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Hyderabad to Bangalore road trip guide  

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  1. 1. Best hotels on Hyderabad to Bangalore highway.

    • Palm arabia, near shamshabad
    • Hill park drive-in, Mehboobnagar
    • M Food court, Balanagar
    • Food Pyramid, Kothakota
    • Hotel Blue moon, Ananthapur
    • Hyderabad chef, Ananthapur
    • Hotel Suraj Grand, Kurnool
    • Bharati 97 food and fuel, Mahbub nagar
  2. 2. Ananthapur to Bangalore

    • Swagath delicacy, Chickaballapur
    • Nandi Upachar, Devenahalli
    • Kamat Upachar, Chickaballapur
    • NH7 Refuel
  3. 3. Best fuel pumps between Hyderabad to Bangalore

    • Relaince petrol, Dhone
    • Note: Never had any issues with fuel quality, but felt Reliance has good quality fuel.
  4. 4. Toll details

    • Total toll gates : 9
    • Total price : 735/-

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Hello all,
Planning to go to Bengaluru in a while from now. Any recommendations on the route or places to stop, precautions etc.

Bangalore highway:


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Just back from a trip to Bangalore. I saw most of the truckers drive on the fast lane than on the slow lanes.  I understand diverting to the fast lane to overtake , But they continuously drive on it.


On the other hand fastag works beautifully end to end. Saved a lot of time today . the vip treatment is a added bonus.


No more waiting at toll booths.


Food stops:

  • Drive inn and coffee day(will open after 6)
  • M hotel
  • Food pyramid




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Good to hear that fast-tag is working fine.
Earlier I had some issues with detection.

I need to move it to the centre of the windshield.
Traffic at toll booths has increased a lot during weekends and long weekends are chaos. 

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On 17/04/2017 at 10:26 AM, Ranger said:

Good to hear that fast-tag is working fine.

A very basic question. How does the fast tag work. How to get it?

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5 minutes ago, sbhamidi said:

A very basic question. How does the fast tag work. How to get it?

Go through this link.


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Hello there!! Its great to know that you are doing Hyderabad Bangalore by road. Its awesomne to drive on NH 44, which is paradise for drivers. We have done this route couple of times, so based on our experience I will share some precautionary measures you should take:-


1) The road is well maintained & supper, and the curves are almost perfect, so sometimes driving is kind of boring too some extent, as there's no challenges as such, Here comes the biggest challenge!! Its very common to loose concentration at times. Due to high speed it can be fatal. So, kindly dont get relaxed, rather enjoy the driving while concentrating & please take a proper 8 hours good sleep before you start. If slightest of doubt is coming while driving, please take some rest & then move on.


2) I will always prefer to drive during day time, because, default system of our body is to sleep during night. So there's no point for pushing your body during night(especially 1 AM to 3 AM) unless its very very emergency.


3) As the drive is super smooth, by default we start felling high speeds( 80-100 km/Hour) as normal speed.(generally happens after driving couple of hours at constant high speed). Though braking point substantially reduce at highers speed than normal city speed. Please control your speed near city/town areas. Especially near Kurnool area, roughly 200 KM from Hyderabad. Suddenly some people/bikes may cross the road where you need to brake your car very hard. More the speed, more the time to brake.


4) Check your vehicle properly before you start the trip. There are some stretches where you will not find anything and that too in this scorching heat. Maintain the recommended tyre pressure(very very important in this summer, do not fill less pressure, its of no logic, fill recommended pressure. Also check the reco pressure for full loaded car which usually 2-3 PSI more than the normal condition)  


5) There's place call Chikbalpura, which is roughly around 70-80 KMs from Bangalore. Often people get caught for over speeding by the speed guns. So beware of the speed limits (80 KM/H) from here on till Bangalore. Even near Nandi hills crossing speed guns used to be there, especially on weekends. That's why better to stick to teh right to mid lane & maintain a steady 70-80 Km/H speed . On this stretch you never know where you will get flagged down.


6) Dont change lanes without indicator, it can be fatal at times.




8) Be safe! Dont park your vehicle abruptly at any place especially during night time.(if you are travelling at night), rather find a cafe or restaurant to park the vehicle to take rest. Find a place which is decent & people are around you at all times. 



Breakfast points: a) Hill park restaurant (Opens 6.30 AM)




b) M food court (opens at 6.00 AM) 




Other lunch point: Food pyramid.


Here are the tables showing how we did Hyd-Blr-Hyd during last year, you can change timing as per your wish. 












