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Finally got a chance to fix my bumper scratches.



Two weeks back I had small bumper damage.

  1. Minor bumper crack
  2. Broken clips
  3. Deep scratches




Visited showroom:

  1. Replace rear bumper 
  2. Repaint rear bumper
  3. Need to order bumper
  4. Insurance claim charges
  5. Three days time (once the bumper is available)


From the past 15 years,
I never gave my car outside the showroom.
All the repaint jobs are done at showroom.


Last weekend, I decided to explore lower Tankbund options.


I contacted my friend who live around that area,
He said most of them does the work well.


We picked a shop that my friend visits for bumper repairs. 


Quote given was 1200/-
I was in shock :p (my aim was to get it done under 2.5k)

Price was too tempting to leave,
I gave a go ahead without any bargain.



  • Reached paint booth at 10AM
  • They remove the fuel cap
  • Took it to paint shop
  •  Got the color premixed
  • They applied some Patti
  • Some rubbing work done
  • Removed tail lamp
  • Fixed the broken bumper clamp
  • Tail lamp fixed back


It was like a war zone, 5 members working on it.

  • He spotted few scratches on front bumper
  • Asked me another 300/- to fix :o
  • I gave a go ahead
  • Masked all the parts
  • They sprayed 4 different types of paints
  • At 11AM it is done and I out



  • Cheap
  • Quick
  • 100% colour matching


  • Long term reliability
  • Not so professional
  • Ideal for only bumper damages
  • Finishing is not so great, I can feel some rough edges.


Ideal place to fix scratches for a 5+ year old cars.

For new cars it is always better to claim the insurance and fix it. (If you need professional quality)


Removed the fuel cap to get the correct paint


Applied some patti


Removed the tail lamp to fix the bumper clamps from inside (to avoid external screws)

Rubbing is done.


Had few bumper scratches at the front corner,

Shop owner asked for another 300/- bucks to fix it, since the paint will be left over.
I gave a go ahead. 


They sprayed around 4-layers


Let the pint dry


Final output : Front bumper


Rear bumper



Once I get time,
I will click pictures in the sunlight for the analysis. 

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Looks like a decent work. Can see a lot of highlights on the panel going wrong even in the dim light. Good job for the price he had offered.

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Any Rub / Scratch on Bumper is a (along with broken clips) nightmare,
No matter how much you try, there will always be a shade difference.


But can be identified by few,
I completed 3.5 yrs, ( 30K) on Amaze petrol and don't want to go for front bumper change.

Please do share more details. ( name /contact no.) 

Will like to take second option for paint job.

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1 hour ago, sagar said:

Can see a lot of highlights on the panel going wrong even in the dim light.


I think those are due to shadows while taking pictures. 

Let me share some day light images.


1 hour ago, sagar said:

Good job for the price he had offered.


Agree on it.


38 minutes ago, Manish Sharma said:

share more details. ( name /contact no.


Paint booth details

MSA Denting & Spray Painting


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@Ranger, firstly thanks for sharing the experience. It will surely help readers. Coming to the job done, I guess they did excellent job matching the colour for this shade (Maroon). In our country where nearly 50% of the car is white shaded, that will be even easier to match the shade. I did painting job from showroom and I had seen each and every steps showroom guys took at Hyundai. Car Maniac like us will not be satisfied. For eg. last time when I fixed front bumper of my Grand i10, they did really good job, but left hairs on the paint, some mild dusts etc. Even at the corner of the bumper, last drop of the paint was visible as they forgot to rub. When I informed them, they rubbed the area and put another coating on the dust area, leaving some paint spray marks on black hexagonal area/grill of the front bumper of Grand i10.


So overall my point is, no matter what factory finish is not going to come in general, so its better to get it done at cheaper price, especially for bumpers which can be changed easily few years down the line, if required

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On 2/4/2019 at 7:39 PM, Manish Sharma said:

Give it some time,


In my case rubbing was not done after painting. 

Will get it done, when I get time. 


1 hour ago, Pralay said:

I guess they did excellent job matching the colour for this shade (Maroon).


They did their job very well with paint matching. 


1 hour ago, Pralay said:

Car Maniac like us will not be satisfied.


Agree on it.


1 hour ago, Pralay said:

so its better to get it done at cheaper price, especially for bumpers


We can't preserve our bumpers, specially rear one.

No matter how careful we drive, there is a tailgater 90% of the time. (heck even we can't avoid tailgating inside city limits in congested areas)

I am fed up Activa breed. These guys tail gate, brake hard and fish tail.

I feel bikers are more predictable than these guys. 


1 hour ago, Pralay said:

I had seen each and every steps showroom guys took at Hyundai.


99% times, Showroom finish is better than outside job.
But, I am fed up with the Insurance claim process. 

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    • By sreeni
      Dear ALL,
      I am planning to travel to tirupati from Hyderabad by in a automatic car.
      Don't want to take bad roads. Can anyone please suggest the best route?
    • By travel.rtc
      This trip happened  during Novemeber 1st week 2018 and November first being our 9th Marriage Anniversary - we wanted to celebrate it in Mysore hence drived down to Mysore and to Ooty .
      Started 10:00P:M from Hyderabad and highway was little busy with all RTC and Private Buses towards Bangalore and different parts of Rayalaseema.....we stopped at Kurnool Toll Tax and then started again but started being on a working day after tiring office work has shown the tiredness and me being only driver for the entire trip took good breaks ...we stopped between Kurnool and Anantapur near some petrol bunk and after Anantapur in the early morning to take some power naps ....Reached Bangalore Outskirts by 7:30 ..
      The Morning Mystic view of Nandi Hills and surroundings was awesome and Bangalore Highway is very very super road except few speed breakers else so much fun to drive straight road.
      -- We Stopped at Hotel Nandi Upachar : https://goo.gl/maps/LwP1NeFtZoG2 
      Hotel was very very Decent and Has Nice Rest Rooms and ample parking place  - had quick refresh and Nice break Fast and there was Some Minister Visiting the Hotel and traffic was halted ...we had to further wait for 30 more minutes and started at 9:30 A:M and it took us some time to cross Bangalore and Hit Mysore Highway - as usual Bangalore traffic took a toll on us and Mysore highway was little busy.
      We Stopped at Kamath  for quick Lunch and then Started for Mysore .
      I have a friend who works in Travel agency in Bangalore , he generally takes care of hotel bookings or cab bookings if needed whenever we are around  he has booked a room for us in Mysore  at Hotel Vyshak Residency - Hotel was good and has Hot water Supply all the day  - This )hot water)  is one of the must for the Hotels around that place in Winters 
      -- Next Day Early Morning we went for Chamundi Temple  - Chamundeshwari Devi -One of the ShaktiPeeta ,We had good Darshan and had some prasadam at their kitchen.
      While returning, at the Parking Lot My mother overheard some one saying Ooty from Here is 160 kms - She immediatley said to me its 160 kms which means like Hyderabad - Nizamabad [Nizamabad being my Native]
      She asked me ,Shall we go to Ooty too.
      Who can deny an drive down to Ooty and I said immediately OK and haven't said anything about Road -,she was not aware of Ghat road and being traveled  on Butter smooth Roads from Hyderabad till Mysore she expected it to be same straight roads....but later she was scared to the max after Gudalur when it was pitch dark and raining and Ghat Road Started
      We had a quick visit to Shri Ganapathi Sachidanda Ashram and started for Ooty at 2:30 P:M  - if any one has this in bucket list when they visit Mysore and wants decent stay they can ask for room in Ashram campus and it is pretty less compared to outside while returning  to Hyderabad we have to stay in Mysore as it was night when we returned to Mysore from Ooty and we asked an room for accommodation as  it falls left while entering Mysore and they gave us a Big room was charged 500 Rs - all facilities were provided indeed 
      Took little while to cross Mysore , later we had took some time to find an ATM to get cash and has to look for ATMs in NanjanGud , the Route taken was Via :
      NanjanGud  - > Gundlupete ->Bandipur -> Gudalur -> Ooty
      ---- Took Right turn after GundluPete  and went 11+ kms to visit Gopalaswamy Betta ....But now cars are not allowed to be driven till the temple and one must Take Karnataka Tourism Buses ...and those will be plied till 4:000 P:M By the time we went there its was 4:00 and we dont has an Option and it started getting dark  and we started back , returned to Gundlupete and reached Bandipur
      Same friend of mine booked a Room for us in  3 Star Hotel - Hotel Preethi Classic http://www.hotelpreethiclassic.com   which was closer to city center and had quick tour of Tea Factory , Botanical gardens did shopping at Tibet Market - Finding Good food in Ooty is little tough and we had our breakFast at A2B and its pretty decent and good .
      Return Journey was Simple - Stopping here and there for few clicks and my car being Wagon R and people cautioned about clutch issues generally occur in that route and asked me to take some breaks and give some time for car and then start ...slowly reached Gudalur and it took sweet 4 hrs including photo breaks and tea breaks , Reached Mysore by 8:00 P:M  ,me being no mood to drive  wanted a break and i thought of starting next day early morning , and went to Ganapathi Sachithananda Aashram  -
      They allotted a room  , we went to near by restaurant and had dinner - Next Day Morning after a good nap and fresh-up started at 5:30 A:M to Bangaore- Hyderabad , Had Break fast at A2B Food Court after Mysore on Bangalore Highway [Excellent and Neat rest Rooms] 
      Crossed Bangalore in midst of heavy traffic and being Monday it was very very tedious to cross Bangalore - Had stop after Bangalore at Shell Bunk and topped up the fuel ,they have checked the car and i took their engine oil and they did the oil change in quick time and started for Hyderabad . Bangalore Highway is one of the best roads i have driven and being day time we can find less traffic on Roads and one can certainly get bored too ...went into Anantapur town in search of a good mess for Lunch but traffic made to change our plans and we stopped at Dhaba some where in between Anantapur and Kurnool  highway .
      After having Some Rotis started for Hyderabad which was Straight Road with speed breakers here and there 






































































    • By Rajagopal
      Hi guys,
      Mid of April month,
      I am Planning to have a Shirdi trip from Lingampally(Hyderabad),
      Route :
      Lingampally - Naldurg - Tuljapur - Terkhed - Jamkhed - Ahmednagar - Shirdi
      return with same route.
      Would like to know the current road condition of the above route.
    • By Shekar
      This is about June 2016 travel to Tadoba Tiger reserve from Hyderabad. 
      In Jan-2016 I had traveled Chopta and Munsiyari  in Uttarakand with another three new travelers met first time at Delhi. One of them Mr. Pandey is from Nagpur and he asked me to come down to Nagpur for visiting Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve and booked safari a couple of months before for 12th June 2016 . Till then I had no experience of any forest safary and I was excited to see many wild animals. Mean time our travel friends planned for Ladakh tour in the last week of June, 2016 (25-06-2016). It was one of the dream destination and I know it will be difficult and expensive if I go alone and said OK and booked flight/train to Delhi and back. Then started thinking  it will be hectic for two tours in two weeks. But Pandey who is also coming for Ladakh trip did not agree and made me to visit Tadoba.   
      Day 1
      On 11th June we started at 5.00 Hrs in my car from Hyderabad. My wife and son were with me. We are two drivers and had a back seat to sleep if needed. We reached Nirmal by 8.00 Hrs entered town leaving NH44 and had breakfast at Hotel Mayuri. Breakfast was good but when we had lunch next year, it was very bad. We joined NH44 through old NH7 road. Reached Nagpur by 13.00 Hrs and Pandey's home by 13.30. 
      Roads up to Adilabad were excellent. Four lane work and Underpass works at Hingenghat (about 30 Kms) not completed and have to change lanes and pass through the villages. Road at places in this section also not good. After that till Nagpur roads are good. 
      One more travelmate Mr. Jagtap from Betul (MP) who is mine safety officer in Western Coal Fields (WCF) and a native of Nagpur was supposed to join us with his family in his car. But due to some fire accident in a coal mine he could not join us. 
      Our plan was to reach  WCF guest house at Murpar which is about 15 Kms away from Navegaon Gate of Tadoba Reserve and stay overnight and reach the gate early in the morning. 
      We started from Nagpur at about 17.00 Hrs and reached Murpar by 19.45 Hrs. While entering Chandrapur district at Umred check-post, local police stopped our car for checking and found one whiskey bottle in our luggage which was kept by Pandey.
      The police told me that alcohol  is banned in chandrapur district and we can not carry. I said I am from Hyderabad and I do not the local rules and never imagined that a particular district will have a ban.
      He looked at Pandey in the car and asked he is from Maharashtra and how come he do not know. I said he does not know about it and i brought it my self. Some how he took away the bottle and allowed us to proceed further.  
      So those who are travelling to Tadoba please do not carry alcohol. 
      By the time we reached Chimur which is a little bigger town close to Navegaon Gate, it started drizzling and when we took right turn at Khadsangi for Murpar, heavy downpour started and visibility was hardly 20 mtrs in head lights. Left turn at Khadsangi will lead to Navegaon gate. Mr. Jagtap booked the guest house at WCF mine area, Murpar. We found one Telugu cook in the guest house and when we told him about Umred check post incident, he said we are too lucky to be let off, otherwise they arrest and harras for carrying alcohol. When we asked about dinner he said other than non veg, he will prepare any thing. Non Veg has to be brought from Chimur some 12 Kms away and it is not possible at that time and that too in heavy rain. We ordered roti, dal and sabji with omlets. 
      Mean time me and pandey went to Khadsangi in the rain and enquired about safari vehicles. we were told that there is no need to book in advance and Gypsy cars will be available at the gate as per the serial and as many as permitted for the day/session. We had dinner and had good sleep. 
      Day 2 
      We got up early and reached Navegaon gate before 5.30 Hrs. We found only one car before us at the gate. We went to gate office and booked a safari car and engaged a Guide. Safari car is for Rs. 600 and Guide Rs.350 (That's what I remember). Sky is clear and we found water of previous night's rain on the roads pot holes. We entered the forest by 5.45. Our guide said it is always advantage of more sightings if your car is first and it proved correct. 
      Myself with wife and kids of Pandey

      The first site before entering the core area


      Second sighting a glimpse of bear  



        Then a Jackal 

      There were lot of birds and I could not shoot them as I do not have a proper lens. 


      The same bear came out of the forest and crossed our path. 

      We were told that Tiger will come here but after waiting enough time he did not turned up. 


      There are many deers and Neelgai


      Obviously not happy with our presence


      Canter from Moharli gate 

      Now many jeeps arrived and waiting at a water hole for the arrival of the Big Cat. 
      But it did not show up and the our morning session ended. Little disappointed and our guide was telling us that people make more than six safaris and go back without seeing a Tiger. We had a booking for afternoon safari also. With a little hope we returned to our guest house. 


      On the way back from morning safari


      Padey with our Driver and Guide. 
      Will continue with after noon Safari.. 
  • Gandikota meetup on January 26 and 27th