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A quick drive meetup to Srisailam dam

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On a sunny Tuesday, 17th of October 2017, we got a confirmation about the Srisialam dam gates being opened.
As per the news, around seven gates are supposedly going to be opened by Wednesday i.e.18th October.


As it was a working day, we expected the place to be less crowded and decided to drive down to this place.

Quick drive meet up to Srisailam : 18th October

Confirmed list of members:
1) Sagar
2) Ranger
3) Vinit
4) Omkar
5) Gautam Kumsi 
6) Charan 
7) Rakesh
8) Ashwin
9) Jagadish



We decided to go in 4 cars, because of the parking issues at the view points.

1. Polo black (Kumsi)

2. Polo red (Ashwin)

3. EcoSport (Charan)

4. Duster (Vinit)



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We decided to meet up at the Gachibowli ORR entrance.(Red Polo and Duster)


Ecosport and black Polo have decided to catch up at the entrance of Srisailam highway.


Duster has reached on time and was waiting at the meet up point while we got stuck in the traffic. We reached the meetup point a little late.



We started at around 8:30 AM and have cruised on the ORR at 99 kmph because of the mandatory speed limits :(


Vinit took the lead in his Duster as we followed him in Ashwin's Polo


After the ORR exit, We stopped at a small breakfast joint.



In no time EcoSport and Black Polo joined us.

We decided to have breakfast there itself.



Breakfast turned out be better than expected.

After a heavy breakfast, we took the lead in Ashwin's Polo and pushed a little harder to reach the destination before it gets crowded.


We stopped at the first toll both and regrouped.





This road is a drivers paradise having fast curves with perfect banking angles. 



We stopped before Dindi for a short break while our cars rested.





We had some refreshments



We soon resumed our drive after a 20 minutes break. 



A quick stop before entering the ghat section. 


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Roads have not been so great while we entered the Ghat section as it had many speed bumps at unnecessary points.


We stopped at the first view point.


We spent some time clicking pictures and decided to drive closer to the dam.
Notice the Water drizzle from dam on the windshield and it is definitely not rain!



As we couldn't take out our cameras, we drove down to the bridge, after our cars got a free water wash :P



Mandatory Selfie :D


Heavy water flow



We then drove down to the other side of the dam to get this beautiful view



After visiting the dam, we had our lunch at akkamdevi hotel and drove back to the dam.



Return drive was pretty quick and we reached the city limits by 7PM.

A happy day so far until then ended up on frustrating note as we got stuck in the ever unending hi-tech city traffic. 

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It turned out to be a super fun day drive. Quite overwhelmed to see you guys join the drive after a brief discussion about the gates being opened at Srisailam just a few hours ago back then inspite of it being a working weekday. Cheers to the whole crew who attended this. Waiting for more pictures @Omik:D

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