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  1. sunil Phulari

    Automotive photography.

    How do I get India Drive sticker, any process/way? I was not aware of this site actually, one fine day my eyes captured India Drive sticker on back of one vehicle and the same day I joined this awesome forum
  2. sunil Phulari

    Hyderabad to Ahmedabad best route

    Yeah agree with you, even I prefer toll roads. But on the way to Ahmedabad I enjoyed this route. Anyways we have tolls almost till Nanded ( except the stretch between Nizamabad to Narsi) Nanded to idAurangabad road is in good condition, Aurangabad to Surat road is in super good condition, with very less traffic and soon after you cross Aurangabad the road is scenic and you can even cover Grushneshwar jyothirling darshan which is just on the way. From Surat anyways it's toll again. As I take this route regularly till Parbhani so I am more Inclined towards this road [emoji16]. I didn't pay toll in MH at all, only toll in TS and Gujrat. While my return journey I took Ahmedabad-Thane-Pune-Solapur-Hyd and got stuck at outskirts of Thane for couple of hours due to some traffic issues and some bridge work, wasted good amount of time in Thane and pune traffic to cross the cities, I was frustrated while driving on solapur- hyd stretch. Thought much on 230rs toll from Thane to Pune express way - did it justified, I don't think so.. the stretch was hardly 70 to 80kms. We have experienced Hyderabad ORR, so any roads in comparison cannot be justified, not even the vadodara- Ahmedabad express was or Thane -Pune express way[emoji16]
  3. sunil Phulari

    Hyderabad to Ahmedabad best route

    The best route to drive from Hyderabad to Ahmedabad is Hyderabad-Nizamabad-Nanded-Aurangabad- Kannad-Dhule-Surat-Ahmedabad - This road is good and you save good enough on tolls.
  4. sunil Phulari

    Hyderabad to Kohir hills, road trip

    Nice click guys.. Do let me know if anything planned for coming weekend, I will plan to join
  5. sunil Phulari

    Hyderabad to Pune Road condition

    Yes it is completed, the road is in very good condition now. I was actually surprised to see such good roads in MH (Vidarbha)
  6. sunil Phulari

    Hyderabad to Pune Road condition

    Hi Maruti, The drive through Gulburga is very peaceful and the road condition is really good, even being single lane road you find very less traffic and can make up good speeds, I have good experience of this road in March this year when I am travelling back from Akkalkot, for now just avoid Zaherabad road, the road condition is pathetic. I have experienced it last month on the way back to Hyderabad from Ahemedabad. I know the Gulbarga road is far better for me but as I was traveling in night and the occupants were only me and wify, i opted Zaheerabad road :(.