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Hyderabad to Srisailam road trip and guide

Srisailam roadtrip guide  

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  1. 1. Places to visit in Srisailam

    • Dindi reservoir
    • Mallela Theertham waterfalls
    • Tiger Safari
    • Srisailam Dam
    • Pathala Ganga (Rope way and boating)
    • Phaladhara Panchadhara
  2. 2. Best Accommodations in Srisailam

    • AP Tourism hotel Harita Srisailam
    • Note: Most of the hotels in Srisailam are booked offline.
  3. 3. Hyderabad to Srisailam route

    • Best route: Hyderabad -- Kalwakurthy -- Dindi -- Mallapur -- Dhomala penta -- Srisailam
    • Alternative route : Hyderabad -- Jadcherla -- Kalwakurthy -- Dindi -- Mallapur -- Dhomala penta -- Srisailam
  4. 4. Food option between Hyderabad to Srisailam

    • Sai Surya family restaurant
    • Garnd sai Balaji
    • Hotel Grand Akkamadevi (non-veg available)
    • Haritha resorts
    • Note : Most of the hotels in Srisailam are vegetarian

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Hope it will be opened on Saturday and Sunday.
It is usually over crowded, when they open dam gates.
We need to start early in the morning to beat the crowd.
We should be the first one waiting at the check-post. 

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Heavy inflows into Srisailam, but no need to open gates immediately, say officials.



Updated: 12th Oct 2017  12:06 am

Hyderabad: With Srisailam dam level close to reaching its gross storage capacity of 215.807 tmc, the project authorities in Andhra Pradesh have decided to let out 84,000 cusecs of water to Nagarjunasagar Dam.

The Srisailam Project Chief Engineer Narayana Reddy told Telangana Today that the AP Irrigation Minister Devineni Uma Maheshwara Rao will open three spill gates of the project, each letting out about 28,000 cusecs on Thursday morning. “We will review the inflows thereafter to look into the scope of increasing further the volume of outflows”



Spill gates are different from dam gates right?
According to the article, 3 spill gates will be opened today.  

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That is nice now, Finally 2 gates have opened up. Waiting for the time to see when all the gates get opened again. Reminds me of our road trip in 2010 I guess when all of these gates got opened, that sight was so amazing.


Yeah, Actually spill gates operation is quite economical and is different from operating a dam gate. Dam gates are usually opened when its the case where the water flow is about to go out of control due to heavy flow before it gets over flowed. Before lifeting up these dam gates, these spill gates are operated when under control to control the direction and volume of flow at a certain regulation to keep the water level under control.

I think another day of heavy rain will cut loose the option of opening up the dam gate :)

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Hi guys, I have been to Srisailam yesterday... 4 gates have been opened due to the heavy rains and the reservoir being reached to its neck. Hoping for more gates to get opened by the next weekend if the flooding continues as this way 







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Hello Hsudhir,

Great pictures.

Have been to SRISAILAM many times but never saw the gate opening.

It looks so amazing in pictures.

It must be heavenly feeling in those view points with sound , water mists.

I guess the area must be over crowded with vehicles parking along the ghat road...beside the view points.

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19 hours ago, BORNDRIVER said:

 Have been to SRISAILAM many times but never saw the gate opening....


@BORNDRIVER Now, is the time for you to experience it. As per recent update it's 8 gates :D I feel you shouldn't miss it this time. Also, I would recommend you to do this drive during a weekday. I'm sure, it is going to be very crowded this weekend.

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Any idea about how many days gates will stay open?
I think they wont keep it open till this weekend.

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As per recent update from Vamshi, I am posting the latest picture o the dam here... 

Dam Gates are closed

Source : Whatsapp Image1534839736.250351.jpg
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2 hours ago, H-Hoppr said:

Dam Gates are closed


Thank you for the update.

I planned this weekend, along with my family. 😡


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18 hours ago, H-Hoppr said:

Dam Gates are closed


Thanks a lot for putting up  the latest update @H-Hoppr. Helps a lot of members who have planned their road trip to Srisailam this coming weekend :) 

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Thanks a lot for putting up  the latest update [mention=493]H-Hoppr[/mention]. Helps a lot of members who have planned their road trip to Srisailam this coming weekend  
Guys, Srisailam dam gates are closed today. So, check before u start if your purpose is to visit dam. Otherwise u can do many things there, you can visit safari, temple, drive in cool lush green forest, boating in the reservoir and vidit few places near temple
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Hi Rohit, You can check out the link below for time to time updates on the dam and water levels. 
Will they update regularly in that page?
1. News channels. Some watches regularly all day. Need to ask them if there is any info.
2. Any agent/friend staying in that location..
3. Hotels near dam
4. Travel groups..
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On 8/27/2018 at 1:11 PM, sahil said:

Will they update regularly in that page?


Dam opening/closing is unpredictable. 

Last year based on news, I drove to Srisailam but the gates are closed.

They were opened later in the evening, we came back to Hyderabad by that time.


It is purely based on luck. 


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