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Cancellation of NOC

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Hi Folks,

I moved from Hyd to Bangalore last year, and carried along my car as well. I sold my car in Bangalore this year.

The car was bought in Bangalore, when I moved to Hyd, got a NOC. Paid full road tax in Hyd, didn't register in Telangana.


Problem :

Now in Bangalore I decided to purchase a new car and sell my current car. The car was sold to cars24, and the cars24 guys are asking ₹10000 to get the NOC cancellation documents and complete the car ownership transfer.


Please advise.

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15 hours ago, ninjadad said:



Your scenario looks complicated.

I think the amount they are asking looks reasonable since it includes registration. 

Even if you have time to follow-up the issue on your own, it is going to take lot of time/money.

Better to leave it with the experts. 


Try to check with RTO agents and (details will be available online) get information on the situation. 

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I already paid them, hope this gets closed quickly.

Thanks for the advice.

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Spelling mistake
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