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HYDERABAD to GOA - Best route at present?


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  1. 1. Best Route for Hyderabad to Goa (Baga)

    • Gachibowli -> Zaheerabad -> Humnabad -> Kalaburgai -> Vijaypura -> Bagalkot -> Belgavi -> Baga  
    • Gachibowli -> Deosugur -> Raichur -> Bagalkot -> Belgavi -> Baga
    • Gachibowli -> Pargi -> Mudhol -> Shahabad -> Jevargi -> Sindagi -> Bagalkot -> Belgavi -> Baga
    • Hyderabad --> Jadcherla --> Raichur --> Lingsugur --> Mudgal --> Hungund --> Bagalkot --> Belgavi --> Kanakumbi --> Bicholim --> Baga (Goa)

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Guest Sainath

We are planing to travel to south goa on road from Hyderabad (shamshabad ) on 23/12/18. Can anyone update which is probably the best route at the current situation. Also heard that raichur road is under construction. Currently we are thinking to take this route :


any other better routes available? or should we follow the same?

thank you 

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On ‎12‎/‎21‎/‎2018 at 8:26 PM, Guest Sainath said:

We are planing to travel to south goa on road from Hyderabad (shamshabad ) on 23/12/18. Can anyone update which is probably the best route at the current situation. Also heard that raichur road is under construction. Currently we are thinking to take this route :


any other better routes available? or should we follow the same?

thank you 


Hi Sainath,


I would recommend you to take the same route as above which is currently the best pick.. Do update us back on the road conditions after your trip. Drive safe and a Happy journey  :) 

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Hi Friends,


I recently completed round trip from Hyderabad to Goa in my 1 year old Maruti Suzuki Ignis Zeta Petrol AMT. It’s a family trip with 4 people on-board and we took below route as per the suggestions from other members in this forum,


Hyderabad --> Zaheerabad -> Humnabad -> Kalaburagi -> Jevargi -> Vijaypura -> Bagalkot -> Belgaum -> Chorla -> Panjim


While going, we took the overnight stay at Bagalkot and while returning, we took the overnight stay at Vijaypura.


December 20th

We have started early by 5 AM from Secunderabad and stopped for breakfast at Kalaburagi and lunch at Vijaypura.


Road Condition :

The NH65 till Humnabad is very good in condition and Humnabad to Kalaburgai is a state highway with two lane road without divider. This state highway have few construction patches and overall good in shape. We have to be very alert while crossing the villages as people and animals cross the roads without looking at the vehicles coming in and there are many unmarked speed breakers.


Breakfast : Hotel Amanthrana



Lunch : Hotel Hallimane



The food was great at both Amanthrana and Hallimane. Hallimane offers traditional Karnataka thali served in banana leaf. We have explored Gol Gumbaz and Shivagiri Temple in Vijaypura.


Night Stay : Clarks Inn Bagalkot




December 21st

We have started by 6 AM from Bagalkot and reached Belgaum by breakfast time. We had breakfast at Ajantha Cafe, Belgaum and started towards Chorla Ghat. We have reached Panjim KTC Bus Stand by lunch time.


Road Condition :

Bagalkot to Belgaum road is quite okay with few bad patches. Enroute Belgaum, we have took a shortcut route suggested by Google to avoid some congestion on state highway and landed in some pretty bad village roads. So, please stick to national and state highways in any situation and avoid Google shortcuts. There are few bad patches on Chorla Ghat too which will reduce the speeds. Once you enter Goa border, please be careful with the one ways, road closures and no entry boards. Google routed us in a “No Entry” road just before entering Panjim and Goa traffic police caught us. It’s not a mistake from Google side as these diversions are new and temporary due to the season :)


Breakfast : Ajantha Cafe, Belgaum




December 26th

We have started by 7:30 AM from Panjim and stopped at Vijaypura for overnight stay. We stopped for breakfast at Delta Echohuts food court in Chorla ghat and lunch at Athithi Family Restaurant, below Hotel Annapurneshwari, Bagalkot.


Breakfast : Delta Echohuts, Chorla Ghat



Lunch : Athithi Family Restaurant, Bagalkot

Couldn't find the exact location. It's on Belgaum to Bagalkot highway, 50 kms before Bagalkot.


