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Dussera Holidays 2017 Hyderabad - Bangalore - Wayanad - Kannur - Bangalore - Hyderabad

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Why: Dussera Holidays.

Where: Mysore - Wayanad - Kannur

Distance: 2100 Kilometres

Distance Covered: Hyderabad - Bangalore ( 600KM ) Bangalore to Mysore ( 180KM ) Mysore to Wayanad ( 180KM ) Wayand to Kannur ( 170KM ) Kannur to Bangalore ( 350KM ) Bangalore to Hyderabad ( 600KM )

Ride: Hyunda Creta Diesel Automatic

Driving: Shared by my self and my cousin Dinesh...its easy for us.

Fuel: Diesel - Mileage - 12.8 per litre on average.

Travellers: Vivek, Vijetha, ( Kids Varshika 1 year and Vanshika 6 years ) and Dinesh, Jyothi. 

Phography: Canon 6D & I Phone 7 Plus.


Bangalore - Cousins Home

Radission Blue Plaza - Mysore ( 1 night )

Le Villagio Holiday Apartment - Sulthan Bathery, Wayanad ( 2 nights ).

Club7Beach Resort - Kannur ( 1 night ).


Route Taken: Hyderabad - ORR - Bangalore - Mysore - Gundlupete - Wayanad -  Thalassery - Kannur


How we planned Itinerary?

We are travelling with 2 kids ( One year and 6 years ), so preferred trip to be a bit relaxed. my cousin stays in Bangalore.

Since its Dussera Holidays, Mysore will be fully crowded so we wanted to start our tour from 21st September and finish it before 28th September 2017.

Did lot of research and made the reservations based on reviews and locations as mentioned above. 

So Creta finished 45,000/- KMS service and Ready for the tour. we took some snacks and sweets from Vellanki Foods ( Kavuri Hills ).

I always preferred to travel from post lunch time to reach bangalore because there won't be any traffic when you reach around 10:00pm.

We had struggles with hectic schedule in our previous trip to Panchgani & Lonavala where kids and my self got fever. 

So we want trip to be relaxed and not hectic one. 


Day 01: September 21st 2017.

Hyderabad - ( KPHB Colony ) - Gachibowli - ORR - Kurnool - Bangalore 

Started @3:00pm and reached BTM layout Bangalore @11:30pm including Dinner Break @Blue Moon.

Overnight stay in Bangalore.






Day 02: 

8:30 am Started to Mysore. 

We would like to cover only Mysore Zoo and Chamundeswari Hills.
















Stayed in Radission Blue Plaza and had dinner in the same Mall. 

Some good food options in the Mall which is located within the hotel complex.


Day 03:

Woke up late and had break fast. Checked out and proceeded to Sultha Bathery ( Wayanad ).

Its very close to Mysore route so that we can reach the place in 2 hours.





We didn't do much activities. 

Had lunch in Sulthan Bathery. it has very good restaurants.

Drove around the place and apartment located close to main road and also it has beautiful view from the room.









Day 04:

Finished Break fast and Drive to Wayanad and Kalpetta & Chembara Peak.

Breath taking views and did some trekking.





Chembara Peak...Must Visit Place in Wayanad.














Soochipara Falls...in Kalpetta.

Best falls in Wayand District.

No time for lunch break as we need to trek more than a kilometer.





You don't have to inside the water still you get wet.

Great location and beautiful.







After the water falls every one tired very badly.

Its took about one hour to come back to serviced apartment. 

We came by shortcut route through villages and explored some lakes and beautiful views. 




Day 04:

We had break fast and check out the hotel.

Went to Visit Banasura Dam which is biggest in India.




Spent lot of time @ Dam and surroundings.

You need to walk about a KM to reach and they also have Van facility if you give 10rs will drop off quickly.

Had Lunch @ Dam View Restaurant and great food. ( Ghee Rice, Pepper Chicken Roast, Fish Fry ).









Drove back to Kannur after Lunch.

Road is not good and very tough ghat area near Thalassery. 

Great weather and it was raining heavily.





Reached Kannur and Spent some time in Beach.

Had dinner @ Resort for reasonable price. 


Day 05: 

Early morning.

Beach resort and very close to it. 

Completely Remote and you will not find any one. 

Spent lot of time and roamed around surroundings.



View from the Room.



Very clean and peaceful.

Water not much deep and no tension.




Kids really enjoyed well.


Family Pic who traveled in Creta for the tour.




Checked out from the resort and Went for Drive in Beach.

This is our second visit. 

Last year also we visited in Same time. 

Great place to spend some time.








Sunroof was quite useful in Creta.




We were very Hungry so had lunch in Kannur City and then Proceeded to Bangalore. 



Reached Bangalore around 11:30pm. 310KMS from Kannur and about 7 hours.

Every one was safe with out any health issues and enjoyed Karnataka and Kerala Cuisines. 


Day 06:

Stayed in Bangalore.





Day 07:

Since there is not much traffic in Bangalore due to Dussera,

Started around 9:00 am to Hyderabad and reached around 5:30pm.

Back to Hyderabad on 27th September 2017.



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It was a great experience reading through your travel story. 

Perfect parenting. Good memories for kids. 

Black Creta is my personal favorite.

Mileage seams little low. What speed you maintain on highways?

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Nice travelogue and beautiful pics. Planning is paramount with kids around and you have done a great job.

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@shiva Its Diesel Automatic 

On Hyderabad - Bangalore highway maintained speed about 110-120 KMS

And also we keep engine on some times when we break kids point of view ( younger one might be sleeping ).

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Beautiful family and lovely pictures @avreddy. Was the Meenmutty falls open during your visit ? I have heard it was the best in Wayanad but it remained closed due to heavy down pour and couldn't see it.. 

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Really beautiful travelogue @avreddy , Enjoyed the reading and the pics are mesmerizing. Thanks for sharing.

Edited by SSSS
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Ah! okay. I have heard of a death incident of 4 guys at Meenmutty due to a slip at the falls during Monsoon during the time of my visit and that is one main reason for it getting closed. 

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@avreddy Splendid pictures and information sir. Your Creta looks fabulous. Could you please pass on some information about where did you get the sunroof done in Hyderabad and a small review about how is it ? :)

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Hello Sudhir,

Sorry for late reply...

Webasto Sunroofs, Jubilee Hills.

It has been more than 15 months and it works really well.

I have gone for Inbuilt Sunroof which costed me around 1.6 Lakh.


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2 hours ago, sagar said:

1.6 L is quite a bomb

Agree on it, they are best in Sunroof business.
I guess we can buy a used hatch for that price. 

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Guest Jose Verghese

I came across this site while surfing the net trying to find out more about the state of road between Kannur and Bansura Dam.  I am planning a short holiday in three weeks time where I plan to drive to the Wayanad Silver Woods resort close to Banasura dam.  Can you please give me an account of the steepness, width of the road, etc, so that I can finalise my trip.



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