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    Hyderabad to Laknavaram by Road

    Thanks to Mr Sridhar, Mr Ranger (Administrator), for your suggestions, your suggestions will definitely help to reach my upcoming scheduled tourist destination, my plan is directly from Hyderabad to reach Laknavaram Lake, I will not touch any tourist spots even though I pass via Warangal. Once my tour is done, definitely I will post and share my tour pictures, details of how tour was taken. I am excited, awaiting for my upcoming tour.
  2. I planned to visit Laknavaram Lake, Warangal Urban district, from Hyderabad on 30.09.2017,. I need to complete this tour in single day, members from this site can suggest timings to start this journey, road map, halting points to take lunch & dinner, exact point to reach lake, spend few beautiful,scenic places in Laknavaram lake.