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Hyderabad to Munnar, Valparai, Athirapally.

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A ride to explore the offbeat side of the God’s own country


"Into heaven of freedom by the narrow domestic walls, Let's travel Kerala" is a quote which I vaguely remember having read it somewhere, sometime has inspired me to travel this place. Ever since then, I have toured the God's own country a multiple times which I have always enjoyed and you know why it is called so for it's obvious reason. I just couldn't hold myself from missing this place for longer and so, planned to ride to visit the unseen beauty of this place targeting Valparai as my main which I haven't seen until then.


Teaser of the beauty I have witnessed.



My ride for the trip





DAY 1: Hyderabad to Bangalore

DAY 2: Bangalore to Munnar

DAY 3,4: Stay at Munnar, Munnar local tour.

DAY 5: Stay at Valparai, Valparai and Athirapally

DAY 6: Valparai to Bangalore

DAY 7: Bangalore to Hyderabad


Route Taken:


Day 1

Hyderabad to Bangalore route and road condition
Road condition is excellent, most you are familiar with it, I don't want to more information on it. 

Distance : 580 kilometers


Hyderabad --> Kurnool --> Ananthapur --> Bangalore


Day 2 

Bangalore to Munnar best route and road condition 

There are three route leading from Bangalore to Munnar.

Roads are very lovely and scenic.
After some research from the previous posts, I finalized on the following route.

Distance : 480 kilometers

Bangalore --> Salem --> Avinashi --> Marayoor --> Munnar


Day 3 and 4

Munnar local sightseeing

Distance : 100 kilometers

Best places to visit in Munnar with GPS details
1. Top station : route

2. Photo point : route

3. Annamudi peak : route


Day 5

Munnar to Valaparai best route

Road condition is good, but does it matter, it is scenic.

Only one route to take

Distance : 153 kilometers

Munnar --> Marayoor --> Manupatti --> Attakatti --> Valaparai

Places to visit enroute:

Aliyar dam view points : route

Lomas view point : route


Places to visit in Valaparai

1. Nallamud view point : route

2. Shoyalar dam : route


Day 6

Valaparai to Athirapally best route

Road condition super good 80 kilometers only
Very scenic route, This road is a paradise for driving/riding enthusiasts, must visit.  

Distance : 80 kilometers (shortest journey)

Athiraplly has two points, one from above the waters falls, requires a 100 meters walk.
Second point is at the foot hills, it took me around 30 minutes to reach the foot hills and the view was breath taking.


Day 7

Athirapally to Bangalore best route

This was the most hectic part of my ride, Started early morning and reached Bangalore by night.
Overall road condition is good.

Distance : 520 kilometers


Athirapally --> Thrissur --> Coimbatore --> Salem --> Bangalore

Day 8

Bangalore to Hyderabad, bliss!



Total Distance traveled : 2500 kilometers


Accommodation taken:


DAY 1 : Hotel Chalukya (Bangalore) - Nice place for a stay.

DAY 2,3,4 : Hotel Hock (Munnar) - Decent place with a brilliant view on the edge of a cliff.

DAY 5 : Green Hill Hotel (Valparai)

DAY 6 : Hotel Chalukya (Bangalore)


The route was the most diverse: My ride had all the elements such as downhill, through a city, past the Kerala - Tamil Nadu checkpoint, through the forest bordering Kerala and Tamil Nadu, ride uphill through tea estates and finally reached Munnar.



Riding from the chills of the mountains to the spice and tea plantations of Munnar has been one best feeling of that day.



The road to Munnar is filled with lakes and tea plantations on the mountains which made my whole ride adventurous.



Mesmerizing view  of the mountains and the clouds caught enroute to the Chaturangapara point.



Top station view point  has a perfect ambience with romantic weather in fog all around is one of the most beautiful and scenic places.





Besides top station and other view points, I have also visited the waterfalls like Valara falls and Cheeyappara falls.





There are some harmonies one must rejoice in a place like this which we experience only at a place like this in Kerala - Chirping of birds, rustling of leaves, songs of nature's bounty and above the sound of your own thoughts would be the most prominent of all.




