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  1. Hi all, I have read several posts on pune Nagpur road conditions but cannot get a sense of the road conditions. Can someone please help with which is a better route and how are the road conditions? My preference is for 4 lane toll roads for safety etc. Thanks.
  2. Ashwin

    Pune to Hyderabad best route

    I just completed this trip from 8/25- 8/27 and Rangers comments are spot on. I'd like to add a few comments. 1) Road from Pune to Solapur is EXCELLENT but occasionally beware of people coming from opposite side. Its 4 lane toll road and smooth as silk. 2) From Solapur I took the Zaheerabad road. For about 100km from Solapur the road is really BAD. It will either break your car or prove fatal. Be very careful. 3) Road from Karnataka border all the way to Hyderabad is EXCELLENT. 4 lane toll road but people come from other side AND there are 3-4 diversions, very badly marked and can be fatal, be careful. Hope this helps someone.
  3. Ashwin

    Hyderabad to Bhutan RoadTrip

    Maybe put own car on a truck and pick it up at Kolkatta and drive into Bhutan and put it back on a truck. Not sure how much that will cost and about damages? Sent from my iPhone using India-Drive
  4. Thanks. That is a shame roads from Jalna are not good, Jalna is a lot before Nagpur so that is going to be a bad drive I guess. Sent from my iPhone using India-Drive
  5. Wanted to from Pune Sent from my iPhone using India-Drive
  6. Hi all, I am planning to drive from Pune to Nagpur and wanted to hear experience with road conditions, which routes and the road conditions? Especially 4 lane nice expressways. Thanks in advance. Sent from my iPhone using India-Drive
  7. Ashwin

    One massive journey

    Hi all, thanks for this excellent information. I will be using a VW Vento Petrol Highline!
  8. Ashwin

    One massive journey

    Hi all, Im planning a crazy 10 day trip. Plan : Start : Pune Ahmedabad Jaipur Delhi Agra Lucknow Kanpur Ranchi Puri Vishakapattanam Hyderabad End : Pune Anyone done this before? Anything specifically scary to be aware of?
  9. Hi all, i am planning to drive from Pune to Hyderabad. I am aware the road from Pune to Solapur is excellent. How is road from Solapur to Hyderabad? Is it a 4 lane highway with road separators? Any help highly appreciated!