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Sudeep Reddy

I'm planning road trip to from Hyderabad to Leh Ladakh

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Hello , 

I'm planning a trip from Hyderabad to Leh Ladakh on road in Swift Dezire. 

I'm planning to go in May,2018. 
Tell me the best route available on road and a road my car can handle. 
And travelling in may is good idea?(Being a student that is the only time I get to travel) 

How long drive should we drive maximum (in hours and distance wise)?
Things to carry?
And tell me the road which worth travelling (something else to watch).


Guide me through a plan where we can have the best days in our life ! 


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Hi @Sudeep Reddy, First of all congratulations for kick starting to plan on an epic road trip especially during college.. I would definitely call it a brave as this is going to be an adventurous one and I would definitely guide you through to plan your road trip. 

The time you have planned your drive is a little doubtful to do as the roads are unpredictable to be opened for a drive, Where as, if it's June 3rd week till September 2nd week, the roads are for sure opened.


There are usually 2 different routes to reach Leh after you cross Kurukshetra :


1) Via Manali (Adventurous due to tough terrains & obviously Scenic) 

2) Via Srinagar & Kargil (Undoubtedly scenic driving close by the borders over neatly laid roads between the majestic hills)

3) You can also cover both the routes taking one way via Srinagar and coming back Via Manali.


So your drive basically depends up on which one you choose, And I would suggest you the route via Srinagar as you are driving a Maruti Suzuki Baleno along with 2 kids with you which eliminates the complete risk of vehicle breakdown rough terrain.


Considering you as the lone driver throughout, I would recommend you to start off early in the morning everyday to eliminate traffic and sleep early to get ample rest possible.

And hence will be my plan based on the optimum drive time you are going to do per day. Also I will be guiding you by the 3rd option which covers both the routes.


Day 01 : Hyderabad to Chhindwara (Via Nagpur) - ~600 kms - (14 hours including breaks)

Day 02 : Chhindwara to Agra - ~700 kms (13-14 hours including breaks )

Day 03 :  Agra to Pathankot - ~ 700 kms (13 hours including breaks)

Day 04 : Pathankot to Srinagar - ~ 350 kms (10 hours including breaks) - The Himalayan nature starts to show up bright in your road trip from this day and hence short distances take longer drive time.

Day 05 : You can spend a day exploring Gulmaarg, Pahalgam and Dal Lake (or) Proceed to Leh

             --- Srinagar to Kargil (Via Sonamarg, Zoji-la pass & Drass) - 200 kms which will take a lot of time capturing the beauty of Himalayas and taking a lot of breaks in between.

Day 06 : Kargil to Leh ( Via Lamayuru monastery, Alchi and Magnetic hill) - 230 kms - Leh local tour is you reach before 4 p.m. (Leh monastery)

Day 07 : Leh to Pangong Tso (Via Chang la pass) - Dont forget to take the necessary Inner line permits before your start.

Day 08 : Pangong Tso to Leh 

Day 09 : Leh to Nubra Valley (Via Khardung La top and Diskit Budha statue and Monastery)

Day 10 : Nubra Valley to Leh and rest

Day 11 : Leh to Manali at a stretch is not possible to cover in a day even though it is around 500 kms.. So it is preferable to break the drive at Keylong / Jispa as other places en-route have less civilization.

Day 12 : Keylong / Jispa to Solang valley / Shimla (via Manali)

Day 13 : Shimla to Agra ~ 600 kms (14 hours including breaks)

Day 14 : Agra to Chhindwara

Day 15 : Chhindwara to Hyderabad 


All the pit-stops chosen for a night stay in the above itinerary have decent accommodations available for the families. 


Few precautions to be taken during your trip in the Himalayas:


1) Always carry altitude and motion sickness medicines with you.

2) Avoid Tobacco and Alcohol during the trip.

3) Avoid taking anti-depressants and always keep your body hydrated.

4) Make sure your body is warm most of the time and avoid sleeping at high altitudes.

5) Make sure you carry much winter wear with you as the weather turns out to be cold by the night how much strong it is during the day.

6) Make sure you always carry snacks with you.