Night Stay : KSTDC Hotel Mayura Adilshahi, Vijaypur



Dinner : Bangalore Restaurant, Vijaypur



The food was good at Delta Echohuts, but most of the items will get over by 9:30 AM. So, please be early to this place, If you are planning for a breakfast stop here. The food at Athithi Family Restaurant is good and cheap with both veg and non-veg options. The food at Bangalore Restaurant in Vijaypura is very tasty with many Karnataka specific varieties.


December 27th

We have started by 8 AM after having breakfast at Bangalore Restaurant and reached Grand Pariwar Dhaba, Zaheerabad by lunchtime.


Lunch : Grand Pariwar Dhaba,Zaheerabad



Please let me know, If anyone have questions.


Edited by VasuT
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38 minutes ago, VasuT said:

Please let me know, If anyone have questions


Thank you for the update.

It will be helpful for fellow members.

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Guest Dsk
50 minutes ago, VasuT said:


Please let me know, If anyone have questions.


Super. Thanks for the details 😊

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Very beautifully drafted and the details of your trip are exceptionally put up. 


Thanks a a lot for sharing the recent update on the road conditions. 

Very helpful! Do share some pictures of your road trip 😊


Keep Posting @VasuT. Cheers!

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Here are the few pics from the trip :)


Hyderabad to Humnabad





Humnabad to Bagalkot







Shivagiri Temple, Vijayapura





Gol Gumbaz, Vijayapura



Hotel Hallimane Thali



Entering Bagalkot



Chorla Ghat










WhatsApp Image 2019-01-02 at 9.09.06 PM (1).jpeg

Edited by VasuT
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Few points to note while in Goa


1) Entering into the sea in all beaches officially closes by 5 PM. Lifeguards will roam around in Jeeps after 5 PM, warning people to come out of the waters. 

2) Finding car parking at beaches is extremely difficult at peak hours. There are official parking lots at the entrance of every beach but it's very difficult to get the slot there. There are some free parking slots provided by traffic police on the streets, please have a look around or ask someone. 

3) There are many one way and no entry roads in most of the Goa. Please be cautious and look at the sign boards. 

4) Always have the hard copies (xerox) of car documents in hand.

5) For water sports, we have booked online from ; https://atlantiswatersports.com/tours/advance-watersports-package/

6) There are buses to every beach in Goa from Panjim KTC Bus Stand. You can try, If you have time and don't want struggle with Google Maps.

7) Please avoid visiting "Abyss Marine Fish Aquarium". It's a waste of time and money (entrance fee 100 /- per head).



8) We got a waterproof phone cover for taking photos in waters and it managed to save the phone from few dips


9) Swiggy and Foodpanda available in Panjim. For all the biryani lovers out there, you can get tasty biryani at Zakis Biryani, Panjim.

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For Goa local transport, I would always prefer a bike over car.(many self drive options are available)

Bike is easy to use on those narrow roads. 

Specially around Baga and Anjuna.

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Nice pictures @VasuT The statue of Lord Shiva in Vijaypura looks majestic.


On ‎1‎/‎2‎/‎2019 at 10:28 PM, VasuT said:

Entering into the sea in all beaches officially closes by 5 PM. Lifeguards will roam around in Jeeps after 5 PM, warning people to come out of the waters. 


This is something new that I'm coming across now. :) 5 PM is too early. Which part of GOA have you visited? and your stay in GOA was at?

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      Hello All.'
      I am driving down from Hyderabad to Mumbai. My first road trip. I would request you all to help me with planning my journey and preps for the journey. It's me and my wife traveling.
      I am taking my Tata Tiago NRG.
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      Albeit the concept is very old, in India the idea of having a two way radio in cars as an accessory is seldom.

    • By ksa171983
      Finally I did a good trip in my new car with family and did a decent  amount of miles which was quite an adventure due the flood warning at mangalore , zero visibility warning at chikmangalur.
      We had our stay booked for 2 nights at chikmangalur,1 night  at mangalore,3 nights at kumta.
      Chikmanglur Stay: Treebo Sunrise (9/10) but one staff named Dharani was just outstanding.
      Mangalore Stay:Treebo Pappilo palace(3/10). Bad staff, bad rooms.
      Kumta stay: Blue ocean sands (8/10) isolated place near beach. It was isolated due to weekdays but when we were checking out on Saturday we saw the crowd coming in. The place was very peaceful and I like peaceful places
      Car:Jeep Compass Deisel Limited.
      Total distance : 2291.6
      Day1 :: Towards chikmangalur
      I had two route options to take one was a diversion from Ananthpur which looked short and the other one was through Hassan highway towards chikmangalur.
      Enroute saw that KIA motors factory was in full swing .
      Some pics below from day 1.




