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Road trip to Mahur and EkVeera Shakthi Peeth Temple

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This is my first travelogue here , pardon me for any mistakes , 



My cousins wedding was on Jul 2nd Sunday and Saturday being weekend , we have planned to visit Mahur and Ekavira Devi - which is 8th Shaktipeetam out of astadasha shaktipeetas .

Adilabad being my mom's Native we have planned to go to Adilabad and then go to Mahur and Ekaveera ... Mahur which has Renuka matha Temple which is very very famous in Maharastra 


Mahur is the birthplace of Hindu God Dattatreya. Atri Rishi and Sati Anasuya Mata lived here. Bramhadev, Vishnudev and Lord Shiva once got a news about Anasuya Mata that there is no one more pious and pure as her. To test her piousness they arrived under the garb of asking Alm (bhiksha). When she brought it, they asked to serve them while being naked, she realized by her power that she is under a test. She made them a three headed child & fed them. This became Dattatreya, the unified God.

There are three mountains in Mahur. The first one and most known is having Renuka Mata Temple, who is mother of the god Parshuram. Other two are called Datt Shikhar and Atri Anasuya Shikar Temple's. Mahur has a sacred temple to Renuka Mata, which is considered one of the three and half Shakti Peethas (temples) in the Maharastra  state. 


Started after office .. left early from office and started at 5 to Nizamabad to pick my Mother ...had 1.5 hr break at Nizamabad and started for Adilabad at 11:00 and reached Adilabad by 1:30 A:M Saturday.....woke up early and planned to go to Ekaveera Devi shaktipeeth which is 110 kms from Adilabad and we started at 8 A:M and we were told road is in ok state But as we crossed Adilabad and then we started experiencing worst roads and few stretches were good ...hence maintained slow pace but we had been through some scenic remote villages and forests across Telanagana Maharastra Border.Reached Mahur by 11:10 A:M and we have to go around 15 kms from Mahur for Ekaveera Devi temple which has a Ghat section Road too.

Finally after going through rough and tough roads we have reached ekaveera devi temple by 11:45 A:M and had good darshan. Temple is really really peaceful and has good parking space , we had very good darshan as temple is still under construction, it doesn't have any such good facilities.

If the same temple had been Telangana or Andhra it would have been very different picture.

Temple is still under construction and Navaratri during Dasara is the busiest and celebrated in a grand manner.


we have brought break fast from home as we cant find good food around Maharastra ...really its a Remote Place....Then we started for Renuka Matha Darshan which has 3kms Ghat Road from Mahur Town...came back and went to Renuka Matha darshan...it started drizzling by then ...you can find around 160 steps to reach Temple and took palki (two people will carry) for my mother who cant take stairs ... they took 600 for to and fro , waited till we had darshan .Renuka Matha darshan happened very nice and we were exhausted to the core and rain picked up , hence skipped Lord parushuram Temple, Datha Shikhar and Anasuya Matha Temple , Datha Shikhar is located bit far and we have to take bit dangerous Ghat road for that...but its also really Good temple , you will get the old nostalgic feel around ...as we went many times , we skipped and started for Adilabad around 2:30 and reached back by 6:00




Take NH-7 : Hyderabad - Nirmal and take turn at Boath X Roads before Echoda on Adilabad Highway ,which comes near Rollamada Toll gate which is near Kuntala waterfalls turn and once u turn towards Boath, little forward u will find Pochera Waterfalls,  which is very very good one and from Boath reach to Kinwat and from Kinwat its a straight road to Mahur but roads from Boath to Kinwat is really in a bad shape


Nirmal to Mahur is 128kms 

Around 350 kms from Hyderabad

Other Option can be Reach to Adilabad and from Adilabad its 87 kms for Mahur road is good in bits and pieces..

Around 400 kms from Hyderabad 



Take Krishna express in Night and get down at kinwat and then fresh up , take bus to Mahur or u can have buses to Ekaveera Devi...












































IMG_0062 (2).JPG










































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Welcome to India-Drive.
Greenery is amazing.
Beautiful places you have covered.
Village pictures came out very good.

Thank you for sharing.

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Lovely pictures @travel.rtc. The road trip towards these temples seems so serene through a forest full of green. Thanks for sharing the information about such a beautiful place which is quite new to me :)


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22 hours ago, Ranger said:

Welcome to India-Drive.
Greenery is amazing.
Beautiful places you have covered.
Village pictures came out very good.

Thank you for sharing.

Thanks Very Much Ranger and Sagar 

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Route is good from Nanded it seems as we saw fellow tourists from Telangana who are coming all the way from Nanded.

They went to Aunda Naganath Temple which is a Jyothirling and came here.


 For people starting from Hyderabad, they can drive to Basar have darshan and there is  an internal road via Bhokar to nanded either u can go Nanded or by-pass Nanded and Take Hingoli/Akole Route.
Head to Pusad from Pusad take Mahur Route and Ekavira temple comes just before  reaching Mahur around11-15 kms before as its MH internal highway

Roads will/should be in a better shape compared to Adilabad route..

It may take two days for the entire circuit.  

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Sure you can post if you need original pics let me know I would mail you ..I don't even put watermark on my pics ... Please feel free to take them Thanks a lot

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NIce to see a log on Mahur. Me and some of my Railway friends were planing to visit this place since past 5 years but could not make it. After reading your log now I will plan a road trip during monsoon. Thanks for sharing. Loved to see the greenery. 

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