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Road conditions:


1) Hyderabad  ---> Kamareddy ---> Nirmal ---> Adilabad ---> Hinganghat ---> Nagpur (Halt) ~ 500 kms

Hyderabad - Nagpur stretch is a good track for a drive but considering the rainy season scenario, it might be a bit dicey with a few unexpected ditches and potholes on your way. So, just drive carefully. Also, make sure you be maintain decent speeds.


2) Nagpur ---> Chchindwara ---> Narsinghpur ---> Sagar ---> Lalitpur ---> Jhansi ---> Gwalior (Halt) ~ 700 kms

Via Seoni is another route from Nagpur which will not touch chichindwara which is avoidable due to bad road condition when compared.

Narsinghpur - Jhansi is a perfect four lane all the way with hardly any traffic.

Jhansi - Gwalior is again pathetic with many diversions. There is significant traffic all the way about which 80 kms stretch might take 2 hours at least.


3) Gwalior ---> Morena ---> Agra ---> Noida ---> Delhi --> Ludhiana ~ 615 kms

Gwalior - Agra is again four lane track but the traffic is dense.

Agra - Delhi - Delhi is again a usual story. No way to bypass Delhi. Huge traffic jams at the toll is no option to escape from.

Delhi - Ludhiana is a 4-lane road, super good to drive.


4) Ludhiana --> Pathankot --> Srinagar ~ 530 kilometers
Roads are average, with beautiful views enroute.  Need to start early in the morning.

Main part starts from Srinagar: 
Srinagar --> Kargil --> LEH, you can plan this depending on your comfort.

On the return journey try to cover:
LEH --> Keylong --> Manali , roads are bit dangerous on this route.


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hi Sudeep,


Please inquire beforehand from when Srinagar to Kargil route will be accessible.

It usually should be opened max by last week of April or May first week, but I heard this year it look more time and it was opened only by May second week. That's why I changed my plans at the eleventh hour and flew to Leh from Delhi instead of taking the road trip from Srinagar - Kargil to Leh. That said, May is the ideal time to visit since it is less crowded and you can get good tariffs at all the hotels/guesthouses.



Im not sure if Swift Dezire is an optimal choice considering the road conditions especially within Ladakh?



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Hi @Sudeep Reddy

Not sure whether May is a good idea to travel that area. If you're taking 1st route as mentioned by @sagar, then chances of not opening of Zozi-la is there. And if you are going with the 2nd route then you need to count on your luck so that Rohtang la remains open. Though I heard that, they are making a tunnel alternative to Rohtang la, but not sure when that should be operational. So far as I know, BRO usually opens these passes during mid-end of June, when slowly summer kicks in in Ladakh region. Recently been there in Ladakh in Sept last week, localities informed me so..


As long as car is concerned, you can do it with Dzire, but I would strongly recommend to go in a group of 2-3 cars. In case of emergency, other cars can be useful that time (taking the mechanic from a distant to the place of occurrence).



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3 hours ago, chaitanyap said:


Im not sure if Swift Dezire is an optimal choice considering the road conditions especially within Ladakh?



Thinking the same, I had done this trip in a Scorpio. But to my surprise, I have noticed a few doing it in an i10, aria and dzire. Also, after doing this trip I felt any car designed as per Indian standards could do as the road is beautifully laid the BRO all through the Srinagar - Leh stretch except via Zojilla pass which is a mud road but pretty flat to access. One has to only doubt on what car he is taking if he is taking the Manali road to Leh. Perfect time (month) of planning this could be the key to finishing this smoothly.

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4 hours ago, chaitanyap said:

Im not sure if Swift Dezire is an optimal choice considering the road conditions especially within Ladakh?


Leh roads have been improved a lot in the last three years.

Srinagar --> Leh  roads are in good shape(compared to ~2013), many cars like Alto's and WagonR 's are doing without any issue.
I agree it is not an ideal car, but in the hands of careful driver, it can be done without any issue.


PS: Cars like Honda City/Civic completed Srinagar--> Leh without any major road blocks. 

Leh-->Manali is little unpredictable, If you are a road trip enthusiast, you should not miss this route.  