      Reached a decent hotel called treebo sunrise at chikmangalur by 7pm.
      it was raining cats and dogs in chikmangalur when we reached.So roaming anywhere in such heavy rain after sunset was not recommended by the hotel staff so we just walked around the city with raincoats and umbrellas . 
      Day2 ::
      We got up early to watch the sunrise from baba budan or mullayangiri. But we were stopped at the checkpoint citing no visibility in the ghat section and was asked to come once the rain comes down. We tried out luck at 10 am and were allowed in.Then the amazing greenery with a bit of drizzle while going up to mullayangiri was just heaven.Unfortunately right after 30 min rain fall was super heavy and driving up the hill became tough.








      Then we drove down with lot of difficulty due to slipping surface . The vehicles were stopped at the check post again .
      So we through it going other way to bababudan peak as once we go out of the checkpost we may not be let in.
      But saw the below and figured that I was the only one on this route and decided to turn back and out as it was becoming dark at 3 pm 😡😳🤔


      Drove around the beautiful city and checked out some places and headed back to the hotel.
      Day3 ::
      Kemmangudi and local temples was on my list for the day and some pics from that day .










      Did some local site seeing and again drove around the city where there was no traffic and only rainfall and the smell of earth was there. Mind you that the temperature was around 14 degrees.
      Rest of the day we were discussing the options and best way to reach mangalore . Shiradi ghat was closed since Jan-2018 and would open around July after the renovation work so the only option wasn’t charmadi ghat Which was not in a great condition because that was the only current route towards mangalore (with trucks,buses,cars,etc etc)
      Day4 ::
      Accepted to challenge the rain and weather and headed towards Dharmasthala temple through Charmadi ghat. The drive was not at all easy and the curves were filled with broken roads, potholes.Way too many buses and trucks were there.
      But of course the visuals onto my right and left were just amazing.




      Towards Dharmasthala by 10 am and reached the temple by 12:00.Out of the temple by 3:30 pm and reached mangalore by 5:30 pm and rested the entire evening.













      Day5 : Local mangalore tour with some temples , famous pabbas ice cream.
      Day6 :
      Checked out of mangalore towards Udipi.
      Spent time at Udipi temple and Malpe beach (really beautiful) from 12 to 3pm.
      Stopped at murdeswar for around 90 min and reached Kumta at 7:30 pm .
      The entire road from mangalore towards kumta was under construction with Toll Booths being constructed as well. For sure after an year this entire stretch is going to be lovely awesome 😎.











      Day7&8 :
      We did not take accommodation in Gokarna and instead stayed at Blue Ocean Sands resort at Kumta .Walkable from the beach thought felt isolated at the resort as being a weekday there were no folks at the resort .I would give 6/10 to the resort but 10/10 to the staff. Some pics below from the beaches in Kumta, gokarna.Gokarna we spent more time at OM beach as there was hardly any crowd and it was very peaceful.We went to a God forbidden 🚫 beach called kudle which lacked sense of cleanliness, filled with garbage,liquor bottles, plastic covers and even dead dogs.Then I am told that locals and shack owners would get the beach cleaned around August end as business would be there from August to March.










      Day9 :
      we checked out at 6 am towards Hyderabad and reached home at 7 pm.Took around 1 hour break.

      Had to go through another forest ghat which was beautiful and very pleasant as it had rained previous night.
      Once that forest drive was over the entire stretch till Raichur highway was a nightmare with very bad roads , animals and people walking across the roads as they do in their gardens.
      Reached home at around 7 pm.






      Ended the trip with below reading of my entire trip.
      Below were the routes taken by me ::
      Hyderabad to chikmangalur 

      Chikmanglur to Mangalore via Dharmasthala

      Mangalore to Kumta via Udipi and murdeswar

      Kumta to Hyderabad via gangavathi-Raichur

      NOTE:Many thanks to the ID team who shared their experiences about their previous travel on this route.









    • By RajG
      After staying abroad for five years.
      I decided to come back to India for good.

