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  1. nitin88

    Hyderabad to Maredumilli road trip

    Hey, thanks for update. Yeah, became bit busy after wedding 😛😛 vRS is just rocking and planning to do a trip after quite long time 🙂
  2. nitin88

    Hyderabad to Maredumilli road trip

    Hi, Any recent updates on this route? It was so delight to drive 2yrs back.
  3. So bad @sagar @Ranger didn't add me to list in the first slot I can't make it for 2 days
  4. I was happy Skoda owner for past 3years DCC is not offered in India. UK with DCC is costing a lot. I doubt it's worthy that price. If they import with DCC, it will cost 38-40L.
  5. nitin88

    Hyderabad to Gokarna- Goa

    Can you let us know how many days exactly your vacation is for? You need to drop 2 days for just for driving down Hyd - Gokarna - Hyd [It's a long journey with tiresome driving]
  6. nitin88

    Hyderabad to Gokarna- Goa

    I am suggesting to stick to Gokarna only. 4 days - it will be too hectic to cover both Gokarna/Goa. You will not get chance to enjoy.
  7. It's just perfect like how I want. Cornering at 150kmph also goes as flat as you drive on straight road. For city roads, it's just like another German car. It will never match Maruti/Hyundai for city roads.
  8. Thanks for the pic man. Made it as my Fb cover
  9. nitin88

    Hyderabad drive Meetups

    Thank you. It's a fabulous one. The sound it makes when you push it, it's an addiction
  10. nitin88

    Hyderabad drive Meetups

    @Ranger waiting for your pics
  11. nitin88

    Hyderabad drive Meetups

    1. Warangal road / Near to Yadagirigutta [Good hotels are there for breakfast] 2. Vijayawada road / 7 restaurant 3. Jadcherla I can think of only those two
  12. nitin88

    Hyderabad drive Meetups

    Any weekend plans? My vRS wants to meet all of you
  13. nitin88

    What is your best Mileage?

    Buddy, you are killing your engine. Diesel engines are supposed to run at higher rpm otherwise they will suffer in the longer run. I have seen multiple Polo quoting similar figure running in lower RPM in 5 the gear in other forums. That will leave diesel particulates get accumulated.
  14. nitin88

    What is your best Mileage?

    During VJW drip, I was doing 100-120. During srisailam - till the ghat road 150 kmph