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  1. travel.rtc

    Trip from Hyderabad to Coorg or Ooty by road

    You can refer my Travelogue for Bangalore Mysore Ooty : Please be Noted that Bandipur is closed between 9:00 P:M and 6:00 A:M Gudalur route is bit safer than 36 hair pin road and also longer distance Expect fair amount of traffic on ghat sections and here G Maps helped us a lot where it was showing distance the on coming vehicle in opposite direction is Do try to Visit Himavad Gopala Swamy Betta on the Way to Ooty from Mysore - Around 10 km from Gundlupete , it falls towards right before Bandipur forest while heading to Ooty from Mysore . Wishing you a Happy Journey
  2. travel.rtc

    Hyderabad Mysore Ooty (TS11 to TN 43 via KA09)

    Thanks Pralay , Indeed Your Hampi Travellogue was inspiration for this to come up with this one , Your Writing and Narration is Top Notch - the way you narrated through pictures is wonderful - Hampi looked more and more beautiful in your pics to be frank .... Keep Traveling and keep us inspiring like this
  3. travel.rtc

    Hyderabad Mysore Ooty (TS11 to TN 43 via KA09)

    Thanks for the great Words... Yes Tolls will take a toll on us else its a drivers dream road to drive No need of booking in advance or by phone call in advance , but let them know that you have come for Darshan , They have good amount of rooms . Our case was different though- we were returning from Ooty and i was tired to the max and straight i went there and frankly told them about my condition - there many people speak Telugu and they gave me Manas Kuteer for accommodation as we were four adults and 3 kids including my niece ..Manas Kuteer was allotted and charged 500 ...it has Geyser and we had early morning bath , parents had good walk around the campus. It has secure car parking . This was the room - Maanas Kuteer ..very very peaceful and Serene As we were 4 Adults - we were allotted a Big room else a Mid Size Room would be 200-250Rs Every Year from Dasara to Dec 31 Mysore Exhibition Would be On and dont miss that Exhibition if you are around that time - it is very very unique and excellent
  4. travel.rtc

    Road trip to Mahur and EkVeera Shakthi Peeth Temple

    Sure you can post if you need original pics let me know I would mail you ..I don't even put watermark on my pics ... Please feel free to take them Thanks a lot
  5. travel.rtc

