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Finally got a chance to fix my bumper scratches.



Two weeks back I had small bumper damage.

  1. Minor bumper crack
  2. Broken clips
  3. Deep scratches




Visited showroom:

  1. Replace rear bumper 
  2. Repaint rear bumper
  3. Need to order bumper
  4. Insurance claim charges
  5. Three days time (once the bumper is available)


From the past 15 years,
I never gave my car outside the showroom.
All the repaint jobs are done at showroom.


Last weekend, I decided to explore lower Tankbund options.


I contacted my friend who live around that area,
He said most of them does the work well.


We picked a shop that my friend visits for bumper repairs. 


Quote given was 1200/-
I was in shock :p (my aim was to get it done under 2.5k)

Price was too tempting to leave,
I gave a go ahead without any bargain.



  • Reached paint booth at 10AM
  • They remove the fuel cap
  • Took it to paint shop
  •  Got the color premixed
  • They applied some Patti
  • Some rubbing work done
  • Removed tail lamp
  • Fixed the broken bumper clamp
  • Tail lamp fixed back


It was like a war zone, 5 members working on it.

  • He spotted few scratches on front bumper
  • Asked me another 300/- to fix :o
  • I gave a go ahead
  • Masked all the parts
  • They sprayed 4 different types of paints
  • At 11AM it is done and I out



  • Cheap
  • Quick
  • 100% colour matching


  • Long term reliability
  • Not so professional
  • Ideal for only bumper damages
  • Finishing is not so great, I can feel some rough edges.


Ideal place to fix scratches for a 5+ year old cars.

For new cars it is always better to claim the insurance and fix it. (If you need professional quality)


Removed the fuel cap to get the correct paint


Applied some patti


Removed the tail lamp to fix the bumper clamps from inside (to avoid external screws)

Rubbing is done.


Had few bumper scratches at the front corner,

Shop owner asked for another 300/- bucks to fix it, since the paint will be left over.
I gave a go ahead. 


They sprayed around 4-layers


Let the pint dry


Final output : Front bumper


Rear bumper



Once I get time,
I will click pictures in the sunlight for the analysis. 

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Looks like a decent work. Can see a lot of highlights on the panel going wrong even in the dim light. Good job for the price he had offered.

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Any Rub / Scratch on Bumper is a (along with broken clips) nightmare,
No matter how much you try, there will always be a shade difference.


But can be identified by few,
I completed 3.5 yrs, ( 30K) on Amaze petrol and don't want to go for front bumper change.

Please do share more details. ( name /contact no.) 

Will like to take second option for paint job.

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1 hour ago, sagar said:

Can see a lot of highlights on the panel going wrong even in the dim light.


I think those are due to shadows while taking pictures. 

Let me share some day light images.


1 hour ago, sagar said:

Good job for the price he had offered.


Agree on it.


38 minutes ago, Manish Sharma said:

share more details. ( name /contact no.


Paint booth details

MSA Denting & Spray Painting


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@Ranger, firstly thanks for sharing the experience. It will surely help readers. Coming to the job done, I guess they did excellent job matching the colour for this shade (Maroon). In our country where nearly 50% of the car is white shaded, that will be even easier to match the shade. I did painting job from showroom and I had seen each and every steps showroom guys took at Hyundai. Car Maniac like us will not be satisfied. For eg. last time when I fixed front bumper of my Grand i10, they did really good job, but left hairs on the paint, some mild dusts etc. Even at the corner of the bumper, last drop of the paint was visible as they forgot to rub. When I informed them, they rubbed the area and put another coating on the dust area, leaving some paint spray marks on black hexagonal area/grill of the front bumper of Grand i10.


So overall my point is, no matter what factory finish is not going to come in general, so its better to get it done at cheaper price, especially for bumpers which can be changed easily few years down the line, if required

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On 2/4/2019 at 7:39 PM, Manish Sharma said:

Give it some time,


In my case rubbing was not done after painting. 

Will get it done, when I get time. 


1 hour ago, Pralay said:

I guess they did excellent job matching the colour for this shade (Maroon).


They did their job very well with paint matching. 


1 hour ago, Pralay said:

Car Maniac like us will not be satisfied.


Agree on it.


1 hour ago, Pralay said:

so its better to get it done at cheaper price, especially for bumpers


We can't preserve our bumpers, specially rear one.

No matter how careful we drive, there is a tailgater 90% of the time. (heck even we can't avoid tailgating inside city limits in congested areas)

I am fed up Activa breed. These guys tail gate, brake hard and fish tail.

I feel bikers are more predictable than these guys. 


1 hour ago, Pralay said:

I had seen each and every steps showroom guys took at Hyundai.


99% times, Showroom finish is better than outside job.
But, I am fed up with the Insurance claim process. 

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      Next morning, by the time we completed our trekking to a nearby hill, it was nearly 9:30 am and it started to drizzle. A few members had fun drifting their cars for 10 minutes in those wet conditions, and finally we bid adieu to Koilsagar - what was a memorable trip!
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      Behold the beauty of the sunset:

      In the lap of beautiful nature:

      Introductory and Interactive session:

      Beautiful sight with camps in light:

      Astronomy session and star gazing:

      Half moon and its beauty, captured using 600 mm lens:

      With chilling weather outside, campfire warmth was comforting:

      BOCH members sans family and friends:

      Intriguing photoshoot of Baleno headlights:

      Woke up to this gorgeous view:

      Hill that was trekked:

      That conquered feeling:

      Picture-perfect picture of the campsite:

      Majestic view of Koilsagar:

      An enthusiast's drifting:

      The little one with its elder sibling:

      One final line-up shot:

      Final group pic of members before parting ways:

      Being a part of this wonderful BOCH group and leading it was quite a learning experience for me.  Needless to mention, it enabled me to meet other Baleno owners and avid car lovers from different walks of life. I hope our bond becomes even more stronger as we grow bigger as a group, and embark on many more journeys.
      Hope you liked this short travelogue. Keep traveling and happy motoring!
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      Hi All,
      Steps to join India-Drive whatsApp group.

      1.Please introduce yourself
      - Name:
      - Location:
      - Favorite past weekend getaway:
      - Longest drive :
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      -Few pictures/words of your drive(Max 5 pictures):
      2.Once you post the above information, share your name and mobile number on the link given below.
      WhatsApp group rules 
      1. No promotions irrelative will be encouraged.
      2. Travel and Cars/Bikes related forwards are appreciated.
      3. Share your travel stories and pictures.
      4. No religious/political discussions are allowed.
      5. No personal attacks allowed.
      6. Please mute the group if the message flow is excess.
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      Hyderabad to Sikkim road trip :
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      Proper reunion after a decade.
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      Hanging around with old friends and saying "Remember when..."(15 days of memories)

      Trusted steed

      Day 1 : Hyderabad to Vishakapatnam
      Day 2 : Vishakapatnam to Puri
      Day 3: Puri to Kharagpur
      Day 4:Kharagpur to Malda
  • Gandikota meetup on January 26 and 27th