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    • By mustafa
      How is the road condition from Hyderabad to Mahabaleshwar? Which route is the best?
    • By sagar
      'Hyderabad to Mahabaleshwar , Panchgani' - Monsoon Drive Meetup - October 8th and 11th 2016
      Start point - Gachibowli (ORR)
      End point - Panchgani hill top (Accommodation)
      Start time - 4 :15 a.m.
      Total Distance - ~610 kms
      Objective - A monsoon drive meet to Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani during a long festive weekend.
      1) Maruthi Suzuki Swift
      2) Volks Wagen Polo
      3) Hyundai Creta (Red)
      4) Hyundai Creta (White)
      Route Taken:
      Option 1 
      Hyderabad (Gachibowli) --> Pargi --> Kalaburagi (Gulbarga) --> Baramati (Via Akkalkot) --> Solapur --> Indrapur --> Panchgani (Via Wai) --> Mahabaleshwar
      Single lane road till Solapur, but some sections are super good and some are average, no potholes. 
      Option 2
      Hyderabad (Gachibowli) --> Zaheerabad --> Solapur --> Indapur--> Panchgani (Via Wai) --> Mahabaleshwar
      Last 100 kilometers before Solapur is pathetic, road is filled with potholes.
      Option 3
      Hyderabad (Gachibowli) --> Zaheerabad -->Humnabad --> Kalaburagi (Gulbarga) --> Baramati (Via Akkalkot) --> Solapur --> Indapur --> Panchgani (Via Wai) --> Mahabaleshwar
      Smoothest and longest of all. 
      While you are coming back, would suggest you to take following route, so that you can cover KAS, valley of flowers.
      Mahabaleshwar --> KAS --> Satara --> Pandharpur --> Solapur --> Kalaburagi (Gulbarga) --> Humnabad --> Zaheerabad --> Hyderabad (Gachibowli)
      Cover Pic: 

      Places to visit in Panchgani:
      Panchgani is a pseudo head quarter for the parasailing which is conducted through out the year except during the monsoons.
      1) Table Land
      2) Parsi Point
      3) Sydney Point
      4) Devil's Kitchen
      5) Mahabaleshwar
      Places to visit in Mahabaleshwar:
      There are as many as 30 viewpoints in Mahabaleshwar. Few of the major places are,
      1) Elephant's head point
      2) Arthur's seat
      3) Kate's point
      4) Kaas Plateau (Valley of flowers)
      5) Venna Lake
      6) Panchganga Temple
      7) Mapro garden
      8) Lingmala waterfalls
      9) Pratapgad fort
      10) Elphinstone point
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