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Found 2 results

  1. Pinaki

    Some Memories from Dubai

    Though are lot of places to explore , drive, cruise, trill yourself in Dubai and around Dubai.. I am just sharing some of the spots I have visited and started my Dubai Trip. Miracle Garden Definitely a beauty in the middle of a desert! The spectrum of color and variation is astonishing. Sheikh Zayed Mosque - Abu Dhabi One of the fine prints of UAE. The visit to the mosque is worth noting the architecture, the unparalleled beauty, chandelier and carpet in one piece at the prayers room. Apologies for my immature captures. I am learning slowly now and the pictures are one year old. City Center and Abu Dhabi Palace View from Metro in Dubai Night life View from Observation Deck at Burj Khalifa Desert Safari! If I go to Dubai this year again.. I will repeat this one again and again. Burj Khalifa and Dubai Shopping Mall at Night And Finally our love -------- Cars!!!!!!!!
  2. Kumsi

    A photolog, Dubai

    Random clicks from Dubai AS SALAAM WAALAIKUM!!!! all the way from the UAE to my dearest INDIA DRIVE family…. It has been only 5 months months since I have moved to Dubai, but OHH HELP ME GOD!!! It feels like ages. I miss home in Hyderabad, I miss food in Hyderabad and most importantly, I miss driving in Hyderabad. A big shout out to all my dear friends of the India Drive group. I cannot wait till I get to meet you all again and go on yet another drive. Though I have been away from all the action, the whatsapp group and the app are surely a great way to keep a tab on all the latest happenings. I am envious of all the guys who made it to the Kolisagar trip. A night under the shimmering skies is one of the things not many can experience these days considering the urban setting we are all in and the pollution. Some of the pics were truly spectacular. Coming to my point for today, while I was moving out of Hyderabad, me and the moderators (@Gowtham Varma and @Satya Sagar) were joking around with an idea of having a UAE chapter to the India Drive group with me trying to be my patriotic best here in UAE with my India Drive propaganda….:D After almost three months of unbelievable driving lessons and a battery of tests, I finally managed to get a driving license here in the first attempt....and I have been told it is an achievement to be proud of. I am yet to buy myself a separate set of wheels to go road tripping on my own....so till then I get to tag along my sister and my brother in law whenever they go around places. My sister and her family have been extremely generous for letting me stay with them in their beautiful home right bang in the middle of Dubai and imagine my delight to find that my brother in law is a fellow driving enthusiast and even he loves cars like I do…😊 They have been generous enough to drive me and show me some good places during the weekends, which I feel are worth sharing with everyone on this forum. Considering Dubai is just a three hour flight away and thanks to the no frill airlines, quite an economical international travel…. I would have said destination too, but the cost of living here is insane. But, if you can save up for a while and stretch your pocket a bit, DUBAI is the place to visit for 10 days of PROPER FUN Not a great photographer, but this beautiful city and my the sweet camera on the galaxy s7 has brought out the best in me.....Till the time I venture out on a proper road trip, I intend to keep adding photos to this post. These pics are meant to be eye candy for all travel and car lovers, some of the places covered must be on your things to do or places to visit list if you plan for a trip to Dubai....also, please give me a shout out if you do plan a trip..people tell me I play a damn good host...:D Enough of the blabbering,I will do the photos do the talking.Hope you all like it.