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Hi all.

I have visited this place again this week.Tried to cover some places that I have missed during the last visit.

This time I covered Tigris Waterfalls(Polluru falls).

One has to travel via Mothugudem to reach these falls by taking a left turn from a junction after you cross Chinturu.

It is approximately 27 kms from the Y junction.


Places visited:


1.Tigris Falls

2.Explored Coffee Plantation

3.Jalatharangini falls

4.Amruthadhara Falls


The ride


Tigris Falls














Path that leads to the falls.

We can drive through the path where there is enough parking space.





Road to Tigris falls from Mothugudem.

Road condition is very good and this is the same road that one has to take to reach Lambasingi if travelled via Bhadrachalam.



Since that was a weekend, the place was fully crowded with over 200 people.Schools around brought their children for picnic mostly from a village of Chattisgarh.




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Coffee Plantation in Maredumilli.

On either side of this road is Coffee plantation.




View from inside the plantation.

The gate at the entrance was locked.So we had to find our own way in.DSC_2141.jpg.389837d1c156930057e4bb81f7deea9b.jpg


The place is vast so we couldn't go deep inside as we felt little scary and we are the only ones in that place at that time.:o

Since it is a dense forest light goes out very early.



Path that leads to no where.



A flight of stairs that leads to???



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Since the place is already mentioned earlier I'll keep it simple.

Few pictures from the trip to Maredumilli.

Enroute Maredumilli.









































Just before the first view point we have this beautiful stream of water coming all the way up from the falls.



We stayed in Vana Vihari.

Inside Vana Vihari














Way to our cottage.


the view point.






Trails to Amruthadhara falls.












Some random clicks..:cooler:








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Superb @Surya78. Your pictures are beautiful and description is very much informative. Tigris waterfall is one such place about which I've hear it for the first time and I can totally imagine how beautiful it can get during the rains. 

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Thank you @sagar

Yes. Pictures doesn't justify it's beauty. One has to feel themselves. Tigris falls has more water compared to the other two since it is situated lower from the hill.Being at this place during the monsoon or later shows it's true beauty. 

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Looks you became Maredumilli forest explorer for India-Drive members.
Excellent pictures. 

We never heard about these waterfalls, may be next time we will cover this place.
Thank you for the information. 

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Haha Yes @Ranger.There are still some unexplored places.If there is a bunch of us we can go further deep into the Coffee plantation.

We should try Jungle star night camp situated amidst forest.It would be really exciting staying there for a night

with some trekking, deep into the jungle and setting up a camp fire.Heard some activities are also there, from the management. 

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This is an excellent information.

How long the drive took? Was it a day trip or you stayed overnight at a place?



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1 hour ago, Moorthy said:

How long the drive took? Was it a day trip or you stayed overnight at a place?


It is not possible to cover it in a single day, at least from Hyderabad.
3 days will be ideal for this trip.
December/January is the best time to visit. Avoid this place during summer.

You can go through the below links for accommodation and places to visit details. 




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Yes, days would be Ideal to do this trip.

Day 1 - Start early from Hyderabad, You reach Maredumilli jungle stay by late noon.

Spend Rest of Day -1 and Day -2 at the place exploring around the forest areas.

Day 3 - You can start back to Hyderabad. If in case you want to explore Lambasingi.. You can take that route and reach Hyderabad but, It is going to get late by the time you reach Home.

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This info is super cool. I was looking for some time. 


Which rout is preferable (Road condition)?

1.Bhadrachalam --> Chinturu --> Maredumilli

2.Rampachodavaram --> Maredumilli

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6 minutes ago, kailash310@gmail.com said:

This info is super cool. I was looking for some time. 


Via Rajahmundary is preferable route.
Via Bhadrachalam, I heard views are good but road condition is below average. 


If you don't mind bad roads, you can go via Rajahmundary.
While coming back, start early in the morning and take Bhadrachalam route.
Maredumilli is best during early in the morning. 

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1 minute ago, Ranger said:

Via Rajahmundary is preferable route.
Via Bhadrachalam, I heard views are good but road condition is below average. 


Great. Thank you!

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On 12/15/2017 at 11:07 PM, Surya78 said:

This time I covered Tigris Waterfalls(Polluru falls).


Pictures are eye pleasing, going to home town this weekend.
I may go visit Mareduilli.
Will share pictures next weekend. 

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22 hours ago, driveking said:


Pictures are eye pleasing, going to home town this weekend.
I may go visit Mareduilli.
Will share pictures next weekend. 


I am very much sure that you wouldn't have any forest stays left vacant the coming weekend being the festive season unless you have made your bookings well in advance. It will definitely be a bit crowded. May be a day drive from Rajahmundry would be best suited during this season. 

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