Purpose : Breakfast drive.
Location : Singur Dam Distance : 92 Kilometers (one way) When: August 5th (Saturday)
  Plan : 1.Meetup at 6:45 am, (Please be on time, we will be starting at sharp 7 AM) Meetup location (Gachibowli ORR entrance) :

2. Breakfast stop at Silver Bawarchi Restaurant (Mumbai/Pune highway) Restaurant location : We will split the breakfast expenses.    3. Circular well (Exploration)
Location :   4. Singur Dam (Exploration) Location :   Tips No overtaking, Make sure you stay at your designated position(details are given below) in the Convoy.  Please maintain safe distance from the car ahead of you, No tailgating. Slow down at village crossings.  Make sure you fuel up today itself, We wont be having any fuel stop. Carry umbrellas/Raincoats    Group A
1. Saran +1 (Lead) 2. Akhil 3. Seshendrak
4. Vinit (sweeper)

Group B 1. Sridhar (Lead)
2. Nidhi +1
3. Sruthi + Arnav
4. Ranger +1 (sweeper)   If you have any queries, Please reply to this post. 
Note : Chances of finding a decent restroom is tough at Singur Dam.     Execution   Drive turned out to be much more fun than expected.
Weather was super good. It was cloudy throughout the drive while cool breeze added to the scene made it much more refreshing.
It was great meeting Seshendra for the first time and other India-Drive members, who never fall short of enthusiasm.   It is always fun to discuss about travel and cars with like minded enthusiasts.
After a few dropouts, Six cars in total have made it to the drive as we explored places around the Singur dam.   Thank you guys for making the drive so eventful.   Waiting for the pictures from fellow members.     Stopover en-route Singur dam at a beautiful lush green arena   We spent a while at the place and drove towards the circular well     We reached Singur dam in no time   Instead of driving towards the dam, we took a detour to explore this beautiful place   You can find some of us climbing the rocks (PC: Akhil)   Wide angle shot. (PC: Akhil)
  We captured this picture from the rock aisle   Wide angle shot of the field (PC: Akhil)   18MM shot. Observe the difference between wide angle and 18MM.   The Crew   When road trip enthusiasts meet, What do they discuss? Profound discussion about travel and cars!   Selfie time!   We spent around 1 hour on this small land surrounded by water.     Some of our members found some ruined temples from the rock aisle
  We started taking an unknown trail, which may have lead us to the temple area   Pocket rocket   Soon the trail became tough for low GC vehicles, Duster went ahead to recce the trail   Vinith and Ashwin went in search of the path, but got back with bad news as there was no proper path ahead   Our next destination, Singur dam   Busy taking slow-motion videos   We sat on the steps, contemplating whether to go on a speed ride or not. We decided to avoid it as we felt there was lack of proper safety equipment   Our next stop-over, Singur bridge   Singur Dam view from the bridge   Line-up     Closing picture of the day
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