      Reason for the drive?
      You will find out soon.. 🙃

      Top three places to visit in Chikmagalur:
      1. Mullayangiri
      2. Baba Budangiri
      3. Jehri waterfalls
      Route 1:
      Best route from Hyderabad to Chikmagalur
      Hyderabad --> Kurnool --> Ananthapur --> Doddaballapura --> Visveswarapura--> Hassan --> Chikmagalur
      Hyderabad to Doddaballapura : Excellent 4-lane toll road
      Doddaballapura to Visveswarapura : Single road, road condition is average, but helps in avoiding Bangalore traffic.
      You can skip Banaglore traffic using this bypass.
      Visveswarapura to Hassan : Excellent 4-lane toll road
      Hassan to Chikmagalur : Single road, road condition is excellent.
      It took us around 13 hour to cover this route, while coming back from Chikmagalur to Hyderabad. 
      Route 2:
      Worst route from Hyderabad to Chikmagalur
      Hyderabad --> Kurnool --> Ananthapur --> Challakere --> Hiriyur --> Chikmagalur
      We took this route, while going from Hyderabad to Chikmagalur, just to check the status.
      It is a bad decision.  Roads are very bad once you divert from Ananthapur. There are some mud tracks. Too many diversions. No proper dhabas. No proper fuel options. Avoid this route at any cost.  
      Hyderabad to Chikmagalur four days road trip plan and hotel details:

      Day 1:
      Hyderabad to Chikmagalur town
      Accommodation in Chikmagalur town
      On day 1, it is better to take accommodation in the Chikmagalur town.
      Reason? Accommodations are cheap and good in the town.
      By the time you reach Chikmagalur it will be evening, it is better to stay in town.
      Most of the sight seeing spots are under 40~50 kilometres from the Chikmagalur town. 
      Accommodation :
      Name : Hotel Blue Perl Chikmagalur Price : 2.5k per day (3 pax) Hotel Rating : 5/5 New construction Car parking is avilable Rooms are modern and neat Gobibo url  
      Day 2: 
      Chikmagalur town to Mulyangiri
      Mulyangiri is a must visit place in Chikmagalur, it is the highest peak in Karnataka. It is around 20 kilometres from town.  Roads are little tricky but, it is accessible by all cars. Dedicated car parking available 200 steps from the parking, need to some energy to climb. Carry water and don't litter. There is temple at the hill top, with beautiful view. Weather can be spoil sport, some time visibility is almost zero and some times it is clear. Luckily we experienced both  
      Accommodation :
      Name : Kuteer home stay Price : 14k per day (6 pax) Food : 4k per day (6 pax)  (Includes: Bonfire,Lunch, Evening snacks, Dinner and breakfast) Hotel Rating : 4.5/5 Food : Only vegetarian, but the quality is good, would rate 5/5 Location is tough to reach, low GC cars will have tough time.  But they have jeep facility (for less  experienced drivers better to take jeep and park the car at the parking) Resort is very isolated better to visit only in group. View from the resort is best. They have two villas, each villa can accommodate around 10 members.  Staff is very supportive.  Carry all the stuff along with you, there are no shops/hotels around the resort.  You can carry your own liquor but it is tricky if you get caught at the forest check-post. Forest check-post is present at the entrance of the hill section, they check the cars randomly. For booking you can call the resort owner. You need to do the full/advance payment while booking. Issues? Too many insects, but it is expected when we say in the nature.   
      Day 3
      Jahari waterfalls, it is around 2 kilomters from the home stay. You can visit this place in home stay jeep. 4x4 territory, don't attempt in your own car. Since we stay very close to waterfalls, we reached the place early. It is completely empty, not even a single person is present. Baba Budangiri is a must visit place.  Once you enter Baba Budangiri road drive till the end point, i.e Manikyadhara waterfalls. There are multiple view points.   
      Accommodation :
      Same as above
      Day 4 :
      Drive from Chikmagalur to Hyderabad.
      It took us around 13 hours. We started around 9AM and we reached home around 10PM. We also tried the famous Kothakota chicken, food is strictly average.  
      Total trip cost (6 members)
      Accommodation : 5k(day 1) + 14k(day 2) + 14k(day 3) = 33k Fuel : 11kmpl (1600 kilometres) = 10k Food : 3k(day 1) + 4k (day 2)+ 4k (day 3) + 4k (day 4) = 19k  
      Picture credits: @Ranger
  • Gandikota meetup on January 26 and 27th