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Hyderabad to Vizag road condition and places to visit

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Hi guys

, Im basically based out of Kerala and recently settled here in Hyderabad. I'm planning to drive down to Vizag on a drive during the Christmas weekend between Dec. 24th to 27th. Can somebody please suggest me the best route to reach Vizag from Hyderabad.. Also, please suggest me the best places to cover around Vizag and good accommodation. Thanks in advance. :)

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Hi Ullas, At present the best route to reach Vizag from Hyderabad is Hyderabad - Suryapet - Vijayawada - Rajamundry - Vizag.

I suggest you to cover a place named Araku since you have enough days in hand and not much to see around Vizag.

Places to cover in Vizag are:

Ramakrishna Beach, Kailasagiri Hill Park, Submarine Museum, Yarada Beach (A must visit beach in Vizag), Dolphin's Nose, Visakhapatnam Zoo, Bhimli Beach.

Araku is a small hill station close to Vizag which is approximately around 100 kms from Vizag and takes 3 hours of drive time.

Haritha valley resort is one decent and recommended place for a stay between the hills.

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Route:Stick to the regular route via Vijayawada.Can be done in a single day without any stress.Starting early morning is the key.1.Hyderabad to Vijayawada : 4-lane : Road condition is excellent.2.Vijayawada to vizag : 4-lane : Road is not good last year.Restaurants and Fuel stations enroute :You can find plenty of Hotels and Fuel stations enroute.1. Breakfast at Suryapet. (Hotel 7 is recommended if you are with family)2. Lunch at Rajahmundry.Hotels in vizag (tourism)1.Palm exotica. (If you want to have peaceful trip) [ATTACH=JSON]{"alt":"Click image for larger version Name:\t1.jpg Views:\t1 Size:\t160.3 KB ID:\t4789","data-align":"none","data-attachmentid":"4789","data-size":"full"}[/ATTACH] 2. Vizag APTDC Haritha beach resort. [ATTACH=JSON]{"alt":"Click image for larger version Name:\trushikonda%20beach%20resort.jpg Views:\t1 Size:\t97.3 KB ID:\t4790","data-align":"none","data-attachmentid":"4790","data-size":"custom","height":"756","width":"1144"}[/ATTACH]





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Vijayawada to vizag : 4-lane : Road is not good last year.

Even thought it is 4-lane, they collect toll, still road condition is bad.

There is a proposal to expand the 4-lane to 6-lane, which was not implemented.

I have seen people sitting on the dividers and having an evening chit-chat. :fight:

Too many villages,shops and crossings. People are all over the place.

Always drive with caution, as you approach junctions, go easy on the throttle and prepare yourself for braking.

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[uSER=298]raman[/uSER] [uSER=15]gowtham[/uSER] [uSER=23]uday[/uSER] ..Thanks a lot for those informative updates guys.. Pleased by this quick response..

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Hi guys, I have recently done a road trip to Vizag and tried 2 routes.. would like to share the status update with you

Route 1 - Hyderabad - Suryapet - Khamam - Devarapalli - dommeru - godavari 4th bridge - Vizag

Route 2 - Hyderabad - Vijayawada - Gundugolanu jn take left - dommeru - godavari 4th bridge - Vizag

Route 1 points - 26 KM less compare to route 2, Two way from Suyapet to Dommeru, Less Traffic compare to Vijayawada highway, Around 40 KM roads are full of potholes that can damage your cars,

So you need to slow down and drive carefully. Except that 40 KM roads are good and you can maintain a safe speed up tp 80 to 90. You can save around 300 RS toll charage.

Route 2 points - Streeless drive compared to route 1. Complete smooth 4 ways except 50 km from Gundugolanu jn to dommeru. This 50 KM two way road also in excellent condition and this is shortcut to avoid NH 5 distance. You need to take Vijawada by pass after Gollapudi junction NH 9 to avoid Vijayawada traffic till Ramavarappadu junction Eluru road..

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Although it's very late but still if you want to explore

I went three times to Vizag by car.


1st time

Hyderabad... Suryapet..Vijayawada.. Tanuku.. Rajahmundry .. Vizag .


It's longest in distance and boring with average 90-100 speed and 4 rest stops it takes healthy 12 hours.


2nd time

Hyderabad.. Vijayawada.. Gundugolanu..Gnkroad.. Godavari 4th bridge... Diwancheruvu.. Vizag.

Short by around 50 km, 86 km single but good road challenging drive, saved Rajahmundry traffic and two tolls, same time 12 hours


Third time


Hyderabad..Suryapet..khammam..Aswaraopet..koyyalgudem..kanniyagudem..Devarpalli..Godavari 4th bridge.. Vizag.


This is the best trip among three.

Suryapet to koyyalgudem road is really good from koyyalgudem take right and take the route to Devarpalli via kanniyagudem (don't go via gopalpuram)


No Vijayawada traffic,  No rajahmundry traffic . No Nandigama traffic!


khammam to Jangareddigudem the road is unbelievably scenic.
Reached Vizag in 10 and half hours.

only limitation is night travelling in this route is not advisable at all specially with family.

Good hotels in the way specially in Sethupally and Aswaraopet.

Petrol pumps are there in each 40-50 km.

But I request all friends to explore this route at least once, single village roads are fun to drive. 


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On 5/15/2019 at 9:25 PM, Lucky said:

Although it's very late but still if you want to explore


Very helpful information. Thank you for sharing. 

Personally, I would always prefer the longest route, If the drive times are almost similar. 
Always wanted to explore the internal routes from Rajahmundry to Aruku.
This monsoon, I will try to cover. :)

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