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Yes, you can carry but till will be extra luggage for you and you need to deposit money for every thing, they will return back if show the wrappers. if you throw your empty packets or bottles you wont get your money back.

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@kkkumar Good stuff bro. Your post is quite informative. Looking forward to read a full travel story from you end soon :)

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Do choose only fortuner if at all you go there.. Reliability at its best.. any other would definitely get you knocked down [emoji4]

Did it in a XUV fortunately no landslides and challenges at Nalas

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When we did it, we have considered the Fortuner and XUV among our options and finally drew down to the Fortuner and I have personally become a fan of the Toyota there after for its magnificent reliability. :)

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19 hours ago, chaitanyap said:

Pangong Lake - Ladakh


No words to describe the eternal beauty, raw nature.

Beautiful Capture, waiting for more pictures!
Which year is this one?

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Awesome picture @chaitanyap. One of the best places one can visit. Maggi available beside this lake at 3-idiots café is amazingly tasty :D. Btw, Did you visit the place in the month of June?

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We did this in third week of May this year. Will post a writeup soon.


Yes, It was awesome. The lake appears real blue only when is the sky is clear from clouds(which is best from June onwards). We couldnt take nice pictures in the evening since it was cloudy and also raining at some points. So we went for a shoot early in the morning next day and were compensated :)


In my view, many tourists do a mistake of staying at Spangmik which is the starting point of Pangong Lake. We  did the entire strech from Spangik-Mann-Merak(60 kms) and I thought views at other points were much beautiful and better. This shot was taken at Mann.


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      Tariff, Timings, contact numbers:-

      Cash counter, cycle shed on the left, just after entrance, people sitting with laptop are collecting fees. After payment, proceed straight to the cycle shed. Choose the cycle & helmet of your choice, show the ticket to the person in charge of the shed while taking out cycle.


      Cycle shed:-

      Helmet to collect from here:

      My wife was taking a sip from the water bottle while I took a snap of our ride of the day!

      Take only left after coming out from the counter...

      ... because most of the track is "one way". Notice many of the visitors are cycling without helmet.

      Please follow these basic rules:-

      This rule is applicable on road as well:-

      It has some twist & turns to push into those corners 



      It has got water body, which is bliss on a morning ride:-

      Me & my wife while taking a photo-shoot break!


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      Signing off!!
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