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    • By MTF
      Hello all,
      This is my first post in the forum.
      As my status suggest, i'm newbie here☺️
      My profile;
      Total experience behind wheels: less than 1 year
      Total kms traveled: below 8k (with only 1 long drive ~1600kms i.e; Hyd-Pune-Mumbai-Aurangabad-Nanded-Hyd in Sep 2017)
      Car owned: Baleno petrol manual transmission.
      Travellers: Me, better half, 2 kids (10Y, and 5Y)
      Before posting as a new topic, i browsed all the topics for the topic to start.
      My intention is to take expert tips from all expert guys like you.
      Kindly bear with me if you find these queries childish, as i can't change stepney by myself!
      1. During ascending on ghat road (which i observed on Lonavala ghat road), i drive in 2nd gear. At the hair pin curve, applied full accelarotor, as i felt my vehicle may not move further. Scary experience. Is it normal?
      Somebody suggest me to use 1st gear for those ascending hair pin curve...
      2. I have read lot of experience of driving in Wayanad. With my above experience can I hit the road? Planning this October holidays after getting 3rd service done.
      My wife drive well if the roads are well mainatained like NH44. 
      3. Does Nitrogen gas really helps for better maintenance of the tyres?
      I will continue post my queries here in this forum, if i get some response as I believe in learning is continuous process until you die!
      Note: I start exploring the forum very recently. Had i read all the post before my unplanned tour to Mumbai, i would never taken the route of NH65 especially from Omerga to Sholapur😩.
      Thank you for your time and valuable inputs.
    • By Ranger
      First time in India, Hyderabad traffic police introduces new points system to control the traffic offenders.
      If a driver/rider who is regular offender will get his license suspended.
      Starting : August 1st 2017
      Total points : 12
      Time period :  24 months
      Important points :
      If a drivers exceeds 12 points in the tenure of 24 months, his/her license will be suspended for a period of 1 year. If he is second time offender, means a  Driver who got back license after the suspension period and committed offense(crossed 12 points again), his license will be suspended for 2 years and It is similar for the 3rd time.  Learners license will be canceled, If a driver crossed 5 points, he should apply for the new learners license. Entire system runs on cashless model, all challans should be cleared online, it is a contact less model and it is introduced first time in India. 
      Points table:

      Major offense: Drink and drive and Committing a robbery or similar offence.
      Minor offense: Driving without Seat belt/Helmet and Carrying extra passengers.  
    • By Ranger
      When? : 18th March.
      Total distance : 130 Kilometers
      Route : Route MAP 
      Destination : Uppuguda
      Hyderabad ORR
      Beautiful 8-lane outer ring road. 160 kilometers. No entry  for 2,3 wheelers. No traffic signals or speed breakers.
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