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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, Planning for a road trip from guwahati assam to deoghar jharkhand via road by my car ertiga , can anyone help me with the best route options and how is the road condition ? , Is it safe to travel with family via road ? Kindly help
  2. Hello India-Drive men. I'm back after a long time with a new post on HAZARD LAMPS. This is a discussion post on the uses of a HAZARD LAMPA in India. Please do share your views on the post. Almost every car and now a days few bikes in India are coming equipped with a HAZARD LAMP but people very rarely use that. Few people doesn't even know what that switch with a RED TRIANGLE mark is😂 While there are few people who use it, few in a proper way few always use it. Here are my views on the uses of HAZARD LAMPS and how I use it. > While entering a TUNNEL/DARK area where the visibility is low or zero. > While it's RAINING heavily as the visibility is low. > While REVERSING our vehicle . > While going in SMOKY/FOGY area where the visibility is low. > When suddenly BRAKING/CHANGING LANES on a highway. > When using a WRONG LANE/OPPOSITE LANE. > When the vehicle comes to halt. > When OVERTAKING In a two laned road. Here are few instances where I use my HAZARD LAMPS. Questions and doubts i have on HAZARD LAMPS: Recently I read an article in CarToq where they mentioned "HAZARD LAMPS should only be used when the vehicle comes to HALT" The name it self suggests that they should be used in a DANGEROUS situation. So why only use it when the vehicle comes to halt? please feel free to discuss on the topic and share your views. also share in your social networks. Let's educate people and avoid accidents.
  3. Before 3 idiots, most of us dint know about that beautiful lake at ladakh, did we? No wonder Indian cinemas (especially Bollywood) play a major role to spread awareness, culture etc. Though movies are being properly utilized to make people aware of culture, places, good or bad etc.(like movie "Kahani" to spread culture of Calcutta) However, I found that, neither Indian cinema industry nor the appropriate authority are utilizing Indian movies to reach out to the mass about the basic road safety. Many times I observed that, they have added some extra scenes in between to promote some brands(like soft drinks, laptop, cellphone etc.). But there is hardly any initiative to promote the basic road safety features. I sincerely believe cricket stars, Bollywood stars can reach out very effectively to common citizens than anybody else; this can be channelized to promote road safety. Thats why, legendary sportsman Sir Sachin Tendulkar once made a statement that "I will never ever endorse any liquor brand not even cigarette, guthka because I know people follow me, people get inspiration from me, I dont want to spread any negative message to them." On the other hand, I will share some pictures from Bollywood movies where stars(the characters) riding bikes without helmet, which people will tend to follow.. Instead they could add an effective scene to insist (public) wearing helmet. Whats your take on this guys? lets discuss!! No harm to any stars, director, producer, politicians, authority, any person associated with Indian cinemas or any supporters/fans of them. Please take it sportingly. The post is not intended to harm anyone's image, rather the author respect each one of them for their immense contribution to our society, and expect a little extra to save people's live. Cheers! Pralay