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Thanks Pralay.... It was a good journey.. only challenge was the scores of trucks on the highway, this is so different than the Vijayawada highway.. however enjoyed the drive.

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7 minutes ago, sbhamidi said:

Thanks Pralay.... It was a good journey.. only challenge was the scores of trucks on the highway, this is so different than the Vijayawada highway.. however enjoyed the drive

Sent from my iPhone using India-Drive



:D My bad timing!! Should have been bit early. 

Please share your experience! 

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23 hours ago, Pralay said:

based on our experience I will share some precautionary measures you should take

Was amazed with your attention to details, excellent review of one of the best highway.

Recently they have added white strips at junctions. It is a good move, keeps the driver alert.


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Don't forget those unexpected speed bumps.
Do they still exist?

Killer speed bumps at Tumkur.

Location of Tumkur Kyatasandra Speed Breaker (towards Bangalore)- 13.314567,77.145505

Location of Harihar Speed Breaker- at Kumarapatnam (on both sides)- 14.537067,75.761927

Location of Motebennur Speed Breakers (9kms before Haveri) towards Pune- 14.718544,75.481747

Additionally, there was a Speed breaker (but smaller magnitude compared to the above three) at 5.6kms after Hebbalu Toll towards Bangalore
Location: 14.366435,76.157714

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On 18/04/2017 at 3:07 PM, Pralay said:

Hello there!! Its great to know that you are doing Hyderabad Bangalore by road.

Great writing skills, I would like to take some inspiration from it.


I love the drive form Hyderabad to Bangalore, Once we cross Ananthapur and Penugonda, views are amazing.
I usually start around 11 PM from Hyderabad, early morning drive and views from Penugonda to Bangalore is pure bliss. 

Beautiful views, cold weather and tea stop on a road side is so refreshing.

One more advantage of starting at 11 PM is you can visit Nandi Hills early in the morning, which is on Hyderabad--> Bangalore highway.

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@Ranger thank you..!! Its reallt great to hear that you guys liked it. And yes those stripes are great & alert very well the driver before any junction.


he he he mate. What else can be better for a blogger/writer if readers get inspiration from the write up..!! Thank you so much.

Though its really great to drive at night to catch beautiful nature during sunrise. But personally I can't take the risk to push my body to drive during late night. Because personally I feel its not worth taking that risk. Rather I'll drive during a comfortable time, will stat at hotel(will hardly cost 1000/- maximum) near nandi, then early morning drive to Nandi Hills.

Don't take it personally please. Its purely my personal view.


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1 hour ago, Pralay said:

Rather I'll drive during a comfortable time, will stat at hotel(will hardly cost 1000/- maximum) near nandi, then early morning drive to Nandi Hills.

Agree with Pralay.
I used to go on night drives, when I was young. 
Now, I would rather start at 4 AM in the morning than starting at 11 PM in the night.

Poor visibility, Stress and continuous breaks, will reduce the average during a night drive.

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During long weekends (last weekend), Bangalore Highway is complete mess, I hate when people jump lines at toll booths.
Most of the fast-tag lanes are occupied by regular vehicles.

During long weekends, my only suggestion is to start at 4AM.

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Awesome thread for someone planning a Hyd-Bangalore trip! @Pralay - that was a super-primer for the trip! Meanwhile, just did the Hyderabad - Bangalore sector today. A brief note:


1. Started at 6am (planned start at 5am - the relatively short distance and the known quality of NH44 brought out the laziness in us!) from Srinagar Colony.


2. Soon hit the PV Narasimha Rao Expressway and exited the same at about 6:20am.

3. Refuelled at the HP bunk just at the exit of the expressway.


4. Passed through breakfast options - Hill Park (70kms from home at 7:10am) and M Food Court (75kms @ 7:15am). Since kids were sleeping, stopped at Food Pyramid (on the opposite side of the highway) for breakfast and that was a good decision. The entrance to Food Pyramid is clean and effortless - there is a median gap in the divider at the exact position. The parking is great and a worthy shelter for a car. The food quality is good, the staff efficient and the ambience clean and pleasing. There is a small kids play area as well. The washrooms are clean and maintained well. Super choice for a breakfast stop.


5. Hit the NH back after an hour at breakfast.


6. Impeccably constructed and maintained tarmac - it is smooth and perfect to the point of boring. And hence once needs to be careful - control speeds and be on alert always. Multiple drum-roll rumble strips will keep you awake!


7. Encountered a lot of 2 wheelers and at a couple of places, 4/6 wheelers coming into you with disdain. Need to be very careful.