    A Day trip from Hyderabad to Basara

    Roads are good till Nizamabad and From Nizamabad to Basar Road works are On but most of them are done ... Being Election time try to reach in Mornings because due to Road Shows or campaigns ...you may get delayed . Be aware of the high temperatures in Summer .. this area would have relatively 2-3 degrees more hot than Hyderabad . Happy Journey
  6. This trip happened during Novemeber 1st week 2018 and November first being our 9th Marriage Anniversary - we wanted to celebrate it in Mysore hence drived down to Mysore and to Ooty . Started 10:00P:M from Hyderabad and highway was little busy with all RTC and Private Buses towards Bangalore and different parts of Rayalaseema.....we stopped at Kurnool Toll Tax and then started again but started being on a working day after tiring office work has shown the tiredness and me being only driver for the entire trip took good breaks ...we stopped between Kurnool and Anantapur near some petrol bunk and after Anantapur in the early morning to take some power naps ....Reached Bangalore Outskirts by 7:30 .. The Morning Mystic view of Nandi Hills and surroundings was awesome and Bangalore Highway is very very super road except few speed breakers else so much fun to drive straight road. -- We Stopped at Hotel Nandi Upachar : https://goo.gl/maps/LwP1NeFtZoG2 Hotel was very very Decent and Has Nice Rest Rooms and ample parking place - had quick refresh and Nice break Fast and there was Some Minister Visiting the Hotel and traffic was halted ...we had to further wait for 30 more minutes and started at 9:30 A:M and it took us some time to cross Bangalore and Hit Mysore Highway - as usual Bangalore traffic took a toll on us and Mysore highway was little busy. We Stopped at Kamath for quick Lunch and then Started for Mysore . I have a friend who works in Travel agency in Bangalore , he generally takes care of hotel bookings or cab bookings if needed whenever we are around he has booked a room for us in Mysore at Hotel Vyshak Residency - Hotel was good and has Hot water Supply all the day - This )hot water) is one of the must for the Hotels around that place in Winters -- Next Day Early Morning we went for Chamundi Temple - Chamundeshwari Devi -One of the ShaktiPeeta ,We had good Darshan and had some prasadam at their kitchen. While returning, at the Parking Lot My mother overheard some one saying Ooty from Here is 160 kms - She immediatley said to me its 160 kms which means like Hyderabad - Nizamabad [Nizamabad being my Native] She asked me ,Shall we go to Ooty too. Who can deny an drive down to Ooty and I said immediately OK and haven't said anything about Road -,she was not aware of Ghat road and being traveled on Butter smooth Roads from Hyderabad till Mysore she expected it to be same straight roads....but later she was scared to the max after Gudalur when it was pitch dark and raining and Ghat Road Started We had a quick visit to Shri Ganapathi Sachidanda Ashram and started for Ooty at 2:30 P:M - if any one has this in bucket list when they visit Mysore and wants decent stay they can ask for room in Ashram campus and it is pretty less compared to outside while returning to Hyderabad we have to stay in Mysore as it was night when we returned to Mysore from Ooty and we asked an room for accommodation as it falls left while entering Mysore and they gave us a Big room was charged 500 Rs - all facilities were provided indeed Took little while to cross Mysore , later we had took some time to find an ATM to get cash and has to look for ATMs in NanjanGud , the Route taken was Via : NanjanGud - > Gundlupete ->Bandipur -> Gudalur -> Ooty ---- Took Right turn after GundluPete and went 11+ kms to visit Gopalaswamy Betta ....But now cars are not allowed to be driven till the temple and one must Take Karnataka Tourism Buses ...and those will be plied till 4:000 P:M By the time we went there its was 4:00 and we dont has an Option and it started getting dark and we started back , returned to Gundlupete and reached Bandipur Same friend of mine booked a Room for us in 3 Star Hotel - Hotel Preethi Classic http://www.hotelpreethiclassic.com which was closer to city center and had quick tour of Tea Factory , Botanical gardens did shopping at Tibet Market - Finding Good food in Ooty is little tough and we had our breakFast at A2B and its pretty decent and good . Return Journey was Simple - Stopping here and there for few clicks and my car being Wagon R and people cautioned about clutch issues generally occur in that route and asked me to take some breaks and give some time for car and then start ...slowly reached Gudalur and it took sweet 4 hrs including photo breaks and tea breaks , Reached Mysore by 8:00 P:M ,me being no mood to drive wanted a break and i thought of starting next day early morning , and went to Ganapathi Sachithananda Aashram - They allotted a room , we went to near by restaurant and had dinner - Next Day Morning after a good nap and fresh-up started at 5:30 A:M to Bangaore- Hyderabad , Had Break fast at A2B Food Court after Mysore on Bangalore Highway [Excellent and Neat rest Rooms] Crossed Bangalore in midst of heavy traffic and being Monday it was very very tedious to cross Bangalore - Had stop after Bangalore at Shell Bunk and topped up the fuel ,they have checked the car and i took their engine oil and they did the oil change in quick time and started for Hyderabad . Bangalore Highway is one of the best roads i have driven and being day time we can find less traffic on Roads and one can certainly get bored too ...went into Anantapur town in search of a good mess for Lunch but traffic made to change our plans and we stopped at Dhaba some where in between Anantapur and Kurnool highway . After having Some Rotis started for Hyderabad which was Straight Road with speed breakers here and there \ \
  7. travel.rtc

