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Route Help From Bangalore to Kanha National Park

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Sharing a message posted by @ram97 for the benifit of other memebers 


We are planning a trip to Kanha national Park in December. 

Do you agree that the best route from Bangalore to Kanha is via Hyderabad and Nagpur. We have never really driven past Hyderabad and was wondering, if you would know that if the roads are good all the way upto Balaghat (Passed Nagpur).


 Was planning on staying in Hyderabad for the night as I have been told that the roads till Hyderabad are fantastic and can be covered in 6hrs.

 if you keep a decent pace of around 120km/hr. 

I was just worried if the Hyderabad to Kanha stretch is too long or do you believe it can be done easily in day. 

We have frequently done Bangalore - North Goa in under 10hrs and its a similar distance so was wondering if it would take about the same time. 


Looking forward to your response. 


Warm Regards,


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Just now, Ranger said:

Do you agree that the best route from Bangalore to Kanha is via Hyderabad and Nagpur.


This is the best route.


Just now, Ranger said:

 Was planning on staying in Hyderabad for the night as I have been told that the roads till Hyderabad are fantastic and can be covered in 6hrs.

Can be done in 6 hours from Bangalore outskirts to Hyderabad outskirts.
But you should start early in the morning on a weekday.
Traffic is little high on the weekends.


I would suggest the following plan.


Day 1
Bangalore --> Kurnool --> Hyderabad --> Nizamabad

Total distance : ~760 kilometers

Start early in the morning you will reach Hyderabad outskirts by afternoon.
Take Hyderabad ORR near the airport and exit at NH44.
You can completely avoid the Hyderabad traffic, you will enjoy the drive. 


Road condition : 4-lane all the way, from Bangalore to Nizamabad.

Stay suggestion : Hotel Vamshi International


Day 2

Nizamabad --> Nagapur -->Seoni --> Kanha national park

total distance : ~610 kilometers

Road from Nizamabd to Nagpur is 4-lane and road condition is good.
Nagpur to Nizamabad is not so great, single lane road and few bad sections.

Can be done in a single day without any issue. 

Note: Please make sure you book the safari in advance. 
If you have any questions, you can reply to this post. 

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Hi Ranger,


Thanks a lot for your detailed plan. It is much appreciated. Was just wondering if Bangalore - nizamabad is around 8-9hrs? If we leave at around 11-12 in the afternoon will we be there by around 8-9. It's because we may not be able to leave early unless we postpone our trip by a day. 

Thanks a lot once again.


Warm regards,


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11 minutes ago, Ram97 said:

Bangalore - nizamabad is around 8-9hrs?

 It will take around 14 hours including breaks.
But the road condition is super good.

If you guys are starting in the afternoon, better to stay in Hyderabad.

Start from Hyderabad at 4 AM, you will reach before 8 PM.

Roads are not so great after Nagpur.

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Thanks a lot. I think we might stick to your first idea and postpone by a day. It seems much more comfortable than leaving at 4am! Thanks a lot for your help once again 

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27 minutes ago, Ram97 said:

Thanks a lot. I think we might stick to your first idea and postpone by a day.

No problem, update us when you are done with the trip.
Drive safe and all the best.

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I'm from balaghat district which is very close to kanha national park, but my business is in nagpur so I live in nagpur,
Best route for Banglore To Kanha.

Banglore---Hyderabad---Nagpur-- Bhandara--Sakoli--Kohmara--from kohmara take left turn for Gondia--Gondia----Balaghat--- Baihar---Kanha National Park "Khidki Gate" and "Mukki Gate"

This is the best road because till kohmara you will get national highway 4 lane can cruise 130kmph ... From kohmara to kanha state highway two lane road but excellent road.


Banglore to Nagpur you can do in 13 hours ..Start early from Banglore 5.00am reach safely by 7.00pm stay in nagpur
Start next day at 8.00 am from nagpur reach in 6 hours 2.00am kanha...
And do online booking for safari for kanha first bcoz in Dec lot of rush.....Hotels are easily available ...Stay at pride hotel in nagpur near airport

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Thanks for sharing the information @abhimanue. Much helpful. Could you throw in more insight about the Kanha national park over the frequency of spotting the tigers during the safari?


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For frequency of tiger I can't comment much but surely you will see tiger in 2 safaris.
Take my suggestion and do visit TADOBA tiger reserve.
It's on your way to kanha and here tiger spotting frequency is the highest among kanha,pench,nagzira.

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On 12/17/2017 at 5:56 AM, abhimanue said:

Take my suggestion and do visit TADOBA tiger reserve.

Agree on it.
Tadoba is the best bet for tiger spotting. 
Even at Tadoba there are few rare occasions where you may not spot a tiger. 

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