Preparation is key:

  • Brake pads
  • Tires
  • Suspension
  • Puncture kit 
  • Extra spare tire/Tube
  • Head lamp bulbs
  • Don't overload the car, would suggest you to stick 3 members(Max 4)
  • Battery
  • Spare key
  • Towing rope(must, don't buy cheap ropes from Amazon, they will snap under a minute)
  • Medical kit
4 hours ago, Pralay said:

Not sure whether May is a good idea to travel that area.

Yeah, end of may is more ideal for Leh --> Manali section.


Please go through the below link:


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Agree that it is doable. But it will be a lost riskier. Even we did this trip in a Scorpio. My driver narrated many stories about how people get stranded due to land slides which is quite normal to happen. I thought the toughest route in the entire stretch is between Nubra and Pangong via Agam-Shayok. Most standard tour operators do Leh-Nubra-Leh-Pangong(3 days) but we did Leh-Nubra-Agam-Shayok-Pangong(2 days) since my driver was experienced and thankfully much of the route was cleared by then(7-8 kms was still very bad). This route was completely blocked until last year and hopefully would have got better by now.

Edited by chaitanyap
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Agree to what your saying and the route between Leh - Nubra - Pangong is quite clear as of the present tourist season scenario. But, as said considering the landslides, any route between the Himalayas is unpredictable in these terrains. You should do Spiti valley soon :) Undoubtedly, You would feel that the Leh road trip was a cake walk comparatively cause Leh has turned out to be more commercial now and everything is being made more easy for a comfortable road trip for the travelers but still, mishaps happen cause it lays in the lap of Himalayas.

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Wow..its good to know that the Shayok valley route has improved now. Then it is definitely recommended to take this route to Pangong. Btw I have uploaded a pic of Pangong Lake from our trip in the 'most favourite travel pic' forum. Please have a look!


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32 minutes ago, chaitanyap said:

 I have uploaded a pic of Pangong Lake from our trip in the 'most favourite travel pic' forum. Please have a look!


Yeah, I've seen it. Looks beautiful :)


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Guest George Cheriyan

Hi Sudeep


We too are planning Hyderabad to Leh - Ladakh during Second / Third Week of May 2018., in swift.


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Highway to Leh will be opened in June/July 2018.
Expect very high traffic on these months. 

Manali-Leh section is a must visit. 
Srinagar-Leh is good but less challenging. 

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On 11/21/2017 at 11:00 AM, Sudeep Reddy said:

I'm planning a trip from Hyderabad to Leh Ladakh on road in Swift Dezire. 

Did you complete the trip?

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I'm planning to travel by train and then hire a bike there. Can any one please guide me in this regard. 

I'm planning to travel during last week of May-18

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6 hours ago, jithender said:

I'm planning to travel by train and then hire a bike there. Can any one please guide me in this regard. 

I'm planning to travel during last week of May-18


Hi @jithender, I would recommend you to post pone your trip by a month at least... Since you are planning to do this on a bike, Taking a train until Delhi and a bike ride from there would be suggested. I am planning you to postpone for the reason of routes being closed due to snow. Not all roads would be opened all the while and it is unpredictable. Some time after June 3rd or 4th week would be perfect and hassle free.. 

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      #One Baleno#6 Souls#One destination#tones of memories#Bucket list tick#Gandikota Belum caves
      Trip planning started 6 months before and it kept on changing. Finally accommodation booked and trip scheduled on 24.Jan.2020.

      Thanks to Ksk (Sathish) and Dishari for continuous guidance on route and stay.
      Car: Baleno ZETA CVT
      Members: 4 Adults and 2 kids
      Places visited: Gandikota & Belum caves. One can visit places like Owk reservoir, Yaganti temple, Orvakal
                     rock garden based on time availability.
      Route taken: Hyd-Kurnool-Nandyal-Gandikota-Belum caves-Banaganapali-Betamcherla-Kurnool-Hyd
      Road conditions:
                  - Hyd-Kurnool-Nandyal: Roads are good
                  -   Nandyal-Gandikota: Roads are good. 50 km before Gandikota roads are average to bad and
                     passes through villages.
      -  Gandikota-Belum caves-Banaganapali-Betamcherla-Kurnool : Roads are average and passes
      through villages. Once you touch NH40 then roads are good.
      - Kurnool-Hyd: Roads are good.
      - Route map provided for ref.