    Hyderabad to Ooty drive

    Hi Kishore I have done the Hyderabad - Ooty during November First Week We took Hyderabad - Kurnool - Anantapur-Bangalore-Mysore- Nanjangud-Gundlupete-Bandipur-Gudalue-Ooty Road Condition: Hyderabad to Bangalore - Super Smooth Road except few speed breakers Make sure you are crossing Bangalore before peak hour traffic Bangalore - Mysore Road would be little busy Mysore to NanjanGud Bandipur except few Roads are smooth We took Gudalur Route i.e., Long Route instead of MaisanaGudi i.e., 36 hair pin bend route from Mudumalai Make sure You Enter and cross Bandipur/Mudumalai before 9:00 P:M as Forest gates would be closed . -- Being winters evening become dark soon and also expect Fog hence drive carefully in the ghat section and often it rains too Bandipur Mudumalai Forest stretch has some speed breajers and Pot Holes too Gudalur to Ooty Stretch - Few places in the ghat has potholes and one must be extremely careful in negotiating the turns.... -- We stopped by Hotel Nandi Upachar Before Bangalore Near By Nandi Hills -- Ooty A2B [ Adyar Anand Bhavan Hotel ] is the Best Hotel for Break Fast and Meals . - Stayed at Hotel Preeti Classic Coonor Road - Its a 3 star Hotel and I know a friend in Mysore who works with a Travel Agency and he has booked the room for us This Hotel has got 224 hour hot water supply and nice parking space....2700 Rs it was with extra bed as we were 4 Adults and 2 kids and 1 infant -- Note: Ooty hotel check-in timings are from 12:00 P:M Hence make sure to reach by 12:00 P:M and they count the day till 12:00 P:M Next day , whatever time you check in do check whether they have Hot water Supply through out the day .. I am attaching few hotel pics too -- If you are doing Mysuru to Ooty in day time then try to visit Himavad Gopala Swamy Betta Temple took right and travel 11 km after Gundlupete...timings are 8:30 - 4:00 P:M
  8. travel.rtc

    Trip to Gad Mandir , Ramtek - Nagpur

    Thanks Sagar ... Yeah Temple is around 1000 years old as per the local officer there and we have Boudh Temples , Bodhi Satva , Jain Temple and few other places enroute including some Resorts where water sports are there ....
  9. travel.rtc

    Hyderabad to Pune Road condition

    Hyderabad - Pune latest Road conditions update. hope this helps as it's a very very detailed information Source : Pradeep Mantena Hatsoff to his patience!!
  10. travel.rtc

    Trip to Gad Mandir , Ramtek - Nagpur

    Being Dasara Vacations planned a trip to Nagpur as my in-laws stay over there - Reached Nagpur By Train and planned this trip through All public Transport. Ramtek is around 50 kms from Nagpur and journey around 1hr by Bus , Road was through - Kaamtee - Mansar-Ramtek -- There is a Bus every 30 minutes from Nagpur and Same from ramtek - although connected through Rail ....Train takes a bit long time than Road By Car it takes arund 45 minutes : Road Via Kaamtee which has some industrial layouts and expect some traffic hence little delays One Toll Booth on the way... Ramtek is small town has some average hotels and expect nothing about food ...but you can find dhabas around Khindsi Lake and Resorts around the lake would serve food . -- Ramtek has few places to cover : Gad Mandir Khindsi lake - Here you can find some resorts and also Boating allowed ...Naturally formed lake and we can find a Nice garden around it Poet Kalidas Memorial Jain Temple Enroute one can find Boudh Satva Temple Ramtek has got Historic temple of lord Rama. It is believed that Ramtek was the place where Rama, the Hindu god, rested while he was in exile. Legend has it that the aashram of great Hindu sage Agastya was situated close to Ramtek. While the sages performed religious rites, the demons used to disrupt their activities and slayed a great number of holy men. Lord Rama was distressed to hear about this, and took a vow to relieve the world from the demons. 'Tek' means vow in local language, hence the word Ramtek comes from 'Vow of Ram'. Thus it is believed locally that whoever takes a vow at Ramtek is blessed by the gods for its fulfillment. The 'padukas' of Lord Ram are believed to have been worshipped here for centuries. The present temple is believed to have been built by the King of Nagpur, Raghuji Bhonsale, after his victory over fort of Deogarh in Chindwara. The present temple is 400 years old. This place is also famous for its relation with great Sanskrit poet Kalidasa. It is believed that Kalidasa wrote Meghadūta in the hills of Ramtek. The former Indian Prime Minister Narsimha Rao contested his election from Ramtek Constituency. Source : Wiki -- Trek to Temple is very easy and stairs are simple . One can easily take them - There are very much Monkeys hence be careful in and around temple . - Khindsi Lake has garden and an entry fee too and again one has to pay if they have to take Boat ride - Generally people get food from home and have it leisurely at the Garden here Over all a Place that can be Covered in a day from Nagpur
  11. travel.rtc

    A Day trip from Hyderabad to Basara

    Road Conditions and Route Map One You take turn from Janakampet to Basar - Roads start woresening as Widening work is going on This is where we have to turn towards Basar - Travel till Navipet and then take left to Basar Once Navipet is reached ...TProceed straight and take left to go for Basar
  12. travel.rtc

