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'Hyderabad to Rachakonda' - Republic day breakfast drive meetup report - January 26th 2017


Start point - Gachibowli (ORR)
End point - Rachakonda fort
Start time - 6:30 a.m.
Total Distance - ~120 kms

Objective :

A small gathering to meet all the new folks of the club for breakfast at 'Village Aharam - An organic restaurant' followed by an exploration drive towards Rachakonda fort on this wonderful occasion of the 68th Republic day.


Destination description:

'Village Aharam' is an organic restaurant which is located in a peaceful environment in Koyalguda which is around 90 kms from Gachibowli on the Vijayawada highway with a village ambiance. It is rural respite for the urban tired. 

'Rachakonda fort' was constructed in 14th century by 'Recherla Singama Nayak' who ruled the region of Rachakonda after the Kakatiya dynasty.

The architecture Rachakonda Fort is of medieval Hindu fort architecture made of large stones which are of irregular size and indefinite shape.


At the entrance, the gates are made of stone pillars and horizontal beams. 
The structure of Rachakonda Fort was strategically developed as a defensive bastion with strong fortifications.

Presently, the fort is in a ruined state.


Due to its proximity to Hyderabad, Rachakonda Fort has now become an excellent weekend spot for the Hyderabadis. There is no Entry fee as it is not yet developed on a commercial end. 


Rachakonda fort Tips:

  • No food, water are available near the fort, carry your own water and food.
  • Vehicle parking is available at foot hills of the fort.
  • Fort doesn't have proper entrance, once you park your vehicle you need to find the path on your own, which itself is fun.
  • Less crowded.
  • Trek is very easy, no gear required.
  • Not advisable to visit after sunset.
  • Early morning is the best time to visit.




Hyderabad to Rachakonda fort Route:

Hyderabad --> Ramoji film city --> Malakapur --> Koyaragudem --> Rachakonda fort.


Road condition :

Hyderabad to Koyaragudem : 4-lane excellent road with no tolls.

Koyaragudem to Rachakonda fort : 2-lane track with beautiful views cutting through hills.



1) Mahindra KUV 100 - Girish
2) Hyundai i20 Elite - Ravi Teja
3) Hyundai i20 Elite - Jagadish
4) Volkswagen Polo Highline - Vamshi
5) Hyundai i20 Active - Shiv Sigh
6) Honda Amaze - Srinivas
7) Ford Fiesta - Kashyap
8) Hyundai Verna - Madhavi
9) Renault Duster - Vinith reddy
10) Hyundai Creta - Sruthi
11) Hyundai Creta - Sagar
12) Mahindra XUV 500 - Rahul
13) Honda Civic - Saran
14) Honda Civic - Gowtham varma
15) Skoda Octavia - Gautam Kumsi 


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A group pic of all the 'India-Drive' members @Village Aharam who have attended the breakfast drive meet



A short celluloid of the drive towards Rachakonda.


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All the 'India-drive men' have gathered at the meet up point by 6 15 a.m. and after a brief introductory session about the rules and their position during the convoy, the drive towards the 'Village Aharam' was set to track as the clock swept 6 30 a.m. 



@rahul sharma cruising on the ORR.



A small teaser on how we space up with the car ahead of ours - THE CONVOY.





@Saran's civic showing up how dynamic he could get when she rolls on to the beautiful ORR.



@Kashyap's classic Fiesta.



@Mady's Verna cruising on in the Convoy.



'India-drive's Convoy and it is quite evident :D



They never miss out on attending the drive meet.



Korean twins leading the pack.



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A few glimpses of the drive towards 'Village Aharam'.



We took the Vijayawada exit from ORR.



Our very well designed ORR exists. Best in the country.





Maintaining a 15 car convoy is tough on Vijayawada highway, Which is one of the busiest.



Post breakfast at 'Village Aharam', The drive towards the Rachakonda fort commenced.



We took off from the highway towards Koyaragudem Village where the roads narrow down. 



Villagers are happy seeing many cars making their work easy.



The road towards the rachakonda fort was fun to drive with neatly laid tarmac.



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A small mud track after we crossed the rachakonda village and we were almost there at the fort.



Elegant Octavia kicking out some dust. 



A beautiful lake rests on the foot of the Rachakonda fort hill.



@varunchetluri and @girish.guntaka@gmail.com showed up enthusiastic during a short trek to the hill top 



Few glimpses of the members trekking their way up the hill



Men in black.



view got better as we started the climb.





As soon as we started our trek, Group discussion on fitness/calories sparked up. :D



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@Saran - One drive enthusiast who always makes sure that he never misses out on any drive meet up.



The trek up the hill throughout has been a little tiring under the burning hot sun but we never miss to have fun with these cheerful souls.



@Vinithreddy and @Saran were all full of energy throughout the meet.  :cooler:



An ancient abandoned architecture rests on the top of the hill.



Rachakonda fort - Check :D



All set and done, Our drive back was set to pace.



We had quick break, while setting up the drone.Some of the best looking cars.







That's all folks, Waiting for some good pictures from the members who have attended the drive meet.



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It has been an amazing experience joining the drive with you guys... Loved the video too :D Cant wait for the next one! Here are few memories I would love to share.. 

Greenery on the way 1ce6bc07ebfc6a4595ae3749db9b77e6.jpg

Tasty chai which cant be forgotten @village aharam

The lake we discovered after a long walk :)

My memory for the trip #lookwhatifound

It has been so much fun joining you guys. Cheers to the whole crew :photo:

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Wonderful pictures and especially the drone capture looks fab. I missed to make it for the drive :( 

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Wonderful pics of most amazing drive. Thanks for the video and great drone shots that gave altogether very unique experience. Kudos to the admins! 

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Great Guys!! Very nice to see you all together.

@sagar: May I know the details about the drone. I mean where from you bought, brand, price etc..

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It was an amazing drive with you guys! I enjoyed a lot with you people. India-Drive a big family now.

The energy that everyone has for drive and discovering places are equal. Thats what bringing the India-Drive grow so fast and I love it.

The "organic food" at Village Aharam was awesome. And the drive to Rachakonda, I didn't expect that it will have an amazing road. (Will share the video shortly)


Here are my few clicks.























































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      Hyderabad to Bhongir fort drive meetup - February 25th - 2017
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      Bhongir fort tips:
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      Bhongiri Fort timings:
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      Early morning is the best time to visit, you can get into the fort at 6AM from the back entry. 
      It is against rules, but you can buy the ticket while coming back.

      Bhongiri Fort entry fee:
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      Hyderabad to Bhongir fort route:
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      Hyderabad to Bhongiri Road condition:
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      Hotels in Bhongiri: 
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      6) Honda Civic - Gowtham varma
      7) Toyota Innova Crysta - Akhil
      8) Audi Q3 - Bhargav
      PS: This report was compiled by pictures taken by me, Gowtham and Sagar.
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