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    • By Ranger
      A quick drive to Hidden Castle.
      Place is located around 100 kilometers from Hyderabad.
      Road condition:
      4-lane with very few diversions. Once you hit the highway, You will reach the destination in an hour.
      Food options on highway:
      Enroute you can find Haritha food court.

    • By sreeni
      Dear ALL,
      I am planning to travel to tirupati from Hyderabad by in a automatic car.
      Don't want to take bad roads. Can anyone please suggest the best route?
    • By Pralay
      It was Dec of 2018, my wife had a full week plan in the Christmas to go to Calcutta to meet her family. We usually travel together, be it for a trip or a visit to our hometown, Calcutta. But this time it was impossible for me to get a leave sanction of a week or 10 days, due to my office commitments. Without any other choice she booked her flight to Calcutta during Christmas.
      At the same time I thought, I can get 4 days for a trip, 23rd to 26th , if I can manage 2 days leave. ( I have Saturday office).
      Since long, two of the many things of my bucket list were:
      1)      A solo road trip in my car
      2)      A visit to Hampi
      And this time I realised this is a perfect time to tick off both from my bucket list.
      And as we travel together, my wife was quite upset about my plan. But as a good friend, we never stopped each other for doing anything. So yes, finally I managed to get the leave sanctioned and this is the tale of my journey to tick off the two things at a go, “A solo road trip to Hampi!”
      There are lot of posts about Hampi in the internet; so, not posting about my stay details further. Hampi is having all sorts of hotels or stay options depending upon your budget & preferences. So just limiting my log to the route, photos I have taken and other small details.
      I usually do my research on the route rather than what Google is suggesting. Google was suggesting the route via Raichur but I took this route:-
      Hyderabad – Kurnool – Alur - Bellary – Kamalapur – Hampi.
      Took numerous breaks for photos, food or stretching, so I had to drive nearly 10 hours before I reach Hampi, else I could have reached much earlier. So let’s get started..
      Cranked the engine at exact 6 AM:-

      Reached hill park restaurant, Jadcherla around 7.15 AM, to take the breakfast:-
      Location: https://goo.gl/maps/CYntB9cfixQ2


      Around 10 o’clock reached Pullur toll plaza, near Kurnool:-

      Somewhere between Alur and Bellary:-

      There are plenty of options available once you enter the Bellary town. I avoid rice at lunch during drive. So, had a Masala Dosa at one of the food joints. I observed that, food options at Bellary are more on the opposite side of the road while going to Hampi from Hyderabad,. So in case you want to explore the town while going to Hampi, park your car on your side, cross the road & explore. Plenty of options are available.
      Finally around 4 O’clock in the evening I reached Hampi!

      Now, let some snaps taken in and around Hampi do the talking:-







      Next day morning, trekked all the way up to Anjana's Hill to experience this beautiful Sunrise:-





      Again let some pictures do some talking..



      Day 3:-












      Near Tungabhdra River..

      Evening of Day 3, once again I trekked all the way up to Matanga Hill to watch the Sunset, and the trek was quite tough than the Anajana’s Hill's..

      But once I reached the top, the tough trek had paid off.. 

      This view.. 

      When you finally managed to get a selfie with the beautiful background, but someone photo-bombed it.. 

      Found an interesting structure, once I get down from the top :-

      The famous Virupaksha Temple at dusk..

      Had a lovely dinner at Mango Tree:-
      Location: https://goo.gl/maps/VsqAkovkBHz

      It was the last day and I had to head back to Hyderabad. So had my breakfast at my hotel before I started off around 8.30 in the morning:-


      Touched a magic figure in between.. 30000 & up!!

      Had a decent lunch at Food pyramid:-
      Location: https://goo.gl/maps/EiZQWDuuPeH2

      Reached Home around 5 o’clock. “A solo road trip to Hampi!”, done & dusted!!
      Untill next time, much love, my love..



    • By SK01
      Now I can say, it's a necessity for me to replace my Honda City with a new car and that should surely be a SUV or at least a crossover. 
      Me and my father do many roadtrips, we travel much, but never did we face problems with the Honda City. That's a beautiful car. A car that introduced me to the world of revvs and performance. This car performs extremely well on the highways, effortlessly cruises at 140kmph. 
      But as the trips kept  increasing, rather the exploring part kept  increasing, the need for a SUV started. This beauty isn't able to take bad roads well. We always feel bad for abusing the car taking it to badly laid roads. We scraped it's under body 4 times in one year which stopped is from doing further exploration trips on this car. 
      Here, the need of a SUV or a crossover came up. 
      A brief about the car:
      It's a 2014 Honda City VX (topend) i-VTEC which comes with a cruise control, sunroof, auto climate control, rear AC vents, 2 airbags, ABS with EBD, ventilated leather seats, all leather upholstery. 
      A car with class leading comfort, luxury and space. (Here I don't consider any of the Maruti Suzuki cars because they don't even come near to any of the C segment cars in the market)
      The  boot is so huge that it takes almost everything that a family carriers during long drives without compromising on the second row leg room. 
      So, an upgrade or even replacement means that the vehicle should offer few more latest features including those which my City offers. Or at least should offer those which already exists. 
      Now as I'm already a satisfied and happy owner of Ford Freestyle my second car, I want my next car to be a  Ford and not others even if they're better.
      Test drove the Tata Harrier, Hexa, XUV5OO (ridiculous interior plastic quality) Jeep Compass, Hyundai Creta. All these cars are no doubt awesome. Of all these I loved the Hexa. But as said I don't want to come out of Ford and want to be a Ford owner always. So, here comes the problem. I'm in a confusion of what to do.
      Shall I wait for the new SUV launch from Ford in collaboration with Mahindra?
      Or take the EcoSport?
      Is EcoSport really a proper replacement or upgrade to my City?
      Does it offer more than what my City offers including space?
      Or at least what my City offer? 
      all these are everytime running in my head. And a thought of restricted rear space, rear AC and boot space is stopping me from taking the EcoSport. I request EcoSport owners to give me some detailed information of EcoSport and request others to help me get the answers to the questions that are running in my mind. 
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