8. A read-through of others' experience on this stretch had made me cautious of killer speed bumps and speed guns as one nears Bangalore.


9. Am not sure if the speed bumps I encountered (Tapovan signal and Kodikonda cross-roads) were the same that were referred to. Either ways, slow down as you reach these man-made monstrosities.


10. At about 1pm and 497 kms away from home, came across Swagat Delicacy on the opposite side. Did not stop here for lunch, though


11. Finally, decided on lunch at The Indian Paratha Company (@1:45pm and 535 kms). The ambience and construct is nice. But over-priced is what I felt. Incidentally, just after I placed my order, a couple of Indian Metrology Officers paid them a visit! Apparently, IPC was charging Rs 20 for 500ml packaged water (typically, it is Rs. 20 for a liter). As the guys nervously tried to deal with the officials, service suffered and they did not supply me the water they had charged for and refunded Rs. 20!! The food was okay. May not give it a try again.


12. The final stretch to Medahalli, KR Puram was through Budigere and this part of the drive was scenic too! Again, one needs to be very careful negotiating this stretch.


13. In a nutshell, a very nice drive. But beware of rogue traffic at all points. Overtake two wheelers carefully - do not do so very close to them as that could destabilize them very badly.


Attached is the trip log  with toll details. Hope this helps!

Hyd-Bang Trip Log.png

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Thanks @Siju@Yeti for your kind words!! 

lovely details regarding your recent drive to Bangalore! It will help many newbies!




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12 hours ago, Siju@Yeti said:

Super choice for a breakfast stop.

Food Pyramid is a good choice (breakfast) for the people who start early in the morning.

Earlier, only option we have is Hill park drive in.
We used to start  at 4 AM, breakfast stop was at a random dhaba near toll booths.

Now food Pyramid is ideal stop over for early morning starters.

But the lunch options are very few, Anyway we used to reach Bangalore by lunch time.  


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1 hour ago, Ranger said:

But the lunch options are very few, Anyway we used to reach Bangalore by lunch time.  



True mate, road like this is a treat for enthusiasts like us, result is we can truly reach Bangalore before lunch. However, if you really want to have lunch then BPCL Ghar Dhaba, Gooty is a good option. We had our lunch on our way back from Gandikota. It was decent.

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      The Jungle Book By Rudyard Kipling - During my childhood , the only cartoon which used to come on DD is Junglebook. And the kids from early 90's late 80's would surely know the underwear clad Protagonist Mowgli. Some of us, like me, would also recollect the song "Jungle Jungle Baat chali hai , pata chala hai , chaddi pehenke phool kile hai" , Now you might be wondering why is this guy being nostalgic , well the story of Jungle book is set in Pench National Park. Hence the nostalgia. 
      Planning to the weekend Trip To Pench : 
      I stay in Hyderabad , and cannot complete the trip to Pench in a Weekend drive. But if you plan properly , you can complete the trip in a weekend. I did this trip with my parents, my dad being in his mid 60's is eager and enthusiastic for trips. 
      Booked a train from Secundrabad to Nagpur on a friday night.  Booked a Zoom car on Saturday Morning from Nagpur.  Booked a room in one of the resorts from Saturday to Sunday. (One Day). Booked Return Tickets on Sunday Night from Nagpur to Secundrabad.  Reach Hyderabad on Monday morning , and go to office.  
      Actual Trip : 
      We have booked tickets to Nagpur on Secundrabad-Nagpur SF express , the train leaves at 22:15 from Secundrabad station. The train reaches 8:15 AM sharp to Nagpur station. 

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      We woke up at 7 in the train itself , and freshened up. When the train reached Nagpur , for our conveyance i borrowed my friend's car. Very generous of him to lend his car for my family trip. He left the car for us at the station back gate. For other's , there are multiple options of self drive cars are available. Choose the car according to your needs. 
      Another thing i had to keep in mind with my elderly father is his food. He has to eat on time and take medicines accordingly. Hence we went to the nearest Haldiram's to have our breakfast. To my bad luck , this particular Haldiram's was serving all south indian breakfast that day. I wanted to try something with Pav.  . 

