side of the water flow to create a miniature waterfalls effect. It was a nice place and we enjoyed there until the driver came back after about 2 hrs. The views were very good on both sides of the lake.
      We had to return to hyderabad before midnight for the new years day celebrations and had very less time left now. So we decided to skip visiting the bridge and started back. Returned to our home in hyderabad exactly in the midnight (12:00 Am 31st Dec, 2017) 
      No Pictures available for this trip. We are planning to cover the same place again this weekend and will try to take few pics this time.

    • By Ranger
      Hyderabad to Koilsagar photolog

      Hyderabad to Koilsagar best route?
      Hyderabad to Koilsagar has multiple route options. 
      Distance :
      140 kilometers from Gachibowli
      Best route:
      Hyderabad --> Jadhcharla --> Bhuthpur --> Devarkadra --> Koilsagar

      Section between Bhuthput to Devarkadra will take you via village roads(narrow).
      Drive cautiously. Many blind curves and bad roads.
      Hyderabad to Bhutpur : Fantastic 4-lane
      Bhutpur to Devarkandra : Village roads, few bad patches nothing alraming.
      Devarkandra to Koilsagr : Roads are good!
      Food options at Koilsagar?
      You wont even find a single food stall near the lake.
      You can get some food from near by villages, but it is better to carry your own food/water.
      Best option is to pack your food and drive down.
      You can buy food at Hotel 97/Food plaza on NH44 highway before Bhutpur. 

      Offroad trail at koilsagar? Can small cars handle?
      In order to enjoy the real beauty of Koilsagar, you need to drive down to the other side of the lake.
      Trail is easy to drive, any car do it without any problem.
      But during monsoon, it may get slippery, walk through the trail and judge the track before venturing. 
      Koilsagar trail entrance?
      Trail entry is present just before the village.
      Google maps :GPS
      Once you reach the above given destination, you will find two water tanks on your right side.
      There are two trails adjacent to the water tanks.
      Take the trail which is beside the second water tank(road is much better)
      Satellite view of the Koilsagar trail(not avialable in google maps )

      Best time to visit Koilsagar?
      Koilsagar can be visited through out the year. 
      Avoid the trail, during the peak monsoon, most of the place is submerged in water.
      Sunset/Sunrise is the best time to visit in a day.
    • By Ranger
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