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    • Thanks a lot @Dhananjay, for sharing your feedback about the current road status on the route. Much helpful.
    • Hi @krantee, We are glad to know that we have been of good help to you during your drive to Goa. Also do share your feedback on the latest road status and accommodation details through a separate post so that it would be helpful for a lot of co-travelers.   Regarding Koilsagar camping, Yes there are permissions are required to do camping in that area especially when it's a large group. As far as you finish your camping without creating any havoc among the villages you pass through.. it won't be a problem until they don't bother you. I personally don't recommend to ask for permissions with the authorities during this Co-vid chaos.   Regarding drive meets, Since you are already registered with the website, you will be getting notifications on your email when there any announcements.   Cheers!
    • Hi Saty, Would recommend you to take Hyderabad - Zaheerabad - Naldurg (Divert towards right after Naldurg)- Osmanabad - Jamkhed - Ahmednagar   All the roads are good except for about 20 kms before Naldurg you will pas through a road construction zone.   Update us back once you are done with your drive. Safe Drives. Cheers!
    • Hi Anmol, Since you are doing this drive in a Creta, I would recommend you to take the Route 2 from the options mentions above. Between, Hyderabad to Lucknow I would suggest you to break down for a night at Jabalpur, You would be passing through a forest region after Nagpur and beyond that the roads are pretty much isolated involving some risk during the night drives. Also, the time to be taken at the state borders during thee Covid circumstances is imaginary.. Hence, I would recommend you to avoid risk and do this in 2 days time. 
    • Guest Anmol Gautam
      Hi i m planning to do bangalore-lucknow in 2 days. I m planning stop at Hyderabad for a night and the next day in one stretch from Hyderabad to Lucknow. I have a Creta, please let me know the best routes and is Hyd to Lko possible in a day?any safety concerns also as i plan to start From Hyderabad at 4.30AM  and expecting to be in Lucknow by 10Pm. 
    • Road condition /update ( 26 June 2020) Hyderabad > Aurangabad > Dhule > Indore   Instead of going via Nagpur - Betul, this time I tried this route for my journey to Indore yesterday as I used to get fed up with the road condition from Betul to Indore despite the fact that Hyderabad to Betul route is very nice and well maintained.   Start time : 8:30 AM ( Kondapur ) actual plan was to start at 4 AM.   Reached Indore ( Vijay Nagar) at 2:15 AM ( a good 18 hours of drive)   Hyderabad- Aurangabad route is pretty good and was able to reach Aurangabad by 4:30 pm. This route has become better now I believe as most of the work is completed. I remembered last year I took around 10 hours to reach Aurangabad.   Most of the big restaurants along the route are closed or empty.I decided to have my meal at McDonald’s Aurangabad. They were only allowing drive thru.   Border crossing : Only once they check the epass on the border and noted down the detail.   Aurangabad > Dhule Started from Aurangabad at 5 pm after the meal and reached Dhule at 9 pm. Aurangabad to Ellora Caves route is good. After Ellora caves there is a patch of around 5-10 km where construction is going on. Road condition is not good and mostly service road being used for both side of the traffic. After this patch - entire route till Dhule is 2 lane with no divider so average speed on this os around 40-50 only.   Dhule > Indore Started from Dhule at 9 PM and reached Indore by 2:30 AM. This route/highway is well know and well and well maintained as well   Overall not many private vehicle on the route and mostly commercial vehicle are plying in the road. No strict checking at any border. Safe to carry a soft copy of e pass.   Have not yet decided which route I would take while coming back from Indore   By : Amit Jain     Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    • Hyderabad to Vijayawada route is bliss.
      Vijayawada to Rajahmundry is average.
      Rajahmundry to Vizag has some bad patches and road construction in some areas.

      Overall roads are good.

      Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    • Guest saty
      Guys, am planning to drive from Hyderabad to Ahmednagar in Jul first week. Request inputs on best route (good road condition, don't mind travelling little excess distance) to follow. Thanks in anticipation. Cheers
    • Hi team, while I'm going to goa trip. This india-drive gave a lot suggestions. Now I want to do a camp fire with friends ( girls n boys) at this koilsagar. ( Inspired by you people in top). I have few doubts here.   1.is there any permissions I need to take for camping ? 2. Is this safe to go 6 to 10 members ( I mean secured place for girls). 3. And top of it I need u people's suggestion to have our trip success.    Please suggest   And what should I do I want to join with india-drive   Here is my mail id. If any info related joining and plz drop a mail krantee.n@gmail.com   Cheers, Kranthi..
    • Thanks for the same.   Surely will post after trip will be completed.
    • Hi Pankaj,   As far as I remember there are enough Petrol pumps between HYD and NGP, though not sure about their operations during night, mostly it should be working round the clock. It is just 500 KM from HYD -. NGP and if you top-up near Adilabad, I dont think you need any other fuel break.  NGP -> BPL -- There are enough Petrol pumps on the way, no worries. Again it is  351 Km , via Betul, Hoshangabad road. So, if you do a full tank at NGP outskirts, I don't think you need any fuel break after that till Bhopal. Not sure, how many times, you have covered HYD to NGP. But, it will be good, if you can avoid night driving on that route. Try to start early morning( around 4:00-5:00AM) from HYD.     Please do post your experience post journey.    Have a safe trip.   Thanks, Dhananjay  
    • The roads are very good from Hyderabad to Nagpur, I had travelled in February 2020,i was able to reach in 7 hours,    So you can reach at 10 am to nagpur without break, take a break to fill petrol at Nagpur.      Nagpur to Jabalpur the road is good except for 10-15 kms patch is not good.few diversions were there may be now improved.    You can cover up to Jabalpur in 4-5 hours, from there to katni I don't have idea. 
    • A lot of us are traveling by road in self-driven cars to avoid COVID 19 these days. Can anyone help me what is the road condition from Hyderabad to Visakhapatnam on a scale of 1-10 for various patches of the route? such as Hyderabad to Vijayawada road condition. Vijaywada to Rajahmundry. Rajahmundry to Visakhapatnam.
    • But in present situation , it is not good to stay thats why I like to do in single stretch.   From Hyd to NGP road r good but I m not having too much about NGP to Jabalpur and then Katni.   If u know please let me know.