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I have explored the interiors of Munnar having no targeted place to visit for the next day too.



The hills look down upon everything and nature surrounds everyone.





Munnar is filled with tea plantations, the weather was brilliant with a lot of greenery everywhere.



With wonderful memories bagged while exploring Munnar for 2 days, I continued my ride towards Valparai.



The road was beautiful and the ride was one of the best riding it down the hill through the magnificent tea plantations.





The entire ride between Munnar and Valparai is about 180 kms which was tiring and hence a lot of pit stops were required along the way, not just to rest but to also take pictures.









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My ride from Valparai to Athirapally can be considered as one of the best rides in south India. This route passes through the beautiful rain forests of the Western Ghats and is one of the best ways to enjoy the solitude of forest.



Beautiful view of the Monkey falls at Pollachi from its foot.



Beautiful view of the Aliyar reservoir. The view of the reservoir from Valparai hair pins, in the early morning was something that will make you stare at it endlessly.



I stopped next to the Sholayar Reservoir for Tea, walked down and sat by the side of the reservoir, dipping my feet into the cool waters.




The road single lane road ahead between Valparai and Athirapally is by far one of the best road trips I had done so far. This ride was of about 70 kms having 2 check points at the Entry and Exit where in I was not supposed to honk, rev, or race on this track. I was told that I could probably bump into anything from elephants to leopards.

I rode through this dense forest for the next 40 to 50 mins until I reached the next check post as quietly as possible or as quietly as a Classic 350 could as it was a no tolerance zone. I was also told not stop at any point and dismount the bikes which instantly made taking photos impossible.



There you go, First sight of the Athirapally waterfalls.



Athirapally Waterfalls are located 1000 feet above sea level at the Chalakudy River.



Athirapally Waterfalls, one of the most visited waterfalls of southern India especially Kerala is a magnificent.



 It is undoubtedly the seat of extreme scenic beauty and tranquillity. 



The sheer loneliness of the roads in the early morning time is an experience in its own. Dense forest, having a view of trees from either sides of the road embracing each other on top of you between Athirapally and Valparai has been the best of the trip. And when I was back in my bed that lost sleep of morning felt like that was a ride I should have done a long back, and many times more.




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Great photography skill. Very impressive. 

Information shared is very helpful.


We have done a similar trip in 2015, though we covered few more places in the same time line.
We have done around 4000 kilometers.


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18 hours ago, Ranger said:

Great photography skill. Very impressive. 

Information shared is very helpful.


We have done a similar trip in 2015, though we covered few more places in the same time line.
We have done around 4000 kilometers.



Oh yes, I would love to keep exploring these places again and again. Hope the beauty remains preserved as it is today.

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15 hours ago, sagar said:

Lovely pictures @arifismyname. You really are on a traveling spree. What's next ? :D


Thanks a lot @sagar. I really am I guess this year .. Haha.. Have got a lot more to share with you guys. Will keep posting them soon. Will be travelling to Kochi and then Lakshadweep soon. Will share all the details in here pretty soon :)

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I must say your pictures are so brilliant and I have become a fan of yours now. You have shared all the required information which would help us all. Kerala looks quite green and the weather is quite bright. which season was this trip made?

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Very well put travelogue. The pictures are excellent. Munnar. in my view, is the best hill station in south India.

The theni-bodinayakanur-palani by pass-Munthal route is also scenic and involves 50kms of ghat road.

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Yes, Munnar is no doubt one of the hill stations in India but, the place has become so commercial that, the beauty is being disturbed by the irresponsible crowd. I hope people will change in handling things and be a responsible tourist by preserving the environmental beauty by keeping them clean.,

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Valparai is one of those places in Kerala which I wanted to revisit. Very serene and calm amidst nature.

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Lovely. You have done it what I'm dreaming about..did you do this as solo trip?

Inda-drive should plan one like this trip.

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13 minutes ago, sahil said:

Inda-drive should plan one like this trip.



We shall surely plan such trip. Time (Common date) for the members is all that matters :) 

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