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Hyderabad to Himalayas road trip video

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A quick video of our recent drive from Hyderabad to Himalayas. Watch in 1080P



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Great expedition..!! lovely video. Which action cam is that? Gopro 4 or 5?

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7 hours ago, Pralay said:

Great expedition..!! lovely video. Which action cam is that? Gopro 4 or 5?


We have used a Xiaomi YI 2 4k Action Camera and a DJi Osmo for recording a video log  of the whole drive...

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Fantastic video.

Happy to be the part of the trip.

Once in a lifetime memory.


Excellent co-ordination between cars and good set of drivers made the drive memorable.


Getting stuck in snow and recovery process was the best part.


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    • By Kumsi
      "Lost and alone on some forgotten highway - Travelled by many, remembered by few"
      Every December, it has become a ritual for us to go an long drive over 4000 kilometers. This year after multiple discussions and drop outs, every one agreed to drive down South.
      For me it is always the drive that matters and I was never particular about the destination.
      No matter where we go, our ultimate goal is to end up in Goa to celebrate new year.
      Day 1: Hyderabad to Chickmagaluru
      Day 2: Chickmagaluru local sight seeing
      Day 3: Chickmagaluru to Gokarna to Goa
      Day 4 : Goa
      Day 5 : Goa
      Day 6 : Goa to Hyderabad.
      We split into two teams in two cars. Creta and Polo.

    • By karthik
      Hi All,

      This is my first travel story in India-Drive.
      I have been working in Bangalore from the past few years.
      Recently, I moved back to Hyderabad.
      My last drive is from Hyderabad to Himalayas with India-Drive team.
      It is my best and longest I have ever done in my Duster.
      Surylanka drive

      I have been to Suryalanka around 10 times, frankly speaking, I lost the count!
      Last month me and my friend decided to go on a quick weekend getaway.
      Plan is to start on Saturday morning and come back by Sunday evening. 
      We all know that Suryalanka is overcrowded during weekends. 
      So we constructed a strategy to beat the crowd. 
      Route taken
      Hyderabad --> Vijaywada --> Suryalanka
      We took this route since we had accommodation(friend's place) at Vijayawada.

      Best route from Hyderabad to Suryalanka
      Hyderabad --> Nalgonda --> Miryalaguda --> Narasaraopet --> Suryalanka
      I would suggest people to visit Chirala beach along with Suryalanka, we missed out due to time constraint. 

      We started on Saturday around 11AM.
      We took the famous the Hyderabad-Vijayawada section.
      This is one of the best section after Hyderabad-Bangalore.(my personal favorite)

      Maintained steady 110km/hr in my trusted Duster.
      We reached Suryapet by 2PM and stopped over for lunch at Hotel 7.
      Hotel 7 is one of the best in terms of Infrastructure/Food/Quality/Maintenance.
      Suryapet to Vijayawada took us around 2 hours +.
      Crossing Vijayawada is always pain. Multiple diversions and no proper signs leads to confusion.
      One of our friend stays in Vijayawada outskirts, we reached his place by 5PM.
      Decided to call the day off. 
    • By mustafa
      How is the road condition from Hyderabad to Mahabaleshwar? Which route is the best?
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