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  1. For Hamsaladeevi trip,I can help you with stay and food at Devarapalli Village,which comes after Thotlavalluru, which is on the way to Hamsaladeevi.From Devarapalli village,Hamsaladeevi is further 60 KM. It would be good if you can spend two days for this trip.You can start Saturday early morning @4AM,you can reach Devarapalli @ 9 AM.You can fresh up, have break Fast pack the lunch and leave to Hamsaladeevi. Have fun At Hamsaladeevi and come back by evening to guest house at Devarapalli and have light snacks and can roam at Devarapalli Village just 1/2(Half) KM away from Krishna River and have dinner and sleep. Morning you can wake up(Sunday Morning) have break fast and can enjoy SUN RISE at Krishna river and enjoy the greenery fields till afternoon. Have lunch at Devarapalli Village and start to Hyderabad @3PM.You will reach Hyderabad @8PM. Reach Home,sleep well and start the work by Monday Morning!!! For any assistence you can message me.