Hyderabad to Pocharam wild life sanctuary route.   Distance : 140 kilometers   Ride:   Route-A Hyderabad --> Dundigal --> Narsapur --> Medak --> Pocharam wild life scantuary. This is a 2-lane route cutting through the forests and hills(small). Try this route only if you plan to start early in the morning. (traffic is high during day time)   Route-B Hyderabad -->Medchal-->Ramayanpet--> Pocharam wild life scantuary. This is the best route to take. Hyderabad to Ramayanpet : 4-lane and road condition is excellent. Ramayanpet to Pocharam : 2-lane and road condition is very good.   Places to visit around:   1.Pocharam wild life sanctuary   2.Pocharam reservoir/Dam   3.Medak church      Poacharam wild life sanctuary.   15 kilometers from Medak.   Timings morning to evening. (Will closed before 4/5PM)   Guide is available at the forest entry.   It will cost you under 300/- including guide and forest entry.   They wont allow you inside without guide.   You need to provide a space inside your car for Guide.    Bikes are not allowed inside the trail.   You cannot get out of the vehicle inside the forest. (Can get down only near watch tower)