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Landscape and Automotive Photography contest @ Koilsagar - April 22 '17

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'India-drive' is pleased to announce it's first photo contest series during the 'Koilsagar drive meet' for all the members attending the drive. This competition is themed towards 'Landscape Action' and 'Automotive Action' where in all the 'Drive meet members' are free to take part by posting the pictures of the landscape (campsite, location @ Koilsagar) & Any automotive (throughout the convoy or the campsite with an evident 'India-drive' sticker) while we keep admiring at the nature.


Considering the time factor and member's convenience to take part in the contest, we are keeping it close towards the mobile photography where in members are free to edit and post.


Photo contests will be manually reviewed by our team to ensure only the very best make on to our website.

The winners of the contest would receive 'India-drive' merchandise or goodies.




Copyright of the images remain with the photographer. 'India-drive' recognises that the entrant, the author of the photograph, retains complete and full ownership of the copyright in each submission.




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great initiative!! proud to be a part of this group!


All the very best for the trip guys! Be safe, Wear seat belts, keep smiling!!




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Hey Guys,

This contest is a great idea, other members who didn't participate can have a walkthrough at the camping site.

BTW it is 5.45 eagerly waiting for the photographs.....

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We had a signal issue at the camp site.

Pictures will flow in from today evening. 


 A messed up panoroma from my end.


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Camping, Star Gazing, Meteor Shower, Bonfire, barbecue chicken, India Drive, Convoyof23,

@ Koil Sagar - Early Morning shot 🙂


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