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Drive from Hyderabad to Gandikota

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Had a drive to Gandikota with TAG team (Travel adventure group) with 16people in 4 cars.



Gathered at Gachibowli ORR entrance, had a short introduction among every one and started at 5.30am


In over all drive we was connected with WhatsApp live location tracking for all the cars. By 8.30am we halted for having refreshments and breakfast at Udupi bhavan hotel near pebber X road. After the breakfast we started towards gandikota by maintaining avarage speed of all vehicles 90-100kmph, from Kurnool took Kurnool ring road for connecting the Nandyal highway and after crossing bugga village we were bit confused and took help of Gmaps and took diversion towards banaganpally road, after crossing banaganpally we entered into rainy area and view was awesome on the way we stopped for having pics and sceneric view of owk resorvior and we got down to water, later we started to Belum caves and had lunch at roadside hotel and food was bit spicy but overall food is good.


Explored Belum caves then started towards to Gandikota and finally reached to Gandikota at 5.30pm. we had explored some places and unpinched the tents, had camp fire and dinner in a rain showers and this was good experience I had. Some of the picturesIMG_20190623_174312.jpg





























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Great to see your recent drive to Gandikota @Saikishore. Nice pictures too. Lucky that you have experienced showers in Gandokota. I'm pretty sure it would have been really hot otherwise :D Which route have you guys taken to reach Belum caves.. ??

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