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    • By nayangaurav
      Planning for a road trip from guwahati assam to deoghar jharkhand via road by my car ertiga , can anyone help me with the best route options and how is the road condition ? , Is it safe to travel with family via road ?
      Kindly help
    • By BAK
      Hi , guys Bilal here this is my second post on India drive . Early I posted Hyderabad to Nuzividu the roads conditions are so good ,But now me and my childhood friends are planning to visit Machilipatnam.
      Is there any interesting places to visit in Machilipatnam , which route should I prefer Vijayawada route or Tiruvuru Lakshmipuram route guys please give me the best suggestions.
    • By Shekar
      I did not travelled for three months and the traveller in side me is thirsty.
      Few plans to West Maharastra and Goa with friends did not materialised.
      I had also planned a trip to Chitrakote falls with family friends but they were afraid of travelling in Chattisgarh.
      It was late night of 27th July, 2018 Friday and I was desperate to go to some place.
      I asked my wife and son Shall we go to Chitrakote Waterfalls? They said yes.
      Rough route plan was with me. No bookings for night stay made. 
      Got up early on 28-07-2018 Saturday and started from Home by 5.30 AM and reached Warangal by 7.30 AM.
      I know the route up to Eturunagaram before Bhogatha and I know very well that once we cross Warangal,
      it is difficult to get any food. So we had Breakfast at Hotel Ashoka, Hanmakonda, once my favorite. Entered in to Mulugu road (from here entire roads are 2 lane) by 8.30 AM. 
      Our original thought was to come back in the same route from Chitrakote but it proved wrong.
      Initially we thought of seeing Bhogatha falls in return journey so as to reach Chitrakote early.
      By 10.30 we were at Bhogatha Falls cross road and its only 1 Km from there. We thought lets have a look without wasting much time.
      It proved to be good decision. 



    • By Ranger
      Last weekend, We went a on a small drive from Hyderabad to Srisailam.

      Since, we have multiple logs on Srisailam drive. I don't want to share more information on it.
      I will concentrate more on Akka Mahadevi Caves (few people call it Akkamadevi devi Caves)
      There are two ways to visit Akka Mahadevi caves from Srisailam: 
      AP Tourism boating Private boating
      Akka Mahadevi caves boating start point:
      Both the boats agencies start from same location : Pathala Ganga
      To reach Pathala Ganga, you need to either take rope-way or steps.
      If you have a bike you can ride down via steep path. 
      Cars cant go down. Need to park them at rope way entrance. (designated parking is available) 
      Location details
      Distance and time taken to visit Akka Mahadevi caves:(Applicable for both Private and Government operators)
      Boat ride takes around 90 minutes (one way) Distance is around 16 kilometers (one way) Boat speed is around 14 km/hr  Total time for entire ride (including caves visit) : 4~5 hours  
      Both government and private agencies provide life jackets.
      You may catch up cross winds at few locations but nothing to worry about them.
      Ride is smooth through out.
      AP Tourism boating:
      AP Tourism boating is managed by government.
      It is a big boat with 50 member capacity.  
      Boat starts between 9AM~10AM from Pathala Ganga. (only one slot)
      You need to reach the point by 9AM and book the tickets for boating.
      Once you book the tickets, you need to wait till the boat is full (50 members) .
      Boat usually starts between 10AM~11AM.
      Price: 350/- (per head) 
      Private Tourism boating:
      These are managed by private operators under government control.
      They have around ~15 member capacity boats which are small.
      Boats are basic as shown in the above image.
      These boats don't have any fixed timings, they are available from 6 AM, according to locals.  (I feel that is the best time to visit)
      These guys close their operations before 2 PM.
      Food and Water
      Carry food and water, they are available just before boating point.
      Near the caves they charge x3, sometimes they may not be available.
      About Akka Mahadevi Caves: 
      Once we get-down from the boat, we need to walk around 500 meters, path is neatly laid.
      No washrooms are available at the caves, plan accordingly. 
      Caves are very small, don't expect them similar to Belum/Borra caves.
      But the stone formation outside the caves are amazing. Boat guys act as a guide, they will tell about the history of the place.
      Foot wear are not allowed into caves.
      Once you enter into caves:(approximate numbers)
      Walk : 100 meters Crawl: 50 meters Walk side ways : 20 meters Once you reach dead end you will find a Shiva lingam.
      Only one person can enter at a time (for Crawl/walk side way)
      Bats, it will stink inside the caves.
      Some people may feel suffocated inside the caves, due to narrow passages. 
      Fine dust inside the caves, not a place for people with dust allergy 
      Overall, I would say it is a must visit for nature lovers. 
      Not an ideal place for Instagram crowd.
      Important note:
      Visit only during monsoon(Cloudy) and winter(December, low temperatures).
      Avoid this place, when the sun is out. Summer is completely ruled out.
      If you are taking AP tourism boat, try to occupy the last row. It has best view.  
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