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Hyderabad to Konaseema!

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Exploring the country side of Andhra Pradesh


With a long weekend around the corner, and the festive mood already setting in at the workplace, it was time to brainstorm about how best the long weekend can be utilized. 


So it was decided that we will be heading to konaseema (Rajahmundry, Amalapuram, Kakinada) to celebrate the festival of sankranti.


A teaser of what you can expect in this post



Our Drive 

Hyundai Creta 1.6 CRDi



Hyderabad - Vijayawada - Eluru - Rajahmundry (Ravulapalem, Muramalla) - Kakinada (Yanam, Coringa, Adharipeta)


The Numbers

Total Distance : 475 kms (Hyd to RJY)

Drive Time : 6hrs including breakfast pitstop of 30mins

Mileage : 16 kmpl 


Stay :

Rajamundry - Jetty Grand (Decent stay)

Kakinada - R L Grand (Decent stay) 




Day 1 : Start to Rajahmundry at 5 am at avoid the festive traffic enroute Vijayawada. 

Day 2 : The festival day, visit kodi pandems (Cock Fights) at Ravulapalem, covering yanam and Coringa National park and night stay at Kakinada.

Day 3 : Drive along Uppada beach road to visit Adharipeta near by Kakinada and drive back to Hyderabad.


Bags packed and hit the sack a little early than usual, woke up at 4 am and we were on course by 5 am. As it was major festival in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh , the whole of Hyderabad was on the move towards Andhra, and the traffic was evident on NH9, leading to Vijayawada.


The evident festive traffic at an 8-lane toll gate around 5 a.m. 



A short pit-stop after we exited the toll



Journey continued and we reached Vijayawada by 8:30 a.m skipping the customary pit-stop at 7 restaurant at Suryapet just to cross the early hour major highway traffic.  


The Vijayawada Highway was a breeze, covering chunk of the distance without any traffic



We stopped by for breakfast in the city of Vijayawada and reached this small hotel at the behest of our fellow 'India-drive' member, Kashyap




They severed only Idlys at this place and I must say, they were very delicious (Nothing out of the ordinary, but they had a different taste altogether)



Having had a sumptuous breakfast, we drove on! Crossing eluru, on the smooth tarmac, we had to be very careful about the vagrant mongrels (we killed one on the way :$) and the scurrying traffic. 


The drive from Vijayawada via Eluru until the outskirts of Rajamundry was uneventful and we have covered the distance in no time.


The greenery on either sides of the highway indicated that we were getting close "Konaseema". The lush green fields amidst the coconut trees.


We deviated off the highway onto a small kacha road leading into the fields for the customary photoshoot













After a short photo break, we moved ahead towards Rajamundry to explore a bit driving down until the banks of the Godavari river





After a pleasant evening on the river banks, we moved to our hotel to close down for the day 



Day :02 - We woke up to this beautiful sunrise throwing its rays to clear the thick fog on the green fields 







Our first destination was to experience the traditional festive activity 'Kodi pandhem' which is one native celebration of the locals on the occasion of Sankranthi festival



Entry pass to the arena



Few glimpses of the play arena





On the outside, the festival is being celebrated amidst of this beautiful farmlands 









Few glimpses of the beautiful country side in 'Konaseema'





We drove down towards Yanam which is enroute Kakinada from Muramalla



Our next destination was 'Coringa' wild life sanctuary which was beautiful for an evening pleasant walk on the wooden ridges between the forest. 





At the end of the forest walk, there is a boat ride facility into the back waters



Having had a tiring day, we retired for the day to check-in at Kakinada.


Day : 03 - We checked out of our hotel to experience a beach side drive between Kakinada <---> Uppada <---> Adharipeta



A beautiful ancient bridge on the sea coast at Adharipeta



Had an amazing time at this place during the early hours as we waited for the sun to rise 



Overall, It has been one heck of an amazing drive towards the country side to experience something new apart from our daily routine urban life.. End of our trip and we drove back to Hyderabad 



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It has been a wonderful trip. It still reminds me of the food we relished on, the twerky roads, green fields and not to forget the isolated beaches we hit. Will share the pics that I've clicked soon. :cooler:  

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I scrupulously savour the commute.

Stunning photography[mention=7]sagar[/mention],[mention=35]ravi[/mention] and @adithya

Kudos to the team for coming up with such an effulgent write up. fc59e6c8af1b90f6f82713681928be02.jpgaa48c405898f9a1c8a0762b5e1140857.jpg

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It has been a wonderful trip. It still reminds me of the food we relished on, the twerky roads, green fields and not to forget the isolated beaches we hit. Will share the pics that I've clicked soon. :cooler:  

The gripping moment of trip will surely be the drive at 120kmph on a single lane canal road , enroute kodi pandems!!

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The pictures look so beautiful and the place looks so serene.. Wonderful details in the log.. Thanks a lot for sharing this info.

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Beautiful.. The place looks so blissful. I always wanted to explore this side Andhra Pradesh for its nativity and my urge towards this place has pepped up even more. Excellent report @Ravi and amazing pictures too.. 

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Awesome pics @Ravi .. Never knew about the country side being so beautiful.. Thanks a lot for sharing your story in detail. Any information about the beach side stays in Kakinada would help me better.. 

Thanks in advance :)

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@Ravi Brilliant stuff bro, I am getting to see your pics again after our Gandikota drive meet up. sagar and Kashyap, you pics are no less, Over all a superb post about the hidden paradise in Andhrapradesh. Thanks a lot for sharing all the information :)

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Lovely pictures guys, Any idea of staying around a beach side private guesthouse around kakinada or yanam as vivek asked..?


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Awesome stuff guys, The drive looks so much fun by the pics put up. And Koringa is never a place for long weekend as it gets crowded but otherwise, one of the nicest places in the region.

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It is tough to build a itinerary for konaseema.

Select a place to explore, which will pass by konaseema.

I would suggest you to visit maredumilli via Rajamundry, this way you can cover both konaseema and maredumilli.

Others can provide more information, I have visited konaseema only once.

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34 minutes ago, Raghavendra_ch said:

Super trip. I am planning for the same trip. Can you detail the itinerary?

It depends on number of days you are planning.
Any place in your mind?
Is this your first time visit?

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Scenic and lovely pictures!!!!

I heard that we can do Godavari Back water boating @yanam. Is it good and safe with kids?

How long the boating will be. Will they take the boat near the island at Kakinda beach. Not sure if its Uppda beach?


I planned many times the same itenerary as you did, but never materialised. 

Edited by sahil
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20 hours ago, sahil said:

planned many times the same itinerary as you did, but never materialized. 


Yanam is just an average place.
If you are planning to explore back waters and beaches.
Would suggest you to try

  • Coringa forest
  • Hope Island
  • Uppada beach (evening/early morning)

Also avoid these places during Holidays, specially during Sankranthi and Dussera.


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