Last weekend me and Saran decided to explore a new place called Gottamgutta.
We started searching online for routes and other information.

Even after spending an hour, I couldn't find anything related to routes and places to visit. We decided to start early in the morning and explore this place.   Distance :  Hyderabad to Gottamgutta : 120 kilometers
Route :
There are two routes to reach this place. One is a regular route through the village called Chandrampalli (dam).
Other route is through few small villages and a forest.
We obviously took the forest route.

Hyderabad > Sangareddy > Zaheerabad > Govindapur >  Mogudampalli > Chincholi wild life scantuary > Gottam Gutta   Red marked path is not present in Google maps.    Places to visit
1. Chincholi Wild life scantuary
2. Gottamgutta (trek) 3. Chandrampalli dam