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BOBMC Ride 2019(Hyd-Varanasi-Jaipur-Somnath-Hyd)

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BOBMC Ride 2019

Live Free - Ride Hard

Route Plan:

Hyderabad –Omkareswar – Ujjain – Sanchi – Khajuraho – PrayagRaj – Varanasi – Mathura – Jaipur – Pushkar – Chittorgarh – Udaipur – Jodhpur – Jaisalmer – Longewala – Tanot – Dholavira – White Desert – Somnath – Dharampur - Hyderabad started on 23rd January 2019 and Ended on 10th February 2019.


Day1: Started early by 4:30 am from Home as todays ride going to be the longest ride of entire trip 820kms. Hyderabad- adilabad-konghara its NH43, cruising at GOD speeds of 90-110kmph. Freezing cold even after having inners and full riding gear, same feeling had it on Sikkim and ladakh, only difference there u won’t find cold waves here u have it all the time.

I was not supposed to have all this as I planned it with family for driving VW Ameo again, Obstacle1) kids got exams so planned it with sudha, Obstacle2) as somebody from home side whose guaranteed to take care of kids they back down. Wiffy dropped because of it very much appreciated with lot of things and she encouraged me to ride sometime--- cancel sometime…this gone till the start of this ride. She really want to come with me as I told her lot of fairy tales of places visiting staying at hotels and shopping….Big mistake shown most of the pictures and at the end half of it need to carry on my Bike. Lot of changes in plans discussed with my Bikers Team “Wind Chasers”, some want to ride along on 27th but that’s very late for me and I want to finish as many temples as I could and decided to start on 22nd postponed to 23rd.

Road from Konghara is a state Highway its mix combination of Good roads to No roads, anyone want to enjoy the ghat section u can have it the most for nearby 80kms. In case anyone want to drive this route Plz take the SH diversion from karanji instead of Konghara. I thought of initially staying at Paratwada but reached early by 4:30pm only so want to continue to Khandwa, Its marriage season most of the hotels r booked fully so I tried my luck at Omkareswar itself. Whatever time you reach at these places brokers r always have eagle eyes they will get you as I already tired said 500 bucks need 2 wheeler parking as I am not removing my luggage from bike, he said ok and got me a good one near temple with safe parking place with shutter. By this time its almost 10pm, none asked got into bed without dinner.

In this route Except few stretches of 100m patches it easily doable at 100kmph, 2 lane SH’s.

 TIME: 16 hrs + 2hrs just wasted chatting with different ppl on ghat section without any photography want to hear from them @ stories of Tiger encounters as Tippeswar sanctuary is next to it. Saw many deers, mangoose, snakes and monkeys ( 100’s)
Tariff for Accommodation:
double Bed Room A/c- Rs.500-00 


Day2: Woke up early by alarm set at 5am got ready by 6 am went for darshan crossing 2 bridges one for new temple and another for old temple 2 kms walk altogether one can chose the boat crossing the river for 50 bucks here Vaishnavite temples r neglected. Darshan was very quick on Both Temples, had the prasadams packed back to the hotel by 9 am started onward journey to Ujjain, This SH was all time Heavy Traffic even overtaking a car or lorry u have to be very cautious, there is a small ghat section in this route, where u can see heavy truck traffic similar to be at Silugiri only difference is siliguri truck drivers have patience these fellows don’t.

{Faint hearted people don’t read this paragraph Along with me 9 local bikes were traveling 4 infront and 5 in back with an avg speeds of 20-30kmph, The ghat section has almost 20-30 angle slope and one of the lorry left its engine oil on the road, the first rider whos trying to sprint his bike got slipped and rest followed including me as no grip on road even after halting my bike somehow shoes got slipped and behind one crashed into me, same time opposite direction a truck coming as it’s a 2 lane road, along with me 4 in front and 3 on backward survived but the 4th and 5th ppl whos trying to overtake us didn’t, one person has passed away on the spot and other in critical situation, Everyone got shocked, I quickly recovered from this trauma and left my bike on road and stopped the down coming vehicles, to my surprise some idiots don’t even stopping and trying to crush me, somehow I managed the situation with the help of other local riders called 108 and local police station and informed about the incident they r so casual “aaj cha number laagle chaala re” hope this route has at least one incident every day, asked others to help dig some soil around to spray on oil such that others will not face the same fate. In all this situation helping their relatives and calling police I never want to see the death body as I have to travel furthermore 6000kms mentally need to be strong, I hurt my right knee by slipping while lifting the bike, Except that no major Injuries but its hurting me in entire trip. Given proper instructions to all the other riders how to face this kind of situation by not breaking only by gear change stopping we moved ahead, Every story there will be a funny incident, Here goes Local Hero’s on an old Honda 100cc speeding at 50kmph taking over and laughing at us whos riding on 20kmph, we cautioned them there is oil on road careful, they further laughed and started stunts few 100 meters later again oil on road this time our local hero tried to showoff and applied breaks at a speed of near to 40-50 kmph, slipped and had a very bad crash by hitting a tree next to road badly injured and bike is in 2 halfs. Same story no one is stopping to help them everyone just see and pass, Finally I stopped and helped them with some water and first aid kit which I was carrying. }

Moved further praying GOD I don’t want any more surprises plz let me finish this Trip with safe riding. Once entered the Indore took the bypass to reach Ujjain and purchased a new FirstAid Kit for my Backup, around 2pm reached Temple and parked next to temple complex where I purchased some articles safe and sound. Removing and wearing the Gear is always a tedious process, thought of staying back but this mad rush of some local MP Ministers convoy made me to move quickly had a good darshan of Maha kaleswar at Ujjain and Harasiddhi Matha Temple, Hope everyone knows the history of this very famous temple for Black Magic. Started moving after Darshan towards Bhopal to meet my students studying at SPA Bhopal and NIT Bhopal, Try to reach on their phones no one answered thought of reaching Bhopal I will call them, once again no reply and its almost 6:30pm thought of moving further towards sagar and stay any good place on highway, to my luck I got to know Sanchi is on my way and fixed to stay that night and have a quick morning walk to the famous stupas, took the bypass road and continued reached around 9:30pm, couldn’t find any decent hotel where I can find safe shelter for my Bike, finally got into Srilankan Buddhist society, 2 fares 100 & 1500.

Rs100 is in old building with very old room with bed only and 1500 is in new building with all modern amenities


 TIME: 14 hrs
Tariff for Accommodation: Srilankan Buddhist Society/ 
double Bed Room –Non-Ac Rs.100-00.




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