      Distance traveled: ~ 800 KM
      Toll charges (Fastag): Rs. 650
      Petrol expanse: Rs. 3700
      Trip was awesome, except Aarav (my son) fall sick on day of trip with viral fever. But throughout trip he supported us with his smile. The complete success of trip goes to him.

      At Gandikota you need to wear good shoes to walk on rocks along with comfortable cloths.
      Avoid it during summer & heavy rains.
      People with breathing and BP related issues should avoid Belum caves.
      Stay option at Gandikota:
      Option 1: Non AC tents
      Cost is Rs. 1000 per person with food on twin sharing basis.
      The only problem is during rainy season this will not be good. Also for common washroom, you need to travel 500 m.
      Option 2: AC tents
      Very costly around Rs. 3000 per person with food on twin sharing basis. Sometime even they charge Rs 3500. Tents without food charges will be Rs. 3000 on twin sharing basis.
      Need online booking via freakout.
      Washroom is attached to tent.
      Opion 3: AC rooms at Hariths resorts
      We found this good and reasonable. Per room cost is Rs 1600 from Mon-Wed and on Thur-Sun it will be Rs. 2000 (taxes extra).
      Rooms are good and 500 m away from site.
      Rooms being limited we need to book online via AP tourism website.
      Food options at Gandikota
      Only food option is Haritha resort (if you have not booked tents). We found food is average and can be manageable. We have carried electric cooker and prepared food by our self.
      Food options at Belum caves
      There is a small hotel available near to booking window. They serve cold drink, water and snacks.  We found food is average and can be manageable.
        You can enjoy this trips in 2 days. I advise you to make it on weekdays as there will be less rush. For us it took 3 days as we are travelling with kids and we don’t want to drive in night and early mornings.
      Disclaimer: Not all of the photos are taken by me. Few are from my friends mobile.
      Photographic device:
      Poco f1
      Oneplus 7T
      Canon 1300D
      Xiomi note 6 pro
      Beauty of place you can derived from photos.

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      Go-Karting tracks in Hyderabad
      1. Chicane Circuit (Leonia Shameerpet)
      Location: https://goo.gl/maps/7z3VGq29ibL2
      Length :
      1.2 kilometers (600 meters recreational : 1200 meters professional) 
      Weekdays: 10 AM to 12 Midnight Weekends: 10 AM to 12 Midnight Monday Holiday  
      Baby Kart - 8 Laps INR 280/- Level 1 - 7 bhp - 12 Laps INR 370/- Level 1 - 7 bhp 10 mins INR 540/- Twin Kart - 7 Laps with Max of 5 Mins. INR 530/- Micro Max Kart INR 660/- Level 2 - 16 bhp 10 mins INR 1050/- Level 3 - Rotax (7 laps) INR 900/-  

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      Hyderabad - Mysuru - Coorg - Murudeshwara - Goa(Palolem) - Hyderabad

      Total Distance Covered: 2097 KMS
      Vehicle: Nissan Micra 
      Fuel: Petrol
      Mileage: 23+ kmpl with 60% of A/C all the time(2 Adults and 1 kid).
      No. of Days: 7 Days
      From Dec 22nd to 28th 2019.
      Total Tolls: 1030/- [Through Fastag 960+ cash 70]
      Route expedition Via Google Maps
      Day 1:
      Route: Hyderabad(NH 44) - Bangalore- Mysuru.
      Total distance covered on day 1 :  729 KMS
      Total Time: 14 hours 27 min with 5 breaks.