      ( Haldiram's where we had our breakfast)

      (Inside of haldiram's , where we had our breakfast)
      After having breakfast, my friend left for his place, and decided that we would catch up again here , to return back the car the next day. It was 10:00 A.M by the time we started for Pench National park. 
      We booked our accommodation at Pench Jungle Camp (https://www.penchjunglecamp.com/) , and we also booked the Breakfast, Lunch , Dinner package along with accomodation. We also made the safari booking through them. so no other headaches. but if you do book by yourself , it might be a little cheaper. 
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      (The fan and the chandelier inside the tent)
      (beds , and a lovely wall art)
      (Extra space with Sofas)  
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      We went to safari on both the days, Saturday evening and Sunday morning. As the Safari was organised by the Resort on Sunday morning , they had packed some sandwitches and boiled eggs , for us to eat. After coming back at 11:00 A.M , we had our break fast , went to our tents , freshened up and checked out at 1:00 P.M. We paid to have our Lunch , there in the resort , and left Pench by 2:30 P.M , By 5:30 we were back at Haldiram's in Nagpur , to catch up with my friend and have some coffee. 
      My friend dropped us at the railway station, we took the train Nagpur - SC train back to Hyderabad. Below are some of the pics from the safari. 

      (The water tanker is used to fill water in ponds for animals)

      (If you are luck, you will spot a tiger ,  )

      ( This tent/housing belongs to forest dept , and they serve tea/biscuits for tourists, Also notice Mowgli , of the far left of the image)

      (A Fox)


      (Wild Dog) 


      (Deers in Pench River)


      (Thats the safari Road)






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      Precursor to the Trip: 
      Mr.Daddy calls me up on Oct 2nd in the evening. 
      Daddy : I had to work today , who the hell works on Gandhi jayanthi? They don't even sell Liquor today. 
      Me : Chill Macha , we chose this job. And have to take everything it throws at us. 
      Daddy: I need some relaxation , plan something for the weekend. 
      Me : Hmm, lets go to Bhuvanagiri Fort, I have been meaning to trek that fort since childhood. 
      Daddy: Done. 
      The plan has been made , but could not be executed the Dussehra weekend, due to the obvious reasons. Our Wives would let us go on a trek on a festival day. And i totally forgot about it , till 12th When Mr.Daddy messages to ask me if i'm available to do the trek on 13th (Sunday). I said yes , and the trip was on. 
      Hill Fort of Bhuvanagiri: 
      If you have ever have traveled to Warangal by road or by train you would not miss this small fort on top of the hill. I remember watching the hill for the first time as a kid, from a train window, on my way to Hyderabad. Since then i was always fascinated by this small fort and it was my long lasting desire to trek to the top of it.  
      The fort is constructed in the 10th century A.D by Tribhuvanamalla Vikramaditya VI. That makes this fort atleast 1000 years old. In contrast Golconda fort is 400 years old. And Since it is built by Tribhuvanamalla , the fort is called Tribhuvanagiri , Which latter became Bhuvanagiri and with the Persian and Urdu influence of the local kings became Bhongir. The fort was built on a small egg shaped hill, and there were small steps cut into the rock to climb up to the fort. 
      Drive To The Fort:
      I started at 8:30 A.M on Sunday morning , and started towards Mr.Daddy's home in Manikonda, Hyderabad. I picked him up and on the way we stopped at Organic hotel to have breakfast. After having quick breakfast we took the ORR to reach Warangal Highway.
      (Organic Hotel , where we had or break Fast) 
      As there was no hurry , we mostly drove in the middle lane at 80KMPH max speed, The ORR charged us 140/- to get down at Warangal high way, And soon after that we had to pay another toll on the highway, We took a to and fro pass for 140/- and went on our way. The toll has dedicated lanes for fastag , and if you still don't have one Get one ASAP. 
      As soon as you cross the toll gate and proceed further , you see something like this (Image is taken from Wiki) 
      With the help of google maps we reached the entry point of the fort. There are two gates to get into , one for regular tourists and another for rock climbing school in the premises. There is ample space to park 8-10 cars. We parked our car , proceeded to the shop next to the ticket counter bought ourselves a water bottle & moved to ticket counter to buy our tickets. Ticket cost for Adults is rs: 10/- per head.

      The Rock has steps cut into it , which looks fairly a recent addition to the 1000 year old Hill Fort. We started our climb from this point. 
      The weather forecast for Bhongir on that day was partially cloudy and with intermittent rains. But Sun god has different plans for us. It was hot and the rock reflected the heat. After a brief walk , we ended up at the first gateway to the fort. There was some shade and i sat there for a couple of minutes. 
      (The first gateway , where you will find some shade.) 
      After the first rest stop , there is enough tree cover and it was a little cloudy , we reached the second Gateway in some time. 

      The distance between the second and third Gateway is not much , but there is a increase in elevation. We soon reached the third gateway , and the the view looked like this after crossing the third gateway. 