    A Day trip from Hyderabad to Basara

    Just wanted to do casual Road rip to Basar as it is 35 kms from my Native - Nizamabad Gnana Saraswati Temple is a Hindu temple of Goddess Saraswati located on the banks of Godavari River at Basar, Nirmal District - Telangana, It is one of the two famous Saraswati temples in India, the other being in Jammu & Kashmir. Saraswati is the Hindu Goddess of knowledge and learning. Children are brought to the temple for the learning ceremony called as Akshara abyasam Distance From hyderabad By Road is around 210 Kms There are many trains reaching to Basar starting from Hyderabad/Secunderabad/Kacheguda ranging from Passenger to Express Rails It was Lazy sundat Morning and trip was decided overnight and plan was to attend a function in Nizamabad and hence Basar was added. Started by 6:00 from Hyderabad and being Sunday NH-44 Highway was very cool and fun to drive with very less traffic on road Reached home in Nizamabad by 8:30 A:M Few Snaps Of the Highway of Hyderabad - Nixamabad One Must take turn towards Nizamabad before Reaching Dichpally to reach Basar and after travelling 15 kms .. We reach Nizamabad town and from there take Road towards Bodhan and after travelling till Jankampet Take right towards Navipet and after travelling around 20 kms we can Reach Basar -- 10: 30 A:M Started from Nixamabad after refreshing. , we were warned about Road conditions , Road being widening and the work has been in progress sine a long time and true to their words Road was really horrible ....But being Monsoon and rain hit very good it was all lush green and its like Green carpet spread all over I would recommend people from Hyderabad better opt train instead of road till the Road work is done and it seems it would take easily 3-4 months and more also We can Park Car at Temple Premises and Reaching Godavari is around 1/3 km from Temple and expect some rush but manageable though. Rates around the shops are not so on higher side but they will charge some extra amount . One can have very peaceful darshan and not always expect few days it would be overcrowded - we had a nice darshan yesterday being sunday. Attaching Temple timings -- No Mobiles and Cameras are allowed - We Need to deposit them at counter , Laddu and Pulihora prasadam available at Prasadam counters and there are no good food options around Basar and one has to come to Nizamabad for good hotels for food
  13. Very very refreshing and Excellent Travelogue , wonderful and detailed pictures - each picture has a story in itself....Good Home Work for me ... this weekend to go through each capture in detail ....😊 Once Again a Big Thanks and Awesome....
  14. travel.rtc

    Hyderabad to Delhi road trip planning and routes

    Yes Palio Guy .. he is a member of Fiat community and pretty Active ,also a rail fan Recently I have done Hyderabad - Nagpur on APRIL 30th Road right after TS Border till Pandarkawada is rough and patchy Even after Pandarkawada - till Karanji its OK and again Diversions will come in place - Do Watch ful of Trucks coming in opposite directions and they simply rush towards you Yes, Hinganghat flyover is done thats really a Big relief But do watchful of speed breakers right after flyover and while passing through Hinganghat town you will get to see continuously 10 serial bumps for a single speed breaker. so be watchful of that and there are three such big speed breakers and my wife went to katni in MP last weekend and she says Roads till seoni are good. Diesel is bit cheaper in Maharastra and petrol costlier there ... Hence fill the tank wisely You will find an HP COCO Bunk Just before reaching Adilabad from Hyderabad towards Nagpur Road - Near Sitagondi opp Sharma Dhaba -- This is a good bunk but one has to reach other side of the road for refueling - I generally wont trust the bunks in Maharastra based on few bad experiences prior
  15. travel.rtc

    Hyderabad to Delhi road trip planning and routes

    I will just post an update that a person whom i Know posted in another forum - He did/updated that on 3rd March Just pasting the same update here - which speaks about the return journey from Delhi - Hyderabad Notable Updates which were a pain to drive on this section 1. Gwalior to Jhansi -- Though there are number of diversions, the road is devoid of any potholes 2. Lakhnadon - Chappara - Seoni -- Fully done up. 3. Seoni - Pench (Rukhad) till MP Border - Lovely Roads - Not even single pothole anywhere 4. MP Border - Mansar -- 4 Laning is in progress. Concrete roads are being laid, The diversion roads are fair enough 5. Hinganghat - Flyover completed. No more waiting at the level crossing 6. Hinganghat to Karanji isn’t in great shape 7. Karanji to pandharkwada - Good 8. Pandharkwada to pipparwadi - OK -- credit goes to shiva sathiraju