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Sudeep Reddy

I'm planning road trip to from Hyderabad to Leh Ladakh

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On ‎5‎/‎14‎/‎2018 at 3:24 PM, jithender said:

I'm planning to travel by train and then hire a bike there. Can any one please guide me in this regard. 

I'm planning to travel during last week of May-18


Hi Jithender,
Welcome to India-Drive.

There are multiple routes to Leh.
Are you planning to take a bike from Delhi or Manali?


On ‎5‎/‎14‎/‎2018 at 9:33 PM, sagar said:

Not all roads would be opened all the while and it is unpredictable.


As Sagar suggested not all routes will be opened during May.
You need to plan accordingly. 

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Guest Pradeep
On 5/8/2018 at 12:34 PM, karthik said:

I missed this post.
So anyone planning to drive from Hyderabad to Leh this year? 


We are driving TATA Safari on this June first week If anyone is driving on the same week we can go in a group.

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Guest Gyan
On 5/16/2018 at 5:43 PM, Guest Pradeep said:


We are driving TATA Safari on this June first week If anyone is driving on the same week we can go in a group.

Hi Pradeep, did you complete your trip? If yes, please provide your valuable iputs, planning to go by 25th August Hyderabad to Leh. More interested in Hyderabad to Delhi route as have done Delhi-Leh earlier. 


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4 hours ago, Guest Gyan said:

planning to go by 25th August Hyderabad to Leh


August is perfect time to drive down.

Hyderabad to Delhi roads are unpredictable and you come across lot of people with worst road sense.

There are literally cows living on the highways, If you are driving during night, stay cautious. 

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5 hours ago, Guest Gyan said:

Hyderabad to Delhi route as have done Delhi-Leh earlier. 


Can your please share your plan details,
I want to do Hyderabad to Delhi some day.


If possible a solo trip.

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So did any  one complete the Hyderabad to Leh recently or in the past? 

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Guest Nerranjann-LehLadhak Jun19

Hello ID,

I have been trying to complete Leh-Ladak trip from 2yrs but cancelled due to busy schedules. This time,at any cost, I'm decided to complete. As I'm having sinusitis issues, I would like to complete this trip with experienced adventurers/Traveller. Let me know if anyone planning trip in the month of Jun-Jul-Aug 2019. Preferably (requesting) I'll get free time every month ending ie after 20th current month n till next month 8th. I don't bother about MODE OF TRAVEL (Train,car, flight,van). Ultimately I'm nature lover n Globetrotter.

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    • By Ranger
      A quick drive to Hidden Castle.
      Place is located around 100 kilometers from Hyderabad.
      Road condition:
      4-lane with very few diversions. Once you hit the highway, You will reach the destination in an hour.
      Food options on highway:
      Enroute you can find Haritha food court.

    • By KSK
      Intro Rant:

      Summers are always tricky. Most people don't prefer to venture out on a trip in summer, for obvious reasons. So, when I bounced an idea off a trip to Warangal this summer, everyone went nuts. They even ridiculed that I'm not in my senses. But I did not want to drop the idea just because someone feels it to be stupid. I needed a break from my monotonous work life, so I was adamant. I know my wife also wouldn't agree; even if she does, she doesn't come considering the weather, but I have to do the customary - inform. My son's response, quick as a wink, was "Let's do it". Wonderful kid. It took some collective effort by me and my son to get the go-ahead from the home minister. Phew!
      Plan and Preparation:

      Being a Kakatiya University graduate myself, I regret not exploring enough of Warangal (capital of Kakatiya Dynasty) for long, which is known for its rich history and heritage. Though it is well within 150 km distance from my hometown and also from Hyderabad, I did not specifically travel to see some of its historical places. So, it's that time again - One-day trip!
      There was this understanding with my wife and me that any impromptu trip needs to be done and dusted same day. If it's feasible and possible then she and our daughter would also join. Otherwise, my only soul companion is my son on any given day. He can only match and endure my crazy schedule. But being peak summer, my wife was skeptical and worried about excessively hot weather. Only after explaining and reassuring about all necessary precautions taken, we were given the nod. I feel there is nothing like "perfect" time to travel. There is only convenient time. The more the amount of convenience the better. That's it. Peak season travel can bring expensive price tags, overcrowded tours, accommodation, parking and food problems etc. So sometimes off-season travelling could bring in some benefits. One such benefit is leisurely exploring the place in its entirety without hassle. In the end, it proved to be a wise decision as we could spend some quality time exploring the places (especially Laknavaram which is crowded during peak season).
      Once the date (April 15th) was decided, it was only up to us on how many places we can cover in a day. We finalized 6 places. I've gone through Google maps for route and order of visit.
      The Route:

      Hyderabad -> Bhuvanagiri -> Yadadri -> Kazipet -> Warangal. 
      This is the only route everyone takes from Hyderabad, but little did we know what was in store for us. The four-lane road is under construction from Yadadri (Yadagirigutta) to Warangal, and it is a 99-km section of National Highway–163 in Telangana. Lots of patches, diversions and traffic was allowed only on one side. It was a nightmare to drive with heavy oncoming truck traffic especially at night. It took nearly 4 hours to cover 145 odd KMs for return journey, excluding dinner time.
      The Journey:

      Below was the order of places we wanted to visit:
      Bhadrakali Temple Warangal Fort Thousand-Pillar Temple Ramappa Temple Laknavaram Lake Pakhal Lake  
      Trip Details:
      Total distance covered:  539 KM
      Total duration of the trip:  17 hours
      Road Conditions:
      NH163 - Yadadri to Warangal:  Quite a few diversions, patchy roads, potholes, and heavy truck traffic (at night). Other connecting roads are good to okay. If travelling to Pakhal lake from Laknavaram then do not blindly follow Google maps. It'll take you through some thandas.  We drove almost 6 KM through a thanda and got lost.  Just take left at Mallampalli and follow NH365 until Narsampet (Ambedkar statue), and then take left and follow Pakhal road till the lake.  
      Food Options:
      Limited food options everywhere we visited except Warangal. At Laknavaram, food options available like lunch, but depends on the crowd. Better to carry home-made food to other places.  
      Parking Facility:
      Limited or no proper parking facilities at all places I visited. It'll be chaos at Laknavaram in peak season unless there is an alternative.  



    • By sreeni
      Dear ALL,
      I am planning to travel to tirupati from Hyderabad by in a automatic car.
      Don't want to take bad roads. Can anyone please suggest the best route?
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