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    Headlamp upgrade for my car in Hyderabad

    Gowtham, Unable to upload the picture says upload failed.
  2. faizan4345y

    Headlamp upgrade for my car in Hyderabad

    Well I would definitely recommend you to go for the LED's as in the leds which i export are cree chip LED's and comes with 3years of warranty. And it has a socket to socket fix. No need to tamper the headlights seal. And generally the imported leds comes with fan at the end for heat dissipation. And leds which i source has a aluminum heat belts which last long. And has a temperature of 5000kelvin. (pure white). And the market price of this starts from 6.5k set of 2. I can give a discount of 15% for ID members including installation. More over the warranty is for 3 years. Way longer then the branded ones.
  3. faizan4345y

    Headlamp upgrade for my car in Hyderabad

    Hi jagan, You can go for the LED' headlamps they are super bright and have a very good spread beam and are pure white in color. Please ping me personally for more details for the price etc. Thanks, Faizan.
  4. faizan4345y

    A quick breakfast drive!

    1. Ranger -- Civic 2. Karthik -- Duster 3. Sree+2 -- SCross 4. Uday -- Will be joining in Karthik's Duster. 5. Vinith -- Duster 6. Varun - Ecosport 7. Akhil - Jazz 8. Sridhar Tandra + 1 - Will join in Vinit's Duster (Depending on Space Availability & to reduce number of cars) or get my Tia baby 9. Gupta -- Honda City 10. Faizan Ahmed- Esteem
  5. faizan4345y

    Hyderabad drive Meetups

    Agreed! And i think mostly it is for Isuzu owners?