      From here there is no tree cover , and to my bad luck there is no cloud cover either.  From here ,  if you walked towards right from the path , you would find some ruins. This signifies that you have reached level 1. From here the path goes on to the top of the hill. We kept on walking and discussing on how ingeniously the architect of the fort has constructed multiple Dams to conserve rain water. 

      (Level 1 ruins towards the left of the picture and Check Dams to conserve towards the right of the Picture) 
      From here the walk way is very steep , one has to be careful. And this can be slippery during rains. 

      (Steep Walk way , with stairs cut into the rock, Rails installed in the modern era for support, Another Check Dam towards right and Mr.Daddy gauging on how far we have to go)
      After this i was completely exhausted , and stopped at every 5-10 minutes on the pretext of taking pictures 😛 ,  Approximately after an hour we started , we reached the top of the fort. 
      (Celebratory pic of climbing the hill, My smile will tell you how happy i was on the top, the cannon at the back might be a late addition to the fort , as they were developed only in 15th century) 
      There are three structures at the top of the Hill , one ruined old fort , and two other government buildings , with Cellular tower on top of one. The other building was build on top adjacent to an old well. (The Pic of the fort). 
      The views from the top of the hill are simply amazing. Google maps told us that we were 1000 meters above MSL. Below are a few pics of the views from the fort. 

       (You can spot Bhongir Railway station , from where i first saw this magnificent Hill Fort. Also , at the bottom right , notice how Dams were constructed to save water.)

      (Another pond , and the fort wall at a distance)
      We explored the whole place for an hour , found a small entrance and a staircase, just out of curiosity i went in and started climbing the stairs , and Mr.Daddy followed me. 
      The stairs took us to the top of the fort. There is no higher point in Bhongir Than this.  

      (The fort view from behind)


      (Me after conquering the fort, instead of a sword i posed with an Umbrella, modern day weapon to fight the soldiers of the nature) 
      By 2 o clock we were hungry and decided to descend, as soon as we thought of of it , we could see dark clouds manifest out of no where and weather became cloudy and pleasant.  I wonder where these clouds were when i was climbing up the hill.   

      We climbed down, and there were 6 other cars parked in the parking. We went to the shop next to ticket counter had another bottle of water. Went to a nearby restaurant in Bhongir and had our lunch. After and uneventful lunch , we started back to Hyderabad , and it started raining just as we were ready to leave Bhongir. 
      Tips for Trek to the Top : 
      Carry your own water one bottle per person. Carry an umbrella , Sun or Rain it will help you a lot.  Avoid Summers , It was tiring to climb in October Sun. Imagine April Sun beating down on you.   
      Suggest to go in groups, Half of the time i was engrossed in deep conversations with Mr.Daddy , and didn't feel the tiredness. 
      Wear shoes and avoid Slippers and Flip flops at all costs

      PS: For those who are wondering , why i call him Daddy , You can find the explanation in my previous write up

    • By Ranger
      Hi all,

      This is the Pune-Bangalore road condition as on 14th Oct 2019.
      This is a detailed explanation and a long post so kindly read it at your leisure.
      A stretch of almost 870 kms from Pune.  Until Hubli you dont have to fall down under. It is a beautiful highway to drive on. Your patience is taken for a toss from Hubli. Your real journey starts now :p After Hubli, almost close to 150-200 kms, you have to deal with some rough patches of the road because a lot of construction activity is in progress. May be two years down the line it will be the best highway. After the trouble with all the rubble, here comes the best stretch of the highway which is the last two hundred kilometres where you feel you are in heaven. You can easily touch speeds upto 130-140 kmph with ease and it is a 6-Lane highway. In most parts of the highway until Kolhapur or may be little further you will find some shoddy white strips (refer video) which spread across hundred metres before you cross every village. These are nasty, so you may want to speed up a bit; instead of travelling at 40 or 60 kmph, travel at speeds of nearly 80-100 kmph so that you don't feel these jerks. However, be careful of two wheeler and pedestrians crossing the roads in these villages.  After Hubli, you may not find too many food options so carry lot of snacks with you. Especially, when you are travelling with kids ensure that you take decent quantity of food. However, here and there you might find small outlets which are just average. But if you are looking for some good options you will have to wait until the last 100 to 130 kilometres stretch towards Bangalore. Last but not the least, as far as possible, avoid driving in the night in this stretch from Hubli because in certain places you will not find diversion symbols near construction areas, you wont see shoulder line markings, lane markings in most of the places thus making it a difficult drive during nights. Both the driver and navigator have to be really careful to ensure that everyone is safe   
      by Praneeth Palakodeti
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