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Drive Condition from Hyderabad to Bhopal

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I am planning to drive to Bhopal from Hyderabad with family. Has anyone traveled recently by road? Can we do it in one day, if we start at 5 am from Hyderabad ? How is the road condition from Hyderabad to Nagpur and from Nagpur to Bhopal.



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Guest Amit

Hello Abhishek

I drive to Varanasi every year and familiar with the Hyderabad-Nagpur leg. Upto MH border is excellent and you can easily do this 300km in 3-4 hrs. From MH border to Nagpur is about 200km. This road is also 4 lane but there are diversions at a couple of places and a few horrible speed breakers. About 100 km before Nagpur there is a confusing crossroad (the only crossroad on the way) and you must take a left turn to Nagpur. Right turn will take you to Chandrapur. 

You can expect to reach Nagpur in 7-8 hrs with one stop. 

My info is about a year old though and I expect the road to have improved.

Will look forward to your experience.

Safe travels


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11 hours ago, Guest Amit said:


Will look forward to your experience.



Thanks a lot for sharing your inputs on the road conditions to Varanasi Amit. That road construction work around Nagpur has been happening for ages now and God knows when that would be finished. No doubt Hyderabad to Nagpur road is bliss.. Few kms beyond Nagpur is quite a mess

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