      Christmas holidays.... planned the trip and very well executed with the support of my spouse and kid.
      Started at 3:30 Am on 22nd Dec from Hyderabad via NH 44.. It's a pleasure to drive through this route and it's my first-time visit to Bangalore. After entering into the Bangalore got confused with one of the exit at entered into the CV Raman road and got stuck in the traffic around 1 hour. Literally experienced the Bangalore traffic that too on SUNDAY
      My only suggestion to newbie visiting Bangalore or traveling through Bangalore, please take some time to explore the map deeply or ask anyone to go in the right direction. 
      Road condition from Bangalore to Mysuru(Via NH 275) is Good with a good number of Speed bumps. So have an eye on these speed breakers. 
      Reached Mysuru at 5:00 PM and checked into the hotel [Reliable service apartments], booked via booking.com
      After refreshing, visited Brindavan Gardens(KSR) and had dinner at Hotel Chirag Food court Dabha while returning back to Hotel.
      It was a long day by driving 729kms, but not challenging. Its a simple and straight road. 



      Reliable service Apartments:

      Brindavan Gardens:


      Tiffin: Roadside hotel, As I had already crossed Kurnool in early hours.
      Lunch: Vattika vegetarian restaurant after crossing Bangalore on the way to Mysuru.
      Day 2:
      Mysuru Palace - Coorg
      Total distance covered on Day 2: 112 km
      Stay: OYO Home Luxe 23010 Opulent Stay(HomeStay)

      Checked out from hotel@9:30 AM, visited Mysuru Palace and started towards Coorg @12:45 PM via NH 275.  Road condition is good but not great, From Kushalnagar took SH 91 towards Dubare Elephant camp-Excellent location - easily one can spend around 2 to 3+ hours in the Kaveri river. Due to the Holiday season, the queue for the Elephant camp was very huge, so avoided it and had fun with the family in the river itself and also done the Still water river rafting in it.
      In between, Mysuru roads were the cleanest and wide roads.







      Still water River rafting - 200/person.
      Time: 30 to 45 min








      Once we are done with the Elephant camp, started towards our stay at 6 pm which is in Coffee estate. As it was dark,  it was very difficult for us to find the homestay as there are no street lights and its a ghat road. 
      Oyo 23010 opulent stay(Berry trails Homestay)

      Suggestion- Make sure to reach your homestay/Hotel before 6 PM in Coorg especially if you have booked in coffee estates. .
       ** I have avoided to stay Madikeri, as I want a pleasant place to stay on so choose HOMESTAY  and it was an awesome stay for 2 days in between coffee estate and jungle.
      Day 3:
      Coorg sightseeing
      Total distance: 83 km

      Started at 10 AM from Homestay towards Madikeri, it's a ghat road and full of scenic views. It was a challenging road  
      Visited Raja Seat, Abbey falls and fort as well...while returning we took the NH 275 as my kid was little worried by seeing the ghat roads which we have traveled in the morning and took the long way via Kushalnagar. Had lunch at Fish curry Rice Hotel and it was 3 pm. We still had time to roam, so again visited the Elephant camp and spent 2hrs and then checked into the homestay by 7 pm.
      Day 4 :
      Coorg – Mangalore – Murudeshwara – Goa(Palolem Beach)
      Total distance: 446 km

      Planned to start at 5 AM but due to the darkness started at 7 AM from Homestay.
      Madikeri was full of due.. the visibility was very low.. slowly crossed Madikeri and started towards Mangalore road and in between the scenes of the mountains were awful while getting down through ghat road.
      Stopped at Abhi falls – It's a small waterfall point but the scene opposite to the waterfalls was great, spent around 30min by viewing at mountains with some clicks.













      Moved towards Mangalore road.. Its a 2 lane road but the road condition was too good until we reach near to Mangalore.
      Halted for tiffin @ Hotel New kamadhenu at Kodankeri place. I rate it 4/5.
      ** Before entering into the Mangalore we have crossed 2 toll plazas on NH 73.
      Time was running out due to the highway traffic on NH 66, decided not to halt until murudeshwar temple. Did the same and reached murudheshwar temple by 3 pm.
      Temple location, shiva Idol .. beach all were awesome… As there was no time for us to stay, we shortened our stay and moved towards Goa at 4 pm. From murudeshwar the road condition is Average, due to the heavy vehicle traffic avg speed was between 50 to 60 on NH 66 and most of the road is under construction.
      Finally entered Goa after 3 hours drive from murudeshwar, our tiredness got vanished by seeing the see view's
      Not a single toll we encountered on NH 66 after crossing Mangalore until Palolem.

      Checked into the hotel @7:11 PM at Palolem.
      Hotel Name: Bay leaf resorts.
      We got refreshed in 15 min and moved towards beach. My kid and wife were very excited by seeing the environment over there. We roamed around Palolem beach for a while and had some roadside snacks.
      Dinner @ Baba's Little Italy restaurant.
      Reached room by 1:15 AM after having a nice relaxing time on the beach shack.
      Day 5:
      Palolem Siteseeing.

      Our day started a little earlier, by 6 AM we were on the beach and had some fun playing around.
      @9am booked a boat for 2000 rs, visited Monkey island, butterfly beach, honeymoon beach and also saw a lot of Dolphins

















      As it was Amavasya, the water level on the Honeymoon beach was very high and boats were unable to drop us over there.  
      **My suggestion to one is to have a pocket full of cash if you are in goa.
      In Goa, most of the ATMs either won't be working or no Cash boards. I had to wait in queue for an hour as there was only one ATM which was working.
      In the evening, we had visited the Omellete center which is located exactly at the main entrance of the Palolem beach. He has a wide variety of egg dishes and its fantastic. Must visit the place. (Added the stall Pic)
      After a beautiful sunset, we moved on to one of the beach shack and had a great dinner. We spent the time until midnight on the beach shore and moved to the room.

      Day 6:
      Palolem – Hubli - Raichur
      Total Distance: 483 KMS
      Total Time: 10 hrs 43 min

      We decided to start our day a little earlier and moved on to the beach.. We experienced the beautiful sunrise and played around.

      Started @10 AM from Palolem... As we all know petrol is cheaper compared to that of other places in India. Filled the petrol to Full Tank and checked the Air pressure as well, as it would be a long drive.
      As I was in south Goa and few locals also suggested me take the route of Raichur rather than going through choral ghats from north GOA.
      But, I can say it was a smooth drive until I have reached KADANKOPPA but after that its a Hell of the drive. The road is under construction a lot of diversions and road is not at all good.
      Reached Raichur by 9:50 PM, decided to halt there for a night and did the same. As I was not in a condition to drive more as it was 4 more hours for Hyderabad but due to the road condition decided not to drive more.
      **Please do avoid this Hubli-Raichur road.

      Day 7:
      Raichur – Hyderabad
      Total Distance: 207 KMS
      Total Time: 4 hrs 6 min

      Started at 5 AM from Raichur and road condition is very bad until you reach NH 44.
      Reached Home by 10:05 AM.
      Completed the Road-trip with full satisfaction and with lots of memories.

      Thank you to all the members in the INDIA-DRIVE forum for your valuable tips/suggestions which helped me to get this trip successful 
    • By Ranger
      Hi All,

      I have completed the Hyderabad to Goa track yesterday.
      Let me split the roads into different sections to give clear information. 

      Best route to Goa? It always varies from year to year.
      Best route:
      Hyderabad > Zaheerabad > Humnabad > Gulbarga >  Vijayapura > Bagalkot > Belgaum > Dodamarg > Goa

      Hyderabad to Humnabad: Excellent 4-lane road 
      Humnabad to Gulbarga : Smooth 2-lane road, you can take Gulbarga outer ring road to skip the traffic
      Gulbarga to Belgaum : Smooth 2-lane road, some of it has a toll
      Belgaum to Goa: Roads are not so great blame the recent rains, few patches are pathetic. 
      Humnabad to Belgaum road looks same all the way,
      People using Google maps, split your route into different sections

      Section 1: 
      Hyderabad to Gulbarga, it should be via Zaheerabad

      Section 2:
      Gulbarge to Belgaum 

      Section 3:
      Belgaum to Goa, make sure you put exact location in Goa (example : Anjuna beach)
      Drive time
      Total drive time including breaks is 14~15 hours,
      Don't get fooled by google times. 
      Lots of village traffic followed by ghat section, will eat away your time. 

      Worst route is via Raichur, completely avoid it. 
      Few clicks from the drive. 





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