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Hyderabad to Hampi Road Trip

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11 hours ago, Rajaravib said:

Need help,.... how is the road to hampi from Hyderabad... which route is better..kindly suggest.



Welcome onboard @Rajaravib. There are usually 2 routes to reach Hampi from Hyderabad.


Route 1:
Gachibowli --> Mahbubhnagar --> Raichur --> Sindhanur --> Gangavati --> Hampi (370 kms)

Gachibowli - Mahbubnagar --------------> Excellent road

Mahbubnagar - Raichur - Sindhanur ---------------> Road construction work in progress, Mix of Good and bad roads, Too many speed bumps.

Sindhanur - Gangavathi - Hampi ---------------------> Excellent 2 lane road, few bad patches.



Route 2:

Gachibowli --> Mahbubnagar --> Kurnool --> Kodumur --> Ballari --> Hampi (420 kms)

Gachibowli - Mahbubnagar - Kurnool ---------------> Excellent road condition (Bangalore highway)

Kurnool - Kodumur - Ballari ---------------> Good roads with a few bad roads (patches). 80 % of Good roads.

Ballari - Hampi ----------------> Mix of Good and Bad roads. Roads after crossing the Ballari town are bad.


Both the routes have almost the same drive time and so we chose the route which was longer having the same drive time.


Route Taken:

Hyderabad (Gachibowli) --> Mahbubnagar --> Kurnool --> Kodumur --> Ballari --> Hampi 


You can refer to the link below for more information on Hampi.



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5 hours ago, sagar said:

Hyderabad (Gachibowli) --> Mahbubnagar --> Kurnool --> Kodumur --> Ballari --> Hampi 


This is the best route. 
Most of the roads leading to Hampi are bad. 

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