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Suggestions for a drive to Suryalanka and Chirala from Hyderabad

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I am looking to go to Suryalanka and Chirala this Monday and I've booked my accommodation at Harita beach resort for two days.


Can you guys please help me out in planning my drive? I would appreciate any advice on this.



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On 1/26/2019 at 10:19 PM, JinKazama said:

Can you guys please help me out in planning my drive? I would appreciate any advice on this.


Sorry for the late reply.
We were on a meetup during the last weekend.

It is good that you booked your accommodation on Monday.
Usually it is overcrowded on Sunday and during loon weekends.


You can go through this post.



If you have time consider visiting 

  • Sea breeze resort (Chirala)
  • Hamsaladeevi beach


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    • By sreeni
      Dear ALL,
      I am planning to travel to tirupati from Hyderabad by in a automatic car.
      Don't want to take bad roads. Can anyone please suggest the best route?
    • By travel.rtc
      This trip happened  during Novemeber 1st week 2018 and November first being our 9th Marriage Anniversary - we wanted to celebrate it in Mysore hence drived down to Mysore and to Ooty .
      Started 10:00P:M from Hyderabad and highway was little busy with all RTC and Private Buses towards Bangalore and different parts of Rayalaseema.....we stopped at Kurnool Toll Tax and then started again but started being on a working day after tiring office work has shown the tiredness and me being only driver for the entire trip took good breaks ...we stopped between Kurnool and Anantapur near some petrol bunk and after Anantapur in the early morning to take some power naps ....Reached Bangalore Outskirts by 7:30 ..
      The Morning Mystic view of Nandi Hills and surroundings was awesome and Bangalore Highway is very very super road except few speed breakers else so much fun to drive straight road.
      -- We Stopped at Hotel Nandi Upachar : https://goo.gl/maps/LwP1NeFtZoG2 
      Hotel was very very Decent and Has Nice Rest Rooms and ample parking place  - had quick refresh and Nice break Fast and there was Some Minister Visiting the Hotel and traffic was halted ...we had to further wait for 30 more minutes and started at 9:30 A:M and it took us some time to cross Bangalore and Hit Mysore Highway - as usual Bangalore traffic took a toll on us and Mysore highway was little busy.
      We Stopped at Kamath  for quick Lunch and then Started for Mysore .
      I have a friend who works in Travel agency in Bangalore , he generally takes care of hotel bookings or cab bookings if needed whenever we are around  he has booked a room for us in Mysore  at Hotel Vyshak Residency - Hotel was good and has Hot water Supply all the day  - This )hot water)  is one of the must for the Hotels around that place in Winters 
      -- Next Day Early Morning we went for Chamundi Temple  - Chamundeshwari Devi -One of the ShaktiPeeta ,We had good Darshan and had some prasadam at their kitchen.
      While returning, at the Parking Lot My mother overheard some one saying Ooty from Here is 160 kms - She immediatley said to me its 160 kms which means like Hyderabad - Nizamabad [Nizamabad being my Native]
      She asked me ,Shall we go to Ooty too.
      Who can deny an drive down to Ooty and I said immediately OK and haven't said anything about Road -,she was not aware of Ghat road and being traveled  on Butter smooth Roads from Hyderabad till Mysore she expected it to be same straight roads....but later she was scared to the max after Gudalur when it was pitch dark and raining and Ghat Road Started
      We had a quick visit to Shri Ganapathi Sachidanda Ashram and started for Ooty at 2:30 P:M  - if any one has this in bucket list when they visit Mysore and wants decent stay they can ask for room in Ashram campus and it is pretty less compared to outside while returning  to Hyderabad we have to stay in Mysore as it was night when we returned to Mysore from Ooty and we asked an room for accommodation as  it falls left while entering Mysore and they gave us a Big room was charged 500 Rs - all facilities were provided indeed 
      Took little while to cross Mysore , later we had took some time to find an ATM to get cash and has to look for ATMs in NanjanGud , the Route taken was Via :
      NanjanGud  - > Gundlupete ->Bandipur -> Gudalur -> Ooty
      ---- Took Right turn after GundluPete  and went 11+ kms to visit Gopalaswamy Betta ....But now cars are not allowed to be driven till the temple and one must Take Karnataka Tourism Buses ...and those will be plied till 4:000 P:M By the time we went there its was 4:00 and we dont has an Option and it started getting dark  and we started back , returned to Gundlupete and reached Bandipur
      Same friend of mine booked a Room for us in  3 Star Hotel - Hotel Preethi Classic http://www.hotelpreethiclassic.com   which was closer to city center and had quick tour of Tea Factory , Botanical gardens did shopping at Tibet Market - Finding Good food in Ooty is little tough and we had our breakFast at A2B and its pretty decent and good .
      Return Journey was Simple - Stopping here and there for few clicks and my car being Wagon R and people cautioned about clutch issues generally occur in that route and asked me to take some breaks and give some time for car and then start ...slowly reached Gudalur and it took sweet 4 hrs including photo breaks and tea breaks , Reached Mysore by 8:00 P:M  ,me being no mood to drive  wanted a break and i thought of starting next day early morning , and went to Ganapathi Sachithananda Aashram  -
      They allotted a room  , we went to near by restaurant and had dinner - Next Day Morning after a good nap and fresh-up started at 5:30 A:M to Bangaore- Hyderabad , Had Break fast at A2B Food Court after Mysore on Bangalore Highway [Excellent and Neat rest Rooms] 
      Crossed Bangalore in midst of heavy traffic and being Monday it was very very tedious to cross Bangalore - Had stop after Bangalore at Shell Bunk and topped up the fuel ,they have checked the car and i took their engine oil and they did the oil change in quick time and started for Hyderabad . Bangalore Highway is one of the best roads i have driven and being day time we can find less traffic on Roads and one can certainly get bored too ...went into Anantapur town in search of a good mess for Lunch but traffic made to change our plans and we stopped at Dhaba some where in between Anantapur and Kurnool  highway .
      After having Some Rotis started for Hyderabad which was Straight Road with speed breakers here and there 






































































    • By Rajagopal
      Hi guys,
      Mid of April month,
      I am Planning to have a Shirdi trip from Lingampally(Hyderabad),
      Route :
      Lingampally - Naldurg - Tuljapur - Terkhed - Jamkhed - Ahmednagar - Shirdi
      return with same route.
      Would like to know the current road condition of the above route.
    • By KSK
      "It's not just where you travel, it's who you travel with that makes the experience special."
      And this quote is absolutely apt for the team Baleno (BOCH). Enthusiastic members, lovely people, beautiful souls and most importantly good human beings. It's a bliss to accompany them anytime for any trip - short or long.

      Trip Planning:
      Coming to the trip, after our Koilsagar night camping in January 2019, we (core team) wanted to go to any beach and spend some quality time for relaxation and refreshment.  As soon as the idea popped up, almost all were ready and planning started.  Considering several factors, we fixed our dates on March 9th and 10th.  And two beaches came into consideration - Ramapuram and Suryalanka.  We zeroed in on Ramapuram beach in Chirala rather than Surylanka beach as it is less crowded and later it proved to be a wise decision.
      Meanwhile, as the date fast approaching, a few core team members indicated why not to make this a BOCH meetup rather than just a core-team meet and wanted me to inform other members also.  After informing, there was a very good response and as many as 15 members enrolled for the same, hence it became our 8th meetup.  But as with any trip, as the date approached, 4 members dropped and eventually 11 members made it to the trip.  Including family members and friends, the total member count was 28.
      Hotel Booking:
      Initially, some members did not want to shell out money for accommodation just for one night stay, but later as many were coming with families and small kids, they wanted accommodation in resorts near the beach.  By the time we contacted Sea Breeze Resorts, it was too late and no rooms were available.  The only other option wass Palm Coast Beach Resorts.  I contacted them on February 17th and the price quoted was Rs.3000/- for double occupancy and Rs.5000/- for 4-member suite including free breakfast the next day. After bargaining, they agreed to remove GST and we booked beach side 5 DO rooms and 2 suites on Feb 18th.
      After hotel booking, some members were worried about bad reviews about the resort.  I again contacted them mentioning the same and the person (John) whom I spoke with re-iterated that they will make sure to take all necessary steps to maintain clean rooms and other services, so we'll have a great time at their resorts. And indeed, the rooms and suites were clean and neat, and food served was delicious.
      Contact Persons of Palm Coast Beach Resorts:
      John - 8885439102
      Pavan - 8341118904
      For food service - 6371818313
      Check-in and Check-out timings: 9 am to 9 am.

      1) On March 9th, all members should reach the convergence-point RFC by 5 am.
      2) Breakfast at Vividhi Restaurant and Lodge, Madgulpally, Nalgonda.
      3) Reach Palm Coast Beach Resorts around 12 to 12:30 pm.
      4) Settling in rooms followed by lunch.
      5) From 5 pm to 8 pm, beach time.
      6) At 9 pm, Barbeque and moonlight dinner.
      7) Sunrise capture at beach, followed by breakfast and return journey back to Hyderabad.
      1) Hyderabad-NAM expressway-Chirala (305 km) - We took this route from Hyd. Avoid this. Till Narsaraopet it was easy breeze, but after that had to pass through villages, narrow roads and traffic.
      2) Hyderabad-Vijayawada-Chirala (370 km) - Best route. Taken this route for return journey.
      Overall Experience:
      The meet-up drive to Chirala beach went as planned and as expected without any problems or niggles.  It was super fun and joyous trip with so many memorable moments.  Members with families and friends enjoyed to the core at the beach. Only hunger and exhaustness retreated us to the hotel.  After a short break, the fun continued with barbeque, conversations, dinner and drinks till midnight and after. Palm Coast Beach Resort is very near to the beach and a liquor shop available just a few meters of distance to it.  So we bought drinks there, and put them in an ice box.  We also bought 5 kgs of chicken and other stuff from Chirala town for BBQ. I don't know about Sea Breeze Resort but Palm Coast Resort is very convenient and had no restrictions for bringing outside food and drinks.  They are very generous even for excess members in a room.  They helped us a lot in setting up BBQ at an open area in front of the resort by providing tables, chairs and of course bringing food to that place, so we don't have to worry about anything.  Also, we checked out of the hotel by 11 am as opposed to 9 am.  The only major drawback (of course it was intimated to us) was salt water in bathrooms.  So a few members carried 20-liter water bubbles for bathing (especially kids) and to wash hair.  Some missed chances include we could not get a drone for rent to shoot our fun activities at beach.  And due to travel, excess amount of time spent at the beach and late night drinks, we could not woke up to shoot sunrise pics and timelapse.  Otherwise, it was a totally fun-filled trip.
      Here are some pictures (sorry for some poor quality pics):
      1st meeting point at RFC:

      Stopped for breakfast at hotel Vividhi:

      Like father like son, Amit's son ever active Aarav:

      Cutie pie Aadhya:

      Palm Coast Beach Resorts (noting like resort look and feel):

      A view from beach-side room:

      Some boats at beach added flavor to the shore:

      Waves were moderate:

      Enough scenic surroundings for photography enthusiasts:

      BOCH members:

      Final group pic (two families missed here):

      Line up before return journey:

      In between Ramapuram and Vodarevu beaches, found this nice place:

      At Vodarevu beach:

      Last stop, Rajugaari Thota @Suryapet before members dispersed:

  • Gandikota meetup